Nissan Recall 2010: List of Models Include March, Micra and Cube

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2010

After informing you about separate recalls for both Toyota and Honda, we now have another recall to tell you about, this time it affects car giants Nissan. The company has just issued a global recall, affecting around 2.1 million vehicles over an engine problem.

As reported from Huffington Post, this is actually Nissan’s third-biggest recall in their history and the recall is solely due to an ignition problem which may stall the engine, obviously a major safety risk for drivers.

According to the report, the recall affects Nissan owners in the US, Europe and also Japan. Models affected include the Nissan March, Micra, Cube and Note which were produced between August 2003 and July 2006. However, there are also a few other vehicles on the list which include the Titan Pickup, Tiida sedan and the Infiniti QX56 luxury model.

If you own a Nissan model which is included on the list above, you are advised to contact your nearest Nissan dealer immediately. We’ll bring you an update on this story later.

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  • donna

    I took mine to a dealership to the saftey recall fixed now the alarm goies off randomly and it never did before. ( I never even knew I had an alarm)

  • Lis

    I got a recall too. However I don't trust the dealership. They tend to find faults where there are none

  • Lis

    I got a recall too. However I don't trust the dealership. They tend to find faults where there are none, I know this to be true as I got a second opinion at another garage. I wouldn't put it past them to make faults where there are none so I have to have expensive repair work. This begs the question who can you trust when you can't trust the dealership? Touch wood I have never had a problem with my nissan micra, so I am disinclined to take it in. I know many dealerships are suffering poor sales because of the recession, and my local dealership is no exception they keep bombarding me with special offers ie leave your car with us to 'assess'' and value it whilst you look for a new one. NOT LIKELY!

  • Guest

    It is genuine, my car has been recalled. I got a letter from Nissan.

  • easternhost

    Former_Democrat & Party_of_Food_Stamps, please take your hate with you as you leave.

    This is not a Huffington Post story. This is the Product Reviews News Site. This is also called a 'feed' into the HP site. Maybe that's a little foreign to your understanding.

    Why do name callers bring such embarrassment on themselves so frequently?

  • Party_of_Food_Stamps

    This is funny that the Huffington Post, a left wing lying propaganda site put this out. I'll go find another source that won't be biased against a big company like Nissan.

  • Former_Democrat

    Since when is the Huffington Post a reliable news source. Sorry but only idiots read or believe stuff from the Huffington Post. Even the mainstream medi has more reliability and credibilty than HuffPO and they employ actual journalists, not political hacks.

    • Maggie

      obviously you read it…must be an idiot