Angry Birds Halloween Costumes For Adults and Children

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

Every Halloween we spend weeks, if not months choosing which costume we want to wear, some will buy or hire, while others rather take their time and make it themselves. We have seen a number of cool designs in the past, such as Transformers, Iron Man, and even an iPhone. However, none will be more popular than these range of Angry Birds costumes.

Now as far as I know, you cannot purchase these Angry Birds costumes anywhere, so visit TheClockBlog from some inspirational ideas. Who would have thought that birds being catapulted to take revenge on some pigs would ever prove a popular game?

Looking at the costumes they look to have been made with some time and effort, there is even a pig mask to add to the collection. There are no instructions on how to make it on the blog, but they look easy enough to make – if you artistic that is?

MobileCrunch explains that all the birds are there, the yellow and red, as well as the blue and the black exploding ones. For those of you who do not want to spend 60 hours plus making one of these costumes, then get into the spirit by downloading the new Angry Birds Halloween App for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, more details here.

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  • Daniel

    Hahaha that is just cool

    I want one and i'm 25 :S

  • jessica

    you can get the toys at – i just ordered to whole set.