PalmPad Tablet: iPad Rival joining the Palm Pre 2?

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2010

The existance of a new Palm Tablet has been mentioned in the past, but today we have just heard fresh rumors on this, as the exlusive PalmPad may be joining the Palm Pre 2 alongside a collection of other devices on the way.

That is according to this article from BGR, who have obtained their information from The Taiwan Economic Times. If their info is true, it means that HP and Palm are about to hit the market with 5-6 new devices, one of which we already know about in the Palm Pre 2.

However, one of the devices mentioned is the PalmPad tablet, which is thought to be a direct competitor to the Apple iPad and BlackBerry Playbook – we’ve heard that before haven’t we?

Still though, a Palm tablet running webOS 2.0 would be a pretty nice alternative you have to agree, so we’re hoping that there is some truth to these claims.

We’ll keep you updated, what are your thoughts on a PalmPad tablet?

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