BlackBerry Bold 9780: Officially Announced / Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Oct 28, 2010

RIM has finally official announced the BlackBerry Bold 9780, this device is extremely similar to the the Bold 9700 however runs OS 6, features 512MB of RAM, has a 5 megapixel camera and WiFi N connectivity.

We can now confirm that from November 17th T-Mobile USA and AT&T will be offering this smartphone in the U.S. and Vodafone will be selling it abroad.

The 9780 is a great choice of handset if you have been interested in choosing a BlackBerry smartphone, however in my opinion it is not much of an upgrade if you own a BlackBerry smartphone already (unless it is ancient).

Will you buy the Bold 9780 when it is released? Or will you wait for a better smartphone?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Molly

    Well … it's now MAY and there is no 9780 listed on AT&T's site. Grrrr !!!

  • Trent

    I still hope this is still coming to at&t, but I'm guessing it will. If t-mobile has it I am pretty sure at&t will get it since it's the same sim card technology. But at&t really hasn't said anything about it yet. But yes, I am still waiting to upgrade to this, even if it comes out in march, I'm still waiting.

  • Dan

    It's now Janaury 21st and still no word from ATT USA as to when the 9780 will be released….the 9700 hasn't been avialble for over three months…what's up with ATT? Verizon is looking better and better, not only for reception but also innovation.

  • can you please update this article? it is January 13th of 2011 and still no 9780.

  • Dre

    AT&T still doesn't offer it…

  • Aj

    I love how it’s november 23rd and there’s nothing

  • jeff

    It's Nov 17th and nothing on AT&T site.

  • rscme

    I love how this article says "we can now confirm" that AT&T will release the Bold 9780 on November 17. Did you mean THIS YEAR??. Because there is nothing on AT&T's site about the 9780, it's not advertised and it's not in their catalog of available smartphones. Where did you get your information?

  • Albert

    When is it available from verizon?

    • Shawn


  • Sravan

    When it is expected to be released in India?

  • Mikie Greenstreet

    Does that mean on Vodafone in UK from November 17th?