Fable 3 / III Weapons: List of Swords, Hammers, Rifles and Pistols

By Jamie Pert - Oct 28, 2010

Now that people have got their hands on Fable III they are keen to get the best weapon available to them, luckily the Fable wikia is working on a list of all of the weapons in the game along with damage, base value and augmentation effects.

The list can be seen here, in this article we will list all of the weapons, click on the weapon’s name to find out in-depth details (at the time of this post not all links were available).

Here are the weapons we know of so far: The Absolver, Avo’s Lamentation, The Barnumificator, Bloodstone Bludger, Guskets Musket, Bonesmasher, The Casanova, The Channeler, Desert Fury, Dragonbone Hammer, The Hero’s Companion, Hero Sword, Hero Hammer, Hero Rifle, Hero Pistol, The Ice Maiden, The Inquisitor, Jack’s Hammer, Lunarium Pounder, Mallet’s Mallet, Muskets, Ol’ Malice, Reaver Industries Perforator, Shardborne Sword, The Balverine Order, Slimquick, Tee Killer Shooter, The Splade, Swift Irregular, Wolfsbane.

This list is a work-in-progress, therefore keep checking this link for an up-to-date list of all weapons. Feel free to mention any weapons that we have missed in the comments section below.

Which is your favorite weapon in Fable III?

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  • Darkgod4556

    also missing the face melter rifle

  • Darkgod4556

    your missing the hammer of wilmageddon  and the love sword i know for sure

  • N7 Silkwind

    I'm only missing 2 weapons: the Channeler and Shardborne. So, if anyone needs to know what's left over, I can tell them.

  • Pensioner

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  • Nara

    Sorry to spoil your efforts but if this link works here is all 50 weapons


  • meh

    swinging sword?

  • jamie

    you also left out the hero weapons.duh

  • Ajr46

    Left out Tenderiser and love sword

  • hah u idiots

    an fo u site admits i dint give a fk bout dis shit

    • Pops

      Congratulations you spelled three words out of the sentence correctly, and I'm including the word I. I'm not sure if you are trying, but damn your dumb. I would hope it was intentional, kind of anyways..

      • Mama

        Indeed. Agreed. Thank you.

      • lulz

        you're* >_>

    • Capt. Vince

      hahahaha you fail!!!!! What are you even trying to say? lol FAIL