White iPhone 4: Delay becomes Death – Removed from Apple Store

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2010

We have yet more bad news to deliver to those of you who were hoping to pick up a white iPhone 4, as following on from Apple’s fresh delay for the device, we can now confirm that the handset has now disappeared from the Apple store completely.

As reported from BGR, it seems as if consumers were just getting their heads around a new Spring 2011 release date for the elusive device, but perhaps we should now fear the worst as the white iPhone 4 has slipped off the radar.

Apple in typical form, are yet to explain why the listing has been removed, meanwhile BGR has also stated previously that the white iPhone 4 had been cancelled prior to Apple’s removal men moving in for the kill.

What are your thoughts about this? Have you given up on the white iPhone 4, or do you still demand an explanation from Apple? We’ll bring you more details on this as we get it.

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  • Numb

    People really care about this?
    Buy spray paint in white.
    Ersatz white I-phone.
    The world is falling apart and this is what matters?