Call of Duty Black Ops: PS3 Version has been Gimped

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2010

After the quickscoping saga a few days ago now, we have yet more twists and turns to bring you now involving Call of Duty Black Ops. It has just been confirmed that the PS3 version of the game will miss out on a huge feature unlike the Xbox 360 version.

Remember how Treyarch confirmed online split-screen a few weeks back? Well, they have now just said that gamers will have the ability to sign in with two separate online accounts, but ONLY on the Xbox 360 version. It means that two people with an Xbox Live Gold account can sign in on one 360 console and rank up individually.

This exciting feature isn’t coming to the PS3 though, and there doesn’t appear to be a solid reason why. To make matters worse, Treyarch’s Josh Olin originally stated on the official US PS Blog that this feature would be included, only to retract his statement later, due to a mistake on his part – how could he get something so important wrong?

We don’t want to point the finger here, but don’t forget that Activision and Microsoft have an exclusive deal in place in which Xbox 360 users will get all Black Ops DLC first before the PS3 gets it a month later. Is this down to the developers or Sony?

Either way, PS3 owners are missing out big time. Just to let you know, the feature is definitely possible on the PS3 hardware since it was done with Resistance and Little Big Planet, so we’re looking at you Treyarch.

Are you upset about this or not? We’ll bring you an update on this as soon as we get it.

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  • Jenny

    that sucks, that we cant do that when this game makes billions of dollars for theΒ  people who design the game.

  • Coolio

    Xbox have to pay $$$$ to go online,ps3 is FREE!I think xbox is missing out!!!!!!

  • gil vazquez

    Due to black ops freezing my ps3 (once a day just to check for patches), now my eye isnt reading any other games. I have never once had any issue with disconnections, hard or soft freezes, or cd load failures, til I purchashed black ops for 65$.
    Now that I bought a new game, it doesnt want to read about 75% of the time. Saying An error occured during the start operation (80010514)

    The worst part is I know im completely screwed out of my 65$ for this sad game that broke my 400$ systems lens…

  • kino der toten

    within 10 mins after today's update, i've bin signed out 3 times while i was playing zombies in kino, And jus wen i had the coolest gun frm da mystery box, it booted me and said i needed 2 sign in, like i wasn't already…pshhhh then, tried gettin back in n my ps3 hung for like 30 secs.
    btw, i dont give a rats a$$ wat xbox has coz i dnt pay 2 play on ps3 but wen stuff like this happns, its very annoying… had no problems with mw2 .. stupid updates, dint fix shyt, only made it worse !!!!

  • Les

    Yeah We have had the game for about 2 weeks now and nothing but issues everywhere with it πŸ™ sucks. Am trying to find out how to get a refund because the game blows.

  • mark

    black ops is a fail , balanced but the graphics and game engine(play) is very weak

  • anon

    It's kind of obvious there's a lot of foul play in multi-ports now, especially when the competition in the game industry picking up.

  • Matty

    The Call of Duty series has just been flooded by release after release. Modern Warfare 1 and 2, 2 year gap between them is sensible enough. They shoudlnt have bothered with Black Ops and World at War.

    Basically, the latter are cash cows in my opinion.

  • MGN001

    Not really angry at this. Never used this kind of feature anyway.

  • Simple. Its all in the money. Since xbox live charges for its online service unlike the PS3 their not willing to bend a little to offer this great feature on the PS3. Which is totally unfair. : Considering ITS THE SAME GAME.

  • NeglectedWii

    The wii is the most neglected system of all time! no off-line co-op, no DLC's first! Come on now! Give us Wii owners a break!!!!!! give us all the features as the other versions! for pete's sake thats all we are asking for!

  • Chris M

    Sony are to blame here. They have superior hardware but they have a lot to learn from Microsoft when it comes to pushing your product, getting deals and good marketing.

    • PS3 ROCKS!

      shut up. i have ps3 and i hate xbox360. and your complaining over this? think about it. ps3 console and games last like 10000x times longer than one xbox. i had once xbox but i got sick of it after it broke about 14 times IN A YEAR and complained about errors all the time. now when i have my ps3. games last like fucking 4+ years. same goes with the console. i have had my ps3 for 1 year and it hasn broke once! it has never complained about errors. – PS3 HAS FREE FUCKIN ONLINE MODE! THINK! XBOX PLAYERS PAY FCKIN 5 EUROS OR DOLLARS IN A MONTH! WE GET IT FREE FOR AS LONG AS WE WANT! SO STOE PAYED TREYARCH MILLIONS OF DOLLARS JUST FOR US TO GET MORE FEATE FUCKIN 5 OR 10 DOLLAR COSTING ONLINE! SO FUCK OFF!

  • ps3fan

    for f**k sake , treyarch/activision get your things done. i'm a proud PS3 user and I've been following the CoD series since CoD 1. This can be fixed with a lil' effort. Please do, this will only get you less profit.

  • siky_

    Alex Says – "But either way guys, I'm pretty sure COD: Black Ops will be one of the only first person shooters that allow online splitscreen on the PS3 for a little bit "

    Dude, have you ever played warhawk? You can playing with a guest online, and the was one of the first PS3 gamesbrought out. so many years later and we still doing the same shit and calling it good… 360 owners do pay for online play, but Treyarch should be dissing out PS3- Treyarch dont make any money from 360s paying to play. They make money from game sells… So content should be available to both Sony and Microdick, and how they choose to distribute it should be up to them and treyarch… f***ing balls treyarch…

  • Zack

    This “guest” feature is gonna be weird. There’s gonna be ppl who never played cod online at their friends house with em. Which means if u get into lobbies like that a lot. πŸ™‚ lol

  • mark3mark1

    its not a big deal if you or the person your playing with doesnt have an account but if you both do how do you decide who will get the xp and who will be the guest. you dont wanna play online racking up points for no reason.

  • flat——-line

    yeah ok……hmm. this is so lame! I dont even see what people like about xbox. or even microsoft? there computers and gaming consuls s**k! ps3 and apple baby all day!…but neways this online thing is pathetic act of stupidity….i mean think about it…they would make so much money if they could have 2 separate psn users log into one ps3 n play split-screen. BUT, only psn PLUS should have the privilege. sony and treyarch would make bank! IM A HUNGE PS3 FAN! f*** the xbox with its crappy graphics, nasty huge controllers that suck through your batteries like no other, and other than gaming it can do nothing!! the only reason ppl buy xbox is cuz ps3 was $600-700 when it first came out and cuz it came out like 2 years before ps3. if ps3 came out 2 years soon with like a $300 price tag (like it does now witch is even better then the original ps3) xbox wouldnt even be here right now. plus the xbox consul is just gross to look at. cheaply made and poorly constructed…i could of designed a better looking system…hell maybe i will!

  • Nomad

    lol sorry to burst your bubble PR News and xbox fanboys but split-screen online is included to the ps3 as well as the xbox 360 . here's proof! …

    if you look at the button commands they are the ps3's
    lol going to buy black ops now!

  • ghjkghk


  • ghjkghk

    fu&%CK split screen, u dumb MOTHAFU%$ERZ.. tonight i'll be playing BLACK OPS in FULL SCREEN, as it shoud be

  • svenn

    <3 xbox ps3 failing harder everyday

  • Joe

    THIS IS SO FRINKEN GAY. Xbox gets everything this is such a load of bullshit screw you treyarch

  • nathan

    It is possible to log in with 2 accounts at the same time on the PS3 (Resistance 2), so there is no reason why it shouldn't be available for the Ps3 when it is available for the 360. Sure it is better than no online split-screen at all, but its absurd that both players can't earn points on their own account. If you say it's not a big deal, you either don't hang out with friends that will play it or you haven't thought about it enough.

  • Goody

    PS3 and PSN CAN handle 2 logins at once, look at resisatnce 2, 2 players online on splitscreen, both ranking up

  • Jake

    Shut the hell up people, you can pul 2 people online, butone is a guest, so calm down

  • Black Ops God

    Get off your broke ass and buy an Xbox everyone knows the ps3 is uber gay wow you got blu-ray but you ain’t got shit way to go treyarch make this bitches suffer get a 360 fags then you can play halo reach and ps your ass can’t play it on ps3 only on 360 best console out!

    • Chuck Norris

      anyone that says uber is just gay themselves

  • fuckyou!


  • lewl

    Xbox 360 sucks ass. It's inferior in every way, so much to the point that they have to charge for online just so they can keep it going while Sony can have it free and it's still better than live.

    Hell, they had to design a new xbox and lower the price to 200 to keep up with PS3 sales.

    Case in point, MS sucks.

  • jeff

    solution is GET A XBOX


    LOL im getting it on ps3 first cuz my ps3 obliterates my 360 ! neener neener 360 fanboys! ans i will get it later on for 360 maybe for like 20 bucks on ebay, 1 thing ppl forget is all ps3 discs are blu-rays and they have a much harder scratch resistant coating on the play side oh and much larger storage space so the filesystem is not so compact and i dont know about anyone else but i have noticed a lot less read errors "disc is dirty" stuff,,wait now that i think about it my ps3 has never has a read error!! and its 3 yrs old!, but my nice new shiny 250gb xbox has read errors often, wait now that i think about it im on my 4th xbox vs still my 1st ps3,hmmmm thats funny i play the ps3 alot more too wonder why the xbox keeps getting rrod and other errors,,,,???? anyway im in no way bummed that you cant do 2 accounts at the same time ,, so what like i wanna use half my screen all night i want all 55 inches of glorious hd to myself!! plus its nothing a patch couldent fix

    • grim

      damn right im on my 5 th x box . i have servral friends who xboxes also crashed. ALL THOSE XBOX FANBOYS KNOW ITS TRUE!!! THERE JUST 2 IGNORANT 2 ADMIT IT.
      so while while we ps3 owners are playing bops they will be waiting 4 there systems 2 be repaired. so they can have fun waiting for there junk systems to be fixed.

  • Cory

    I don’t get what the big deal is in my way of seeing this is sony deserves it for feeding morons with free online play. PS3 is the system if you don’t mind idiots and laggers. 360 has the better games and everything else


      i play on both systems and in mw2 i saw no difference in gameplay, but alot more screaming kids on xbl

  • DLKC

    Thanks peeps. I was getting angry that this was going on.
    a still BIG GRRRRRRRRRRRR tho

  • gamer##1

    Sony need to step it up!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are just letting Microsoft get away with buying their way into things but hopefully it will be released as DLC/system update or something

  • Darren

    GOOD. The PS3 is shitty anyway!

  • leonhutton

    Quite happy that this feature is not coming to PS3. Surley someone with two XBL accounts could sign in on one Xbox and cheat/boost.

  • Franko

    Not a big deal people that Xbox can do it and PS3 can't. And so what that Activision and Microsoft have a partnership, What about EA and Sony? PS3 fanboys point that out alot. And then they all complain about something like this…I guess it only counts when there is a game people actually look forward to. LOL!!

  • Eduardo

    Every ps3 hater check twitter again , he has clarified that it will be available on both systems, and all of you that have cancelled your pre order on ps3…….HAHA!!

    • gamer##1

      has he really?
      cos i don't have twitter and iv'e been checking on other websites but they've been saying the same that ps3 aren't getting split screen

  • Eduardo

    Damme right alexander, its not a big deal at all , who the f*** wants to play in split screen anyway. Shit-box may have a few more rights to some games but who cares , it will come out on ps3 a month later anyways just like the map packs for MW2

  • 2gdlewis

    who cares about split screen its of putting your eyes will keep flagging on to your friend screen and at that moment you will get shot so it aint worth it anyway if your mate wants to play tell him to jog on home and meet ya online DER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eduardo

    This is all bullshit and it does not matter anyway , I will be happy playing the game online by myself instead of someone else taking over half of the tv screen.

  • Matt

    I'm not bothered about split screen,but i'm not happy that xbox users get dlc first.

  • marhorn

    Xbox 360 = good ps3 =bad


      lol what the hell ever!

  • mushi mush

    what an idiot you must be to play in split screen??!! get a life people and play it as it supposed to be – FULL SCREEN. If my mate want to log in on mu console, i will kick him out of my flat in s split second. My console, my screen. If xbox owners want to split their screen, i dont mind. They can split their arses too if they want.

  • Jeff112

    This is why i have xbox…U cannot deny that xbox gets it better than PS3 but i do feel sorry for the PS3 users who r buying this game, not a good move Treyarch.

  • Micksterzone

    Eh, i think that consoles should be lacking some features of the PC, after all, that is the king of all gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    What would anyone play COD on PS3 anyway, when all your mates blatanlty have an XBOX. If my PS3 didn't play blu-rays I would have sold it by now.

  • Alexander

    No, you can bring a guest online, just not another account for PS3. Xbox just allows two members play at the same time. No need to cancel pre-orders people, it's not a big deal.

  • Neil "Zombie Killer"

    Fuck you microsoft they always have to buy their f***ing way into things… Any one remember how GTA IV was meant to be PS3 exclusive? Well Microsoft paid millions to get it onto the xbox I am not bothered by split screen thing BUT I want new f'ing zombie maps !!!! (Or atleast I will πŸ˜› )

    Why arn't they doing it though? I played split screen online with my friend on my PS3 me online on my account and him with his account through my PS3… It doesnt make much sense but we will just have to play on differant TV's I guess

  • Alex

    Hmmm, that's weird. So we'd still be able to do split-screen online on the PS3 on COD: Black Ops, but not sign into different accounts?

    Resistance 2 did excactly that, so it's definitely possible. On Resistance 2, you just need to make an account on the PS3 with the psn of your friend, and it all works…not that big a deal. Treyarch, get back to work you lazy bums!!

    But either way guys, I'm pretty sure COD: Black Ops will be one of the only first person shooters that allow online splitscreen on the PS3 for a little bit

  • Ollie

    Who cares about split screen anyway? I never play it because me and my friends have our own games and consoles. So stop being a bunch of dirty gypo’s.

    • Matt

      lmao,I aint heard gypo's used for years
      I always thought that was a North west england thing

    • Eduardo

      Nicely said

  • ShutUpSonyL

    You PS3 Fanboys do nothing but complain about this and that. It only makes sense that xbox gets things first i mean… We (xbox owners) are paying to play am i right?

    • Kev

      SO Right!


      im a ps360 fanman lol yup gotta pay for the same service thats free on psn an now they upped the cost another 20 bucks a year, i just renewed my subscription for 30$ but i can tell you this unless microsoft comes to my house and makes me coffee and rubs my feet this is my last year on live , cant see paying the cost of a new game to do something thats free on the pc and psn!!

      • jonny_sin

        xbox is over rated granted i thought we got first rights to dlc's because we pay for live..but in reality if sony cant cough up the dough to seal a contract with activision..well thats their problem.. the deals are on the table for every big name game coming experiences have been amped and it happened to them with previous cod titles youd figure their asses would be more prepared by now..

  • Jack Bauer

    Actually, Josh Olin just cleared up the whole situation for us via twitter. He says that the split-screen online componenet is possible for both systems, but on the ps3, when you sign out, all the guests progress is lost, while on the xbox, you can play as if you have two different systems. Which makes perfect sense, seeing as how Live gold members can have multiple accounts while PS network accounts cannot. I am a PS3 user, love it, don't give a shit about all this crap, but it is possible on both systems.

    • josh

      umm…. Resistance 2 and Little big planet both allow at least 2 accounts on the same ps3 to be logged in at once via splitscreen…

  • Roy

    Screw you Microsoft, I was hoping for Split Screen since Call of Duty 4 for online and even suggested it in forum to now find out its only available for Xbox??

    • Kev

      should of bought an xbox then

  • Guess who?

    To those who say that you can log into two separate psn accounts on ps3 are wrong. Game like
    LBP only let you log into another account on the ps3 itself. ie, other users on the ps3, not any random psn ID

    • anonymousteenager

      No, you are wrong, Resistance 2 lets you sign in with two PSN accounts and play online.

  • Hambofo

    treyarch is being mean….

  • Saifobefo

    treyarch and activision u bitches keep suckin microsofts dicks… i dun wanna play with my freind and have myself level up while he doesnt thats gay…

    • dan

      not to mention other playes gettin killed by a guest. You get killed by a guest = affects your stats. You kill a guest = their stats reset. whats to say a game wont be have half guests? its going to ruin it without account sign in. i would rather not have it.

  • PS3 is the BEST!

    who ever finds an update or something about ps3 can do this too let me know

  • Brett

    They changed the fricken article. I read it early and it clearly said that it would be available on both systems. If sony was smart they would work out a deal so Playstation Plus members could get it and that would sell like crazy

    • Gamer##1

      i know!
      first they write as both consoles can have it then they go and change everything

  • Ruben

    Sorry but I could care less.. I may get lot's of hate comments but i hate ps3 it SUCKS in my opinion go ahead hate me but i don't care as long as it has it for xbox πŸ˜€

    • fair comment but not very helpful to anyone πŸ™‚

    • Genericpuffs

      The expression is "I couldn't care less". sorry, but it always bothers me when people say I could care less.

  • MrAngry

    I was gona go to game store on the launch of this game but not ANYMORE!! I have 4 mates who just went past there $10 and cancelled their pre-orders for ps3 and got the 360 version. Fuck you treyarch and Microsoft and your shit too Sony for not getting it done!!

    • Cant blame treyarch for the fact that sony dont let you have more than one account logged in guess this might be somthing that sony will add in a firmware update along with all the other features they need to add

      • dan

        it does, thats the problem. other games have this feature. they favour xbox because it come out first and as a result, has a bigger gaming community. lets face it, sonys playstion has always been the best console through the years and still is.

  • adam


  • usa1gamer1

    OMG not fair! we only get splitscreen guests not separate accounts! COD stop hating on the ps3! First the map packs to XBOX first, now this!

    • kevin

      Get an xbox then

  • usa1gamer1

    dude Josh just stated on his twitter it is on PS3 "#CODBlackOps Multiplayer Online Split-Screen & Custom Games Editor clarified: (360 & PS3) less than 20 seconds ago via Twitter for iPhone "

  • Alex


  • Mornelithe

    That's pretty ridiculous, unfortunately they have a history of doing exactly this. Make all the bad announcements right before launch, so they can retain the preorders of folks who aren't as in the know as most.

    • Alan Ng

      I think you may be spot on there Mornelithe..

      • Mornelithe

        It's a really terrible tactic that I've seen used especially by Activision regarding the CoD series (The dedicated server debacle comes to mind). We always used to expect that as a games design cycle progressed further and further (really, this assumption has only been fueled by historical data), we'd hear MORE about a game, and all it's nifty bells and whistles.

        Now, we simply HAVE to scrape together as much information as we possibly can, on the off chance we didn't catch the fine print. That's horrendous, and starts to feel like a job more than entertainment.

  • Army

    you wanna know why? the ps3 system cant have 2 accounts signed in at the same time so why can a ps3 game do it?

    • lorenzo

      resistance and little big planet sure can sign in into 2 accounts.

    • saif

      ya so dont say stuff when u dont know squat…

    • DeadSilence

      Are you retarded dude Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet fucktard.

    • Artiken

      this is true.. and i think that is one of the things that will keep the whole community more onto xbox.. everybody likes to have their on account and play on their account.. as advance as the producers say their ps3 is, where the fuck is the patch that allows multiple accounts to be signed in.. they can do just like xbox and make a simple prompt.. or really why did they leave it out..

    • anonymous

      army you are retarded :]

  • Army

    this is retarded. the reason is bc the ps3 cant have 2 accounts signed in at the same time, so why could a ps3 game when the system cant? stfu and gtfo

    • soma

      It can have 2 accounts signed in at the same time read the article """Just to let you know, the feature is definitely possible on the PS3 hardware since it was done with Resistance and Little Big Planet, so we’re looking at you Treyarch."""

    • kyle

      umm…you are incorrect sir, there are a FEW games out that do support this feature on PS3

    • Purpkush

      I own both games and resistance can but black ops online is so much better. I think this is another reason why greed needs to gtfo.

  • Jace

    Who gives a dam anyway. I wouldn't want to play split screen anyways.

  • Andy

    not buying it now

  • DiZial

    Damn it! PS3 is always missing out!

    • john

      i know!

    • Cyaniede

      But If you get the Assassin;s creed games, they have more features on the ps3.

  • Chris
    • Mornelithe

      It's not a lie, in the article you link, the guy states only 1 authentic account can be used per PS3, and the second is a Guest Account whose rank/rewards etc… are erased after the game is turned off. Read the whole article next time.

      • Joe

        The PSN link was edited. When it was first posted it said 2 PSN accounts at the same time for online splitscreen.

    • spiker

      Im glad we still have splitscreen but I want my friends to be able to level up too. They could at least have the guest have the same selection of guns as the main player instead of them having to start all over every time and never get to use new guns. More people are buying ps3's. This is not fair. We spend all this money on the ps3 and xbox gets everything.

      • Mornelithe

        Definitely agree, but I was specifically referring to Chris' response. He is incorrect in what he's saying.