HTC Desire HD Review: Poor Battery Life – Issue or not?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are planning to pick up the recently released HTC Desire HD smartphone, as we have a detailed review for you to read, giving you an idea of what to expect before you commit to buying.

The review in question comes to you courtesy of Engadget, and you’ll be pleased to know that the HTC Desire HD has been given a fairly positive review score (7/10), although there might be some slight cause for concern for those of you who consider battery life to be an important factor in your decision to purchase.

During their testing, they revealed that the HTC Desire HD could only manage a full day’s use of battery consumption, although Engadget stated that their usage was ‘minimal’ and included tasks such as simple web browsing and a 30 minutes session on Angry Birds.

With the ‘power hungry’ battery aside, the Desire HD seems to shine in all other aspects, including the new HTC Sense UI. Check out their full review here and let us know your thoughts on the handset. Is the poor battery life an issue for you or not?

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  • jase

    i think htc should jus send us all new batteries the same size that last longer, prob solved, it is the best phone right now just got crappy battery life. at the end of the day u can charge it anywhere work car stereo whereever but still!! come on htc new battery please!

  • Steve

    Solved all my HTC Desire HD battery life issues by addressing a bug that constantly runs the CPU, and drains the battery. You have to enable debug mode. Since doing this, I’ve gone from 10 hours battery life to over 48 which is what I would expect.

    Go to Menu / Settings / Applications / Development… then tick the “USB Debugging” option

    Full details here:

  • LeAnne

    Got the HD about a week ago when my iPhone was stolen from work. Battery has been getting better the more I train it but began randomly shutting itself down and freezing. I work for a cell phone company and cannot find myself encouraging clients to purchase this device when I am ready to throw it against a wall. Signal drops on its own, have to restart phone to get it back up. Screen doesnt fully lock out when making a call so it either hangs up or is on speaker randomly. Calls are constantly being dropped when have full signal. I like the idea of this phone but will be retuning it and going back to my iphone. I had my 3GS for over a year and had no problems at all other then the battery started lasting less. Something apple care would take care of anyway. Will not promote this phone to anyone.

  • Curarai

    If you go to Amazon there is a battery out that should last you about 30% longer. Also I get about 3-4 days if I switch the phone off at night, as long as you leave the battery in of course the phone takes 3-5 seconds to boot up In the morning. Which is nice.

  • kalum

    Iv had my desire hd for about 2 months now, and I can get about 2 days out of the battery (i am a heavy user). Even after playing music at work for 10th hours non stop, I still had 60% left. You just have to be clever at managing your applications, I always use 2 different task killers, one after the other. Turn off auto sync and turn off mobile data, and background data. That should really help. Every time I close an app I use a task killer widget to free up the RAM, and save battery. Also turning down the brightness of the screen obviously helps, and if you have that lag problem just switch on usb debugging, and plug your phone into your pc.

  • kalum

    Iv had my desire hd for about 2 months now, and I can get about 2 days out of the battery. Even after playing music at work for 10 hours non stop, I still had 60% left. You just have to be clever at managing your applications, I always use 2 different task killers, one after the other. Turn off auto sync and turn off mobile data, and background data. That should really help. Every time I close an app I use a task killer widget to free up the RAM, and save battery. Also turning down the brightness of the screen obviously helps, and if you have that lag problem just switch on usb debugging, and plug your phone into your pc.

  • Deise67

    Initially my HTC Desire lasted more or less a full day. Then… I installed Skype and activated Facebook. The apps override the HTC setting. result very poor battery life 🙁

  • Evren Asan

    It is terrble. I cannot depend on my phone at all. Without using wifi or 3g or gps during the day and with very minimal usage of 1 or 2 apps battery could only stand till night. I bought a spera battery and carry with me. Terrible terrible battery life and very big problem!



  • Liz

    I have to say I have no issue with the battery… I get a good day and a half out of it most of the time, 24 hours when I'm playing a lot more angry birds or Facebook etc… I admit I'm not a heavy user but send a lot of texts and enough phone calls & Facebook mainly… maybe mine's magic 🙂

  • Sam

    I got the new HTC Desire HD after both my sister and my brother got one and they both said it was the best phone. I wanted the new iphone 4 but I caved and got the HTC instead. I wish I listened to myself becuase not only does the battery not even last a day, today it died in the afternoon and I charged it all night and used it once to send a text in the morning. Also I never hear it when I get any texts or notifications and sometimes I minght hear it if it rings. It also freezes heaps and is so slow, when I want to view photos it gets stuck when I am sliding from one to the next, also takes ages to load when I want to grid view my photos. My boyfriend has an iphone 4 and if I need to quickly get on the net I use his phone because mine takes too long. Dissapointing that I am stuck with this lemon phone for the next 24 months in a contract.

    • elvalor

      I have all these problems too… it's so damn frustrating. I am not happy at all. The other day I went to my kid's gala, and took 5 pics and one short vid and the battery died. I try to text and it just loads and loads and loads… it's constantly freezing. I have to regularly kill the running apps. Sigh, very very disappointed in it all.

  • sydney

    What actually makes the battery dies sooner? Talking on phone for too long? Or because of texting?
    Is it suggested to use the DHD to take photos all day, I mean like when you're out for a trip with friends and you take photos with your DHD, does the battery die because of taking many photos in a day?

  • pauli

    got my desire hd yesterday. had a full night charge only been ot for a cpl hours and had 2 charge again that tho is the only downfall

  • Carter

    The article says that fixing the init process helps with battery life. By how much? I mean, if its all that work to squeeze an extra hour out of the battery,its not worth it, but if simply enabling USB debugging will result in a full days worth of battery from this phone than it is still purchase worthy.

    But no lies, my woman's LG Optimus1 gets about 2-3 days of standby time with light usage, and that phone costs under 200 bucks…

  • SVee
  • SVee

    I love the phone, but hate the battery life – HTC needs to bring out a higher AH battery for this phone, otherwise Apple will just smash it with their ads…

    I feel like it has to stay permanently connected to my USB at work, otherwise there isn't enough juice to listen to music and surf on the way home – and anyway, I already have a desk phone at work!……

    talk about one flaw endangering the reputation of a great product!!

  • Mehmet

    Not fit for purpose, I sent mine back after a few days usage due to appalling battery life, even with very low usage I was charging the battery twice a day and I've tried tweaking all the battery settings. If they could sort out the battery, this would be the iPhone killer, not keen on buying spare batteries, too much hassle

  • Azeem

    Alright, so I bought my Desire HD last week, and honestly, I don't see what the big fuss is about. It's not the end of the world.
    The battery life isn't great, but hear me out. I don't use 3G, but my GPRS connection is on all day, with push notifications for Facebook, Gmail and Gtalk on for most of the day. (I switch them off when I'm at work, since I'm at my PC anyway). Display is set at just above minimum brightness for the most part when I'm at work or at home, and I set it at level 2 when I'm outdoors on the train.
    I end up listening to about an hour of music, maybe 20 minutes of Angry Birds, a little GPS/Camera use, and constant use (cumulatively maybe 40 minutes tapping away at my phone) for messaging and Whatsapp. If I unplug at 9am, when I leave for work, I have around 20% left by the time I get back home at 6.30-7pm, and I put it back on charge by around 9.30-10pm. So, that's around 12 hours of moderate usage. Sure, it doesn't last me 3 days like my old SE G700, but I really don't mind it, for the features its giving me. It lasts just about enough time. It's not like I'm compromising on anything to get battery out of it. So, I really don't have too much of a problem. I'd have loved a 1600mAH battery on it, but hey, c'est la vie. I love my phone to bits. Enough to carry a spare battery or charger pack around with me when I need it for travel.
    How much longer do other smartphones last anyway? Even phones with smaller screens are notorious for just about a day's use. So, as I said before, I don't see what the major fuss is about. Grow up, stop moaning, and deal with it. You should have known what you were getting into before you bought it!

  • Prakash

    Hi Guys, I have bought HTC desire HD one week back and i am very happy with phone and with its features. But the biggest problem is its battery . How can i imporve this ? . Should i need to go for new prower battery , ? . I tried setting brightness but nothing is working for me, ….
    Thanks ,

  • Irfan

    I'm what you may say a heavy user of mobile technology, not so much on calls, say 2hrs a day plus 40-50 texts, 20 emails, loads of browsing but most importantly I use it as a personal organiser for home and work, tasks and projects.

    After a full charge and a 45min drive in to work whilst checking my schedule and making 2-3 calls, my battery is down to 66%. (RUBBISH). What use are all the functions if you can't use them!!!

    I have to have 3-4 chargers dotted around, home / work / car so I can keep giving it some extra juice… Shouldn't have to do that… I've turned down screen brightness and some other functions but still no good…

    God forbid if I have to go away from the office, home or car for a long period of time…

    If you're a heavy user I'd seriously consider staying away from the HTC Desire HD and possibly go for the iPhone 4 which although has its own issues and battery isn't great either is far better than the HTC, but for a real trouble free phone, get a blackberry….

  • Hambal

    What ever it is, I think the HTC guys need to look into this battery issue. It like having a grand automobile with high fuel consumption but equipped with a tiny mini fuel tank. It gets you nowhere !!!.

  • If you follow these steps I guarantee that your Desire HD will last the day with power to spare (I unplug mine from about 7am and the charge lasts to midnight).

    Get rid of any task killers, or optimisation apps that claim to improve your battery life – THEY DON'T WORK, trust me on this one!

    Set your network mode to "WCDMA only" and place the Mobile Data widget on your desktop, keep it switched off when you're not using it.

    Place the "Power Control" widget on your desktop and as with the Mobile Data widget – keep everything switched off when your not using them, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Auto Sync and Screen Brightness. You can always manually sync and toggle the screen brightness if the need arises but the key here is to keep all of the above switched off when you're not using them!

    Get rid of all apps you don't use regularly, keep hold of any essential apps you can't live without – some apps are capable of draining power even when the phone is in standby mode.

    On the home screen select Menu, Settings, About Phone, Battery, Battery Use. The Battery Use screen will give you detailed information on how long the phone has been unplugged and a complete list of app usage in terms of CPU time used – a very useful tool.

    Avoid using animated wallpapers they really drain battery power, also switch off all vibration feedback, mainly the keyboard and the row of control keys at the bottom of the screen. You can compensate for the lack of keyboard feedback by switching on the typing sound simulator.

    Download the Battery Solo Widget from the Android market and place it on your desktop, it shows the remaining battery charge as a percentage – very useful.

    Set the screen time out to 30 seconds and check that it is switching off properly. Its also worth noting that some apps can override this setting to keep the screen on (Google Navigation, YouTube Remote) so remember to switch off the screen when you've finished your session.

    Try it out for yourself

    • Azeem

      Yep, I have pretty much the same setup, although I keep the haptic feedback on. Can't do without it. I get around 15-16 hours out of my phone. Enough for most of my year. When I travel, I plan to just carry this around as my toy for GPS and my spare Nokia E51 as my primary phone. Best of both worlds.

    • Sad

      I think the point is why should we have to though? I'm so gutted at the fact my 4 year old crappy Samsung has a battery life of 3 days and my lovely HTC Desire HD has a battery life of less then 24 hours 🙁

  • Mike

    I am due to upgrade my old phone after a horrendous 24 month contract (not doing that again), and had my heart set on the Desire HD, but I just can't bring myself to buy it now after so many terrible reviews on the battery life on countless forums. I love the features and clever innovations that HTC have put on the device and I don't think that can be beaten by rival companies, but I also fully agree with the people that render it useless as a smartphone, if you can't use it like one without charging twice a day. I mean if HTC could develop their next phone similar to this i.e. DHD mk2 with a battery that will at least last with heavy use for 24 hours, they would absolutely storm the market and Apple would have a serious problem on their hands.

    Still got a couple of months before I upgrade so I'm hoping HTC have something up their sleeve and can fix this battery problem which is causing a lot of users problems!

  • steve

    The battery life on this phone is an absolute issue. 3.5 hrs with minimal usage is not acceptable by any standards.
    Any product with these features should last for a reasonable time, and if you are out and about then you would want your phone to last at least a day.
    I think that this should be referred to Trading Standards as no-one should be expected to carry around a spare battery just to use the gadget for a reasonable amount of time.

  • Sid

    I can't see what the problem is tbh. I use my phone heavily and I manage to get 30 hours out of it before it hits 10% and I start charging. I worked out that my phone loses between 1 – 3% every hour, even if I use it. God knows how long it would last if I never used it..maybe 3 days 🙂

  • Hedser

    i got this weird bug with the phone when im recharging it, i cant control it anymore! if i press the app button the phone thinks i want to film something, the whole touch control is going out of control is what i mean and yes its the desire hd, did anyone had this PROBLEMS TOO?

    • Leoniek

      are you using the original charger? Bought an extra charger so I can charge it at work too (no computer nearby) but the moment I plug that charger in my phone goes mental. But with the charger I have at home (the orginal) I can use my phone just fine, everything works as it should. I took the charger back, she tried like 10 more, they all had the same effect, only the charger she had her own phone plugged into seemed to work: I got that one. It's a "universal" charger from nokia btw,

  • claire

    Hi, just thought is give my thoughts on this matter.

    As a long time iPhone user (since 2007 release) they are the only phones I’ve had but after having my 3gs a while I got board and thought I would try life on the darkside.

    So I went an bought myself this HTC hd desire as I need satnav for work so a big plus of this phone was the screen size also for web browsing and checking emails (I don’t play games)

    Anyway so I’ve had this phone now two weeks I replaced the original battery with a 1800mz.

    Plus points of this phone is camera is amazing ,led flash is a treat,big screen is great for satnav, web browsing is great too.

    But.!!! Battery life sucks its worse then my 3gs was ,my mothers original 2g iPhone out lasts this thing with days to spare!

    So now let’s compare to my partners iPhone 4!

    Camera quality ,I have to give this prize to Apple as although the hd has the bigger screen and camera pixels ,the quality density of the screen. Is not so high so pictures don’t look as good

    Internet , HTC hd desire gets this one as its fast,clear and HTC are faremore social phones then apple e.g friend stream etc.

    Gps system ,apple wins ,although satnav is good volume on HTC is so quite compared also the Gps chip is slower with Signal,and pictures on satnav app are a lot clearer

    Battery life !!! Apple take this home by a long long way ,my partner uses there iPhone 4 non stop listening to music .playing games ,web browsing and there battery will last 2full days atleast !!

    Mine on the other hand with an upgraded battery will last from 8am to 3pm if I’m lucky and that’s with minimal use.

    In every other way I love this phone its still an upgrade slightly from my 3gs however its well below the iPhone 4!

    I shall wait till the next update to see if this helps battery life if not its being got rid of and back to Apple I go!

  • finn

    Battery is great, only half gone and phone has been on for 45h. Several calls and messages sented during that time. Also played games and been on the internet for 1hour. You just have to get your settings right. No need to keep phone on internet when you are not using it yourself.

  • petey

    gorgeous phone, great to use – ruined by the battery life

    camera and video player good but far from great

    i use this as my toy and have put the sim card in my old phone as you can't rely on the battery if you need to make calls

    why, htc, WHY !!!

    they should have brought out this as the slimline for office workers who can charge at work, and a fatter one with a useable battery for yone else

  • Cabbage

    Have been very interested in the polarised opinion on this and thought I would join in.

    This phone was obviously created as an iPhone killer. On paper it really looks good and I was seriously tempted until I heard about the battery life.

    I do think that there are some interesting points made by people and disagree that you should HAVE to minimise things and turn things off to keep a phone working. Surely if you have paid your hard earned cash for the latest gadget then you should be able to use it as such and not have to worry it’s going to become useless. I cannot see how a company can justify their product being released with a limited. If I buy a top of the range telly and blu ray player, I want to get the most of the experience. Not be worried that I have to turn bits off and lower the quality because the company has released a product and not given any care about the customer experience. This is not acceptable with such a saturated market.

    Yes I can buy a new battery and carry it everywhere with me along with everything else I have to carry but why should I have to?

    I cannot gurantee that I can get to a charger quickly or within a certain amount of time owing to the job I do. If I have to phone/text etc, I am then creating a worry about how long I have left.

    For a few pounds on an better battery, htc have lost themselves a lot of customers and shows more about their lack of interest than they realise

    Of course you can buy

  • alex

    aye,crap battery as usuall from htc,even the original desires battery was crap,the fact you have to switch this that and the next thing off just prolong battery life makes a mockery of even owning it,what is the point!.i had the original desire for a week then sold it because of this very problem,and ill never have another one until they make a succesful attempt at installing a battery that can provide their phones with the longevity and power they obviously need.carrying a spare battery?,recharge at work?,thats just making excuses ,its not acceptable!.

    • ale

      I have the original desire and life is almost 2 full days with moderate/high use(always connected to internet and without removing many configurations, simply use juice defender for when its in standby)..thats not bad at all…having said this i did follow instructions on first use of the battery and i do allow it to complete its cycle before recharging…i would love to upgrade to a desire hd, but the battery is actually lower mah than for the normal desire O_o that just makes nosense…so i will wait untill htc release a decent fix on the sw side of things and someone (murgen power ?) comes up with a good extended battery that doesent require a chunky ugly backdoor lol

  • James

    I have a desire hd and am using it to write this post. It is a fantastic phone, and the battery life isn’t that much of an issue. I carry around a spare battery with me, however I have only had to use it twice in the last month. I don’t understand why a days battery life is so bad, why not just charge it overnight? It’s not that hard! And as for people saying why should they turn off gps, etc…. why do you even need gps on all the time? It’s only used when you have use the sat nav, which I guarantee is not all day. And when you do you the sat nav, pick up a csr charger, its not rocket science!!!!

    • johnny clarkson

      Of course the GPS function, wifi and bluetooth function should be turned off when not in use…but it's silly, when after just a few minutes of calls, the battery is drained approximately 25%. It's even sillier to suggest to users that they should turn the brightness to 10% because what's the point of having a Super LCD screen when you can't enjoy it? I agree, software wise the phone is super, but with no power…whatever software you've got is useless.

  • Gabriel

    The comments about switching everything off such as Bluetooth and mobile connection just to squeeze like 20 hours out if the battery are hilarious. Then do please tell what the point is of having such an expensive smart phone? Mine lasts about 15 hours with only mobile connection turned on and almost no phone calls. During the week and during the working hours I only use the phone to be notified about new emails. If I use the phone more intense including 2 x 20 minutes web browsing, the battery lasts 5 to 8 hours which is ridiculously low for any phone in 2010!

  • joshua

    Interesting comments on battery life; bought my partner a Desire HD for xmas and battery life is pathetic; overnight battery went from 100% to 30% with wireless disabled.
    What is interesting is I use a HTC HD2 which using a XDA-forum Android release of the same as the Desire HD and I only have a drop of 7%. As for daily use my HTC-HD2-Android lasts all day will 1.5hr of videos, 30mins web browsing, MP3 for an 1hr or so …

    Guess we will be doing a phone swap, she can setup my HD2-Android phone the way she does and I will set up here Desire HD the way I do and then determine if it is a problem with the phone or some application e.g. ymail

  • steve

    I got a "1500mah" battery from ebay. battery monitor reports it as that same as the shipped battery and nto 1500mah, it lasts about the same as the original. Gonna get a charger that charges the spare too. I agree it is not good enough. Called HTC and they said 4hrs use if you use net etc is normal and fine. Didnt get any further with them…

  • atiq

    Try this to improve the battery life. I think it works as I have tried it and there has been some improvement.

    Charge the phone for 8 hours while it is on.

    Now unplug the charger from the phone and turn it off, remove the battery. Replace the battery and charge again while off for 1 hour.

    Once again unplug the charger and turn the phone on, leave on for 2 mins. Turn it back off, remove the battery, replace the battery. Now charge again while the phone is off for 1 hour.

    What this does is refresh the battery levels and calibrates the battery.

  • kirsty

    OBVIOUSLY battery life is an issue !
    my battery lasts me 7-9 hours, that is def. a problem !!
    When travelling to and from college everyday(which is two hours in total) I like to listen to music.. thats pretty much what i use my phone for all day .. and maybe a few texts here and there.. by the time it hits 4 o clock my battery is down to half !!(without using the internet) Thats absolutely pathetic, i've had my phone for 2 weeks and the battery life is driving me crazy.. thinking of returning it this week..
    Also, my battery life only lasts 7-9 hours if I turn off vibrations and turn the brightness totally off. I don't advice anyone to get this phone because battery life is obviously an issue !! I don't know of any phone that doesn't last till at least the evening..
    And another point.. Taking the usb everywhere with you is just a headache.. what is the point in having a "smart phone" with all these bonus added features, apps and internet browsing when you can't enjoy them because they will use up too much battery.. pointless

  • jamie

    The battery is fine, you need download quick settings

    From android market, when you have launch it and

    Turn of mobile data, this will stop your phone syncing

    Continuasly I also go into settings and turn mobile data of …

    My battery lasts all day no problems

  • Justin

    Hi , Ive had the htc desire hd now for two weeks and its the worst phone ive owned, I had the iphone before this, i liked the iphone but hated that the phone was locked down and could only do what apple wanted you to do with it!!!!
    Hench why i went for this phone .
    Right then for starters the battery is crap , the internet doesnt always work, the video quality wasnt as smooth as i thought it would be, when i try to find out where i am on the map , im always about 30 miles out !!!!
    it lost my emails !!
    I only have a total of 66 photos on there and that takes over 5 mins to show a picture .
    The speaker isnt load enough to hear if the phones in your pocket ringing!!!
    Its killing my inernet usage and always getting charged more when i dont really use it that much.
    With all the hype about this phone before it came out , i thought this was going to be the best phone and couldnt wait to get it. And now i just cant wait for my two year contract to end when ive only done 2 weeks !!!!!!! DONT BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Very disappointed !!!

    • Rik

      I have bought it and its the best phone ive ever owned.

      Its a great piece of kit, check for software updates, my phone has been updated twice in one week on T-Mobile and its improving after every software release 🙂

  • Edward

    @connell: Have you tried changing the battery on the Desire HD? It is a long way from being easy. Given how huge the phone is, why can't HTC just make a huge flat battery? I think a 3000mAh battery would be appropriate. An extra few grams or mm in size would be worth it I suspect. I guess we have to wait for the next phone

    • The Stig

      He means an extra battery you can buy from HTC.
      If you carry it in your pocket together with your phone in case you run out.
      No problem, I guess.

  • connell

    why don't people just get a spare battery

    • Richard

      Have you tried accessing the battery? It’s not something you would want to do too frequently.

      I now have chargers at work, in the car, one by my bed and another in the kitchen. Battery life is seriously disappointing. I left the office at 9 today with a fully charged phone for all day meetings, and the thing died some time between 2.30 and 3, with sending only one text, no calls or browsing and WiFi, gps and Bluetooth all turned off. Not happy. This proves in my mind HTC’s battery life claims to be grossly misleading.

      Otherwise an amazing phone, when it has power.

      • jase

        cos its 15 quid and you would need to carry it with you at all times,

    • Rik

      Thats too complicated for some people and then once they do that, they would have nothing to moan about! lol

      Agree 100% all Desire owners inc standard and HD should invest in a secondary battery.

      Happy Boxing Day!!

    • SVee

      I have two spare batteries, and one external battery charger…. at home – I do swap the batteries over when I remember, but to be honest thats more for business trips, where I Know I'll run out of juice before I get to the hotel!

      The Battery cover is a pain to get out, and you are always mindful that it is also the arial, so if you bugger it up you have no phone at all!

      My beef is that the battery pushes into the slot and there is blatantly enough space for an additional 10% of media (or so) and that 10% would have made a huge difference!

      I like the idea here somewhere of the big battery pack that snaps on the back – make it like your old palm pilot – but with 100 days of battery life!!!!!


  • chris

    – Internet (its really smooth,fast and wraps up text to the screen).
    – Apps run great and access to the Android market.
    – Emails (outlook and others work perfect and syncs with calender).
    – UI smooth and intuitive, can merge your facebook friends and contacts together without duplication, and get live status updates.
    -up to 32gb storage with a micro SD card.
    -DLNA, it works like a hdd that connects wirelessly to my PS3 so i can browse my media off it.
    -Wifi works perfect.

    -Camera has no physical button its on the touch screen which can be annoying. Photos are fairly average considerings its suppose to be 8mp.
    -Battery (get about a day out of it)
    -Speaker, its really low, even at full volume its crap.
    -GPS, IT works great but u have to pay extra for the voice navigation. otherwise u can jsut switch to a maps view…….

    • SVee

      Does anyone else get poor sound through headphones?

      My left channel bass output farts – regardless of volume – am thinking of trying bluetooth headphones to see if its the onboard amp.

  • Kev6eel

    I have kept the screen brightness down to 10%, keep a check on apps running with Advanced Task Manager (good) and I am now getting between 30-35 hours between charges. That includes 1-2 hours wireless browsing, 1 hour 3G browsing, 30 mins on calls and the usual emails and SMS plus Android stuff in background. The Froyo battery stats show what the power is being used for too. So I am really happy at present.

    • johnny clarkson

      What';s the point of having a 'SUper LCD' screen if you have to tone it down to 10%, then change to 2g and 3g depending on what you need, if the phone is supposed to be 'smart'

      HTC should've used a bigger battery, and that's just poor…

      • elvalor

        best reply.. yes why???

  • Gazza

    This has to be the worst battery life of any phone I have ever had, does not last a day not using the phone much, half an hour on the internet, a few calls and texts and the phone is dead as a door nail. Its a joke! I went to buy a replacement battery and was told it would cost me £60!!! for an official one! The speakers are a total joke too, again the worst I have ever heard. The so called 8mp camera, is not! I am a graphic artist and ran some basic tests, the poor quality lense gave the equivalent of a 3.8mp camera. The HD video is the same, piss poor quality. This phone was billed as the rival to the iphone and the bull crap reviews prior to release, have landed me with what I feel is a poor phone. Dont get me wrong, if the camera, speakers and battery were actually any good then it would be the greatest phone ever. I feel this phone is not fit for purpose and I am looking into having it changed.

    • kirsty

      TOTALLY agree to EVERYTHING YOU SAID !! Im so disappointed with the phone!!

      • Rik

        It seems people that are having poor battery life are not "tweaking" the settings correctly, if you guys would take an hour to learn how to use the phone properly, you would reap the benefits.

        The camera performs better without autofocus on, try that, it has an amazing lense when used correctly, again you need to take some time out and learn how to use it properly.

        The speaker is not amazing, its hardly crap tho.

        Give this device a bit of time and you will reap the rewards, you just want to click and go? then perhaps this device is a bit too complex for you all?

      • stephen Linge

        you should have bought a sub standard i phone 4 then instead of moaning about a superior phone with a minor problem that can be corrected

    • johnny clarkson

      DOn't know which reviews you've been reading (hopefully NOT endgadget)

      but here's gsmarena's take on the htcdesirehd

      camera dn (especially) the 720p 'hq' video recording isn't that good.

      unfortunately you can't have the best camera and best user experience in one mobile (As of yet)

      for camera, you should've gotten a nokia n8

      and iphone for ease of use (or galaxy…if you like android)

  • CRaig

    I Am about to upgrade to the desire hd can anybodytell me if you can get a better battery for the phone

  • shahab

    The battery life is very very important if dhd had a better battery with even 100$ more price i would had buyed it by now ;but with this battery life buying it would be a wast of mony.remember that when phone is new it is very exiting with all the power it has but in the long term(in this case less than two month)important thing is you dont like to charge battery every day -with caring how much you ues it so it dont get to two times a day-so with this battery it is not the wise choice.

    • sydney

      I don't get you. Do you mean its better not to change the battery twice a day or its life will be even worse?

  • Simon

    I think the battery life is fine but there is a bug that causes the phone to lag and it drains the battery within hours. When the bug occurs, the init process runs at 100% cpu and the battery drains in just 4-6 hours. This is discussed at xda developers and hopefully they will find a solution to this soon. To find the thread, just google init process 100% cpu.

    • Deepak

      Hey just go to setting applications development and turn usb debugging on

      • roks

        I'm not too hot on the techy stuff – what effect will this have?

  • Max

    Don't know if relevant to an Android phone. I have HTC Touch HD. Battery life was abysmal until I realised it was 3G killing it. Turned off 3G unless needed. Battery lasts at least twice as long. Not sure if you can turn off 3G on the Desire HD?

    • colin

      APNdroid widget, mate

  • James Gillespie

    A week in and battery is lasting twice as long as it did when I first got the phone – think there is some magic going on in there somewhere

    • Jaisah

      So how long does the battery last now? Does it at least last a day? I really want this phone but im worried about the battery. What were HTC thinking when they decided to put a 1230mAh battery in it?

      • sydney

        The battery life is an issue for me toooooo! :(((

  • Case

    I was going to wait for this phone but ended up getting an iPhone 4, it's battery life is just as bad, lasts fine if you don't do much but as soon as a bit of web browsing, some Angry Birds action and some video watching is done then the battery goes real fast. I charge everyday and that is with wifi off, and no push notifications. It seems battery tech is not keeping up with smart phone tech at the same rate. There are better battery solutions in existence but phone manufacturers don't seem to use them…….yet.

  • geezer

    Just got my HD sat, charged it sunday, connected sun night, took it to work today and before i lef the house it started switching off, for no reason, battery showing full, try to switch it on again place it on the table and it switches off again by itself.
    called orange they run test said its faulty, took it back to phones for you ,supposed to be getting it swapped when they have received this one back.
    very disapointed, would of expected more from htc.
    had a sony w800i for the last 6 years! that phone was bullet proof!

    • weezer

      im exactly the same like changing back to use my sonyw800i as my primry phone..i face no problem with my sony for the past 6 years used my desire hd bcome the secondary just for mailing and internet browsing mobile only…huhuh too bad to manage the batt life..its too hungry….

  • Rikin

    The battery life on the HTC Desire HD isn’t ideal but I have found a few ways to maximize the battery life:

    Dim the display.

    Take off auto sync.

    Manually update accounts such as your email.

    Lock phone at every opportunity by turning off screen.

    Take off vibrating feedback.

  • Nish

    I preordered mine and received it 2 days late frm phones4U due to da heavy demand!!! I plugged it in at 21:00 and unplugged it to leave to work at 7:00 the nxt day… Listened to music on the tube for abt 40 minutes, made a call for 17 minutes and had the auto sync feature on. Wen I reached my pkts at 14:00 to show off my brand new asset to my colleagues, its almost dyin n beggin for a recharge. Felt embaracced and the nxt day, reduced da brightness to minimum, disabled autosync, force stopped twitter,news,stocks and mail. they would update only wen opened. Battery lasted until 18:00 and the sys says da display ate 51% and da android OS 42%…….Dis mobile is a shattered dream…

  • Ian

    Went out for the day today with my Desire HD which was fully charged when I left the house. After 1 30 sec call to an answerphone, 1 text sent and 10 mins on web/maps around town the battery was fully drained after 5 hours! I don't mind keeping it on charge while at work, but if I can't even get an operational phone for a day out it's useless!

  • Yvonne

    I so agree, the battery life is absolutely abismal! After making not even a half hour call, the battery is almost dead, but the phone states that it is mostly caused by the android system and the display. I have set everything now ti minimal usage settings, and this is not the reason why I bought it, a battery especially on standby should at least last a couple of days, even with a smartphone. Further when calling I should still be able to use the phone without it needing to charge all the time. Otherwise best phone I have ever had!

  • ian beaver

    Well I’m writing this on my desire hd and I have to say that it’s an absolute dream on the web. I’m currently typing in bed with both hands.and it works a dream. The Android and HTC sense work amazingly well, any option or feature you could imagine is available to you. BUT and its a big but , I do not get anywhere near a full day out of a charge and that’s just not good enough. This could be the best phone ever made and that is the only flaw . Please someone make a battery of the same size but much more power so I can enjoy these amazing features without worrying about it dying on me by 3.00pm.


    I had the HD 3 days ago and up to yet I have had nothing but problems with it 🙁 I got the phone after a few friends recommended it (they have the desire) firstly the charger doesnt work and now every time I make or receive a call, the phone freezes and I can only get it working again by removing the battery!! Really disappointed and agree with the comments with regards to battery life, although I havent had a 'decent' phone for a long time so have nothing to compare it with! Mine is been sent back and I am changing it for a Blackberry!!

    • Rawse

      Just do the ota update in the settings menu and all will be fine. Mine had the same problem and is now fine. The phone does have a poor battery life but it is soooo sexy. reduce the screen brightness. Rawse

      • Mike

        My phone crashes after calls. Will the update solve this?

  • wayne

    the battery is a big problum I will htc again

  • Adi

    Why people complain or worry too much about battery? What do you expect from the PDA phone?? to live a week? Just bring with you the USB cable, and charge it when you are at work. Also dont believe people or reviewers still fail to point out the SPEAKER?? WHAT'S ALL THE HYPE on SRS or DOLBY?? RUBBISH. HD Speakers like SUCK! EVEN on MAX volume. Try running the GPS with the kids on the car, you could hardly hear the voice. I do believe HTC marketing people doing a much better JOB than their engineer.

    • Chinese boy :)

      Lol, i thoguth the SRS and Dolby works only with headset plugged in? thats seems good for me, should be alot better then HTC Hero atleast, dont think its rubbish at all 🙂

      • lucky

        I completely agree with Chinese guy.:.dolby n srs works with headset..try with ep is simply mind blowing…u cnt hav d feel with out headsets r in loud speaker…

    • LemonPro

      Dolby mobile & SRS surround works greeeat with HTC earphones. Its sound quality us 1000times better than iPhone with Bose earpiece. I dutched Bose earphone for this HTC one. But I admit speaker is too low. The main problem I m facing with my Desire HD is – sometimes sound breaks while listening to music & never get back untill restart.

    • Bob

      I think it's fair enough to expect to get 1 day out of your phone! I love the features of my HTC Desire HD but , even with little use, it sometimes dies BEFORE I get home from work! That's just plain rubbish. I don't expect to have to tinker with the settings and reduce the functionality of the phone in order to get a days use out of a £400 phone.

  • Al Monkin

    There are a few items on ebay claiming to be 1500mAh battery replacements, anyone know if these are legit?

  • charlie

    I got mine 2 days ago, and I have to admit so far the battery is pretty abismal. I am upgrading from the the original Desire, which I must admit when I first got it, I had the same thoughts about the poor battery. But. On my original Desire the battery improved after several cycles of charging. So I am hoping this will be the case again for the Desire HD. So far, with what I would call moderate use, (if not less intensive, as I am so concerned about the battery drain) I am down to 48% after 4 and a half hours. Battery stats reveal that both the android operating system and display are responsible for consuming the most power, 43% & 48% respectively. And this is with auto sync/update features either at manual or maximum intervals, along with gps and wifi only on when needed(and very rarely at that). I do not use task killers. It will be a great shame if the battery doesn’t improve, because it’s otherwise an outstanding phone-a marked user experience improvement on the original Desire, but perhaps not quite worthy of upgrading(unless you want a bigger screen, which by the way can only be a standard LCD. While not as rich in colour compared to the AMOLED screens, and apparently not as power efficient, It’s quality is perfectly acceptable).

    • D4audio

      thx charlie i want to take the plunge but the battery life is a major issue for me i have a desire and i have to say the battery life sucks …..abismal I can't understand why they would make a phone and then ham string it …makes no sence…bigger phone more space for bigger battery……thats logical

    • im hoping exactly the same i had my phone on standby usage for 10 hours battery went to 83% but used it today (6 days after getting it) and used it for 3 hours and it went down to 85% kinda annoyed by it but then again could be the battery needs a few weeks of charging cycle to make it work so gonna give it a few more weeks if i see no improvement then im going back to sony in april with the arc. anyone wanting to buy a 1500mah battery on ebay dont itll destroy ur phone etc too much power to the phone and also itll not make any difference to battery life

  • aamirshaik92

    I'm upgrading from a N900 which has a much poorer battery life, thus i don't think it will affect me as much.

    • JJJ

      Really? I've managed 2 days allmost all the time with my N900 if needed, and with extensive use. However, if i was able, i charged it almost every night, so now when i get my Desire HD it won't be a problem charging every night.

  • Abraham

    The HTC HD2 has a battery 1230mAh and every day or so i needed to charge it, but that was not a problem. However, the desire comes with a battery of 1500mAh, but why not the desire HD? to it does not make much sense.

    • apaul

      The Desire does not come with 1500mAh battery. It comes with 1400mAh battery and even that is inadequate…..

      • Matthias

        Actually it comes with a 1230mAh battery (at least mine did)

        • tommy

          He is talking about the original desire, the non ‘HD’

  • Steve

    Not for me as I'm by a computer or power most of the time and even if the battery went flat I wouldn't care too much. I however do think HTC should of packed a better battery with the Desire HD, 1500mAh would of been nicer. If there was an upgrade at time of purchase (or even an option to buy the better battery as a spare) I would definately spend the money for the better battery.

    • Carl

      There are now 1800mah battery replacemnets. So why did htc put such a small battery in?
      Looks to be a phone that has been rushed out with not too much thought, even the screen isn't Amoled.
      With such a large and potentially beautiful screen, why such a poor display?
      If this is HTC's best, not for me.

      • The screen is great. I can say that since I have one in my lap right now. Do you?

        Also, the 1800mah batteries likely have an actual capacity lower than the stock battery – since most third party battery suppliers lie about the capacity (

      • that's what the issues with this htc guys. This is a 4.3 inch screen and the battery for this gizzzzzmo is very poor..