Microsoft Living In The Past: Always Late To The Game

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

Microsoft was once at the forefront in technology, but over the past few years have been late to the party. Let us have a look at some products that they dragged their heels over; search, mobile, tablets and gaming. The sad fact is, some people are starting to believe that the Redmond company has lost its edge.

David Goldman, from CNN Money has written a huge article on why “Microsoft is a dying consumer brand”? Even Ray Ozzie, the soon to be replaced Chief Software Architect said that Microsoft has lost ground over its competitors.

Microsoft has made a few mistake along the way, but they have a big team and should be able to push out some good ideas – so why don’t they? Take the new Windows Phone 7 for example, they knew that Windows Mobile was dying, so why did thy leave it so long before they gave it a revamp?

Apple has been in the mobile OS game for 3 years, Google even less – now look at them. Internet Explorer used to be the browser of choice, now Firefox and Chrome OS – yet another Google product – has started to eat into Microsoft’s market share.

I am not certain what Microsoft is dong wrong, all I know is – they need to do something soon before it is too late.

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