White BlackBerry Torch – iPhone 4 Feels Left Out

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

The news that the White iPhone 4 has been delayed yet again, and maybe gone for good – due to being taken of the Apple Store website – was certainly a shock. We are afraid that RIM has kicked you while you are down; this is because they are offering not only a white version of their BlackBerry Torch, but a red model as well.

Just looking at these phones on Engadget makes them look instantly fresher than the standard black model. The red version still has black around the edge of the screen and around the keys, the white model has just one color all around.

Both colors will be available from November 7, the same day that AT&T begins their accessory promotion; buy two and get the third free. You can be sure that the offer and the two new models will make AT&T stores a busy place to be, so maybe you should order online instead?

So how come RIM can make a white version of their latest handset, while Apple struggle? The baffling thing is, they can make great devices like the iPad and the MacBook Air, but adding a different color stumps them – very strange.

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  • cheesy

    i find this topic highly racist
    its should be yellow to accomodate all races

  • Amr

    Let me know when it is out in the UK please!


    White is my colour so l cant wait to hold one in my hands!!