Gran Turismo 5 X1 Prototype: Driven By Sebastian Vettel

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

When watching motor racing such as F1, I get frustrated at all the legal rules that designers have to stick too. This is meant to be the pinnacle of motorsport, yet we cannot see what is truly possible. That is where, Polyphony Digital and Red Bull Racing come in, as they have designed the “X1 Prototype”.

This machine has been designed purely for the digital world, which you can see in the video at Gran-turismo. The X1 prototype will feature on the delayed Gran Turismo 5 and has been given a shakedown by Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel.

The car is unrestricted, which you can clearly see by how fast he went around the Nurburgring GP track – 20 seconds faster than in an F1 car. At times Vettel pulled 6Gs – what do you expect when you hit speeds of 400km/h (248mph)?

A lot of the design of the X1 Prototype was the work of one of the best aerodynamicist in the business “Adrian Newey”, which was a dream of his to design a car that was not affected by rules and regulations.

Not certain if this car will be available on Gran Turismo 5 from the start or if it will be available as a DLC at a later date? Maybe it is the introduction of the X1 Prototype that has delayed the release of the game?

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