PlayStation Phone: Zeus Codename, Z-System and PSP1 Technology?

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2010

It looks like the early details on the PlayStation phone were correct, as more infomation is now starting to creep out to the masses. We’ve just heard that the PS phone is codenamed ‘Zeus’, and that it will be based on the PSP1 technology.

We first heard about the Zeus name in a fresh article from Engadget, who has strongly denied claims that the photos were fake. They reiterate that this thing is real and that it will be codenamed Zeus and run on a gaming platform known as the ‘Z-System’.

Furthermore, these details were backed up by this VG247 report, who have also been told about the Zeus name via one of their sources. However, they also revealed that the PlayStation Phone will be based on existing tech, seen in the Playstation Portable, and not something completely built-up from scratch.

You should also be aware that Sony has now gone back to their usual ‘we don’t comment on rumor and speculation’ statement, rather than one of their supposed employees calling it ‘definitely fake’.

All signs are pointing in the direction that this device is definitely on the way guys. We’ll let you know when we hear more on it – give us your thoughts.

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