Darth Vader Costume Auction: Too Late For Halloween

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

With Halloween just a few days away there will be a few costumes that will prove very popular, and Darth Vader is one of them. However, you will have to be a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise to pay $615,000 for one.

On November 25, just one day before Black Friday Christie’s auction house will be auctioning off the mask, helmet and armor as worn by David Prowse – although we all know that James Earl Jones provided the voice. The black helmet is expected to fetch $250,000 ($160,000) and the mask and armor $365,000 (£230,000)

According to an AP report, the Darth Vader costumes was worn in “The Empire Strikes Back”, which many say was the best of the original three movies. We know that there have been another three since – but we all know how they turned out?

We cannot see the average Star Wars fan bidding on this one, but it would sure be nice if it would be put in a museum somewhere. These movies are a part of history, and have had more of an effect on people’s lives than a lot of the artifacts stuck in a museum.

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  • doritofan1987

    That is certainly correct, CHJ. Just another way for these writers" to get extra clicks, I'm afraid. 😛

  • CHJ

    This is not a screen used suit. Likely just a tour suit. Owner and Christie's are selling under false pretenses.