2011 Ford Edge Sport: Laggy MyFord Touch Interface

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

Back in August we reported that the Ford Edge had received a small makeover, now the Blue Oval has another model from the line, the 2011 Ford Edge Sport. This version will also come with the MyFord Touch interface, which received a huge update back in July, but there have been reports that the interface is still laggy.

Matt Burns from CrunchGear has been spending some time with the new Edge Sport, and was shocked at how space age it all feels. Looking at the dash it reminds me of the Starship Enterprise – the one from the Star Trek reboot. You still have a traditional analog speedometer, but there are LCD screens on either side.

However, the business end of things is the main screen in the centre of the dash. The screen is 8-inches in size, so more than large enough to see what you are controlling. It seems a shame that Ford stuck with Microsoft for the interface and did not go with Apple, as there is at least a 2-second delay after you pressed the screen for the action to take place – this will become tiresome after a while.

Burns says that this is only a minor issue, and will not seem that bad once you get used to it – but with the kind of technology available, this should not be happening. Do you think that Ford should ask Apple to design their MyFord Touch interface?

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  • PGB

    After purchasing my 2011 Ford Edge, it went to the service dept before I ever left the dealer’s lot due to non functioning of the My Touch system. Within the first 6 weeks, it was back to the dealer 2 more times for My Touch troubles. During the last visit, the whole system “fried” (service dept’s description) & has to be replaced. It pretty much works now, but sometimes will not sync to my cell phone & the only way I know I have an incoming call is that the radio goes off (now phone ring). I got a call from the dealer today telling me I’d be getting some notice from Ford soon about bringing the car in for some In Touch update. I would never have an In Touch system again.

  • Michele H.

    I’ve had considerable difficulty with MyFord Touch and am negotiating compensation with Ford.  Has anyone else been compensated?  Is there a reasonable expectation for what should be offered?

  • jill

    Just rec'd a letter from Ford, stated that the MyFord Touch has a problem…!!! so they will be fixing it, however my dealer says because my 2011 Edge, with 4,400 miles is an older model, i will have to wait..and as of this week no radio at all….

    also, anyone having problems with the acceleration…slipping…?? they say it is normal..???

  • El Paso

    It is now March 18th, and Ford is still "working on the problem". I am another unhappy 2011 Edge SEL owner whose month old car has been with the dealer for over a week because the screen went black. My dealer is doing his best. Ford is the problem. There were five people trying to program my vehicle after replacing the bad unit and they were not having an easy time. I contacted Ford and my dealer has been pressuring Ford for assistance. They have been aware of the problem for months! This product should not have been put in cars without adequate testing.

  • Nic

    easy brian, a bit cocky aint we

  • Brian

    LOL – No, I am not a Ford Dealer! Look me up on The Ford Edge Forums, my nick is tenstepn. My Edge has performed flawlessly since the My Ford Touch update. I have almost 5,000 miles on it now, and couldn't be happier! Well…if they would put the twin turbo V6 out of the SHO in it, I would be happier!!!

    • ecb

      hopefully your right. I just got my 2011 EDGE LTD last night. I like the vehicle overall but a big selling point was the technology. If the MyFordTouch/Sync causes the issues I've read about then I'm screwed (my wife wanted me to get an RX 350, but I went with the EDGE because the ride and fit and finish was close to the Lexus and the technology blew it away)

  • Mark

    Hhhmmm…. i think "Brian" is a ford dealer…"great cuv", "the price for buy 1.0 version"… ¿WTF!!?…

  • Brian

    Good news folks! I am happy to report with the latest software update to the MFT/Sync my Edge is performing like it should! I am a very happy Edge owner and would without reservation recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a midsize CUV! These bugs are just the price you pay for buying version 1.0!!! Again, the coast is clear, the issue was resolved and this is a GREAT CUV! Resume buying!!

  • mike stearns

    I hate to say this , but im happy to see its not just me !! my dealer is saying im the only one hes had issue swith. I have been having the same problem s with my 2011 ford edge unlimited that you people have. Ive been a lexus rx owner for the last 3 vehicles and i thought i would like a change.(wanna tradeback) ive never had this much trouble with a new car!!what about the lemon law !

  • searay40

    i to wish i had known the blue tooth worked for about two days before it crashed we spent countless hours on the phone with ford the said our phone was the problem so we bought one that was on there list of course no change the step by step nav has never worked-in 7 weeks we have put more time into trying to get this sync system to work than we have using our new ford edge i cant begin to tell u how frustrated disappointed and upset we are i do beleve at this time there is no fix and our brand new edge has been sitting for days now in the service department at Herb Chambers ford we really dont blame ford for this its clearly a softwear problem that being said they have done nothing to help i have made several attempts to speak to a rep at ford they refuse to return my call its really to bad because other than the sync system its a wonderful vehicle and we have already developed such a bad feeling for the car – makes me miss our old X3 this car has already spent more time in the shop then the five years we owned the BMW go figure

    • searay40

      just want to give an update we picked up our edge from herb chambers ford after four days everything worked as it should for two days and once again it crashed i went back to chambers and spoke with the service manager he said that they downloaded the latest updates theres nothing else they can do at this time i was more than a little upset when he just had to say its not like the car doesnt run what do we have to do to get some help?

  • Beach1204

    Wish I had been warned a month ago before I bought a 2011 Edge – I LOVE my 2008 and expected great things with the new vehicle – until at 770 miles the Sync Services failed! Two hours at the dealer on Monday last week – two hours at ANOTHER dealer on Wed – both said there is a module on order. One dealer came through for me today and actually picked up the car at 9AM – just waiting for it to be returned, We are leaving for FL (from NY) for 4 months and WERE excited about having a new car…now I am just nervous about more problems on the road …

  • Richard

    Excellent CUV, but the MFT is a disaster…less than one month old and it's been in the dealer service department for 2 weeks now…sitting there, waiting for a fix. Do not buy this CUV until the MFT issues have been resolved! You have been warned!!!

  • Lisa

    The computer crashed on my Ford Edge 2011 when I took it in to reflash the software so Sync Services would dial the correct number. Please report any issues to Ford. I was told they are aware of the problem and are working on a software fix but no release date. I had the car approximately 10 days… I am not a happy customer.

  • Mark

    I have the Ford Edge Sport 2011 and the MY TOUCH is a disaster. It no longer can hold a blue tooth sync with my Blackberry 9780. I have had to remove and replace the Fuse in the fusebox 3 times as that usually fixes the problem and that is no longer working. The sensitivity of the screen when it was on is horrible.
    This is a classic example of a product going to market well before it was ready.
    Why in my old Lexus did i not have any of these problems and it had EVERY feature that Ford is promoting as revolutionary?
    I have no way of using the Blue Tooth when i am driving and am now using my built in speaker phone. SO DISAPPOINTING!

  • Ray2011FordEdgeOwner

    Continued from above….. I called the Ford Sync Services hotline again…. They assured me that the Ford Sync Engineers are working on these problems and that the MyFord Touch Sync Services start date will be delayed until a complete solution is found to these problems for 2011 Ford Edge owners w/MyFordTouch systems. I believe that the profesionals at Ford will resolve these issues soon. Cross your fingers! (FYI: On the Ford Sync Community I am Ray4Ward).

  • Ray2011FordEdgeOwner

    Continued from above….The bluetooth issue is contributing to Sync not working along with another problem that is added insult to sync injury. I called Sync Services to advise them that my Sync Services were not working. They advised me to check which ph# Sync was dialing. They said it should be dialing this number not that number (Gave me 2 Phone # to look for). I checked the #'s Sync Services provided…..it was neither #'s Sync Services provided but a "3rd" # showed on my cell phone. I called Sync Services back. They stated that I need to take my Edge into the dealer to re-program the correct ph#. The dealership knew nothing about this because there has been no Technical Bulletin. The Sync operator advised me that "Well you gotta consider that this is a different system". Both of these issues effect MyFord Touch Sync Services.
    To be continued……

  • Ray2011FordEdgeOwner

    Just an update to my previous posted comment above; 2011 Ford Edge Limited. The software is not allowing bluetooth media streaming (But strangely it does allow phone calls via bluetooth). As a temporary fix I am using a Motorola T505 bluetooth with my Sony Ericsson X10. The T505 works just fine going through the FM frequencies with media streaming and to make phone calls. Although because I am using this device there is no voice recogntion capability. For me this is only a temporary fix for my media streaming until Ford comes up with a real fix. And hopefully soon! To be continued…

  • Glenn R

    I just purchased a 2011 Lincoln MKX for my wife. The vehicle is excellent except of the MY touch. Not so sure it is a software problem as much as some type of over heating problem. the system works fine for 50min-1 hour, then it just goes berserk and constantly reboots. We are actually taping a black piece of paper over the monitor until Ford can resolve this. I have spoken to the dealer about this and they were sending my findings to Ford…..I am not a happy camper after spending 50,000 dollars on this thing!

    • Glenn Rebechini

      Follow up on the above– after threatening to return the vehicle…Ford got involved and quite honestly they were great…they refunded my first months payment, reflashed the system and also updated the BLIS system as well.
      Glad to report since the fix the system has functioned perfectly and we has not had any further issues.

  • Angie

    I have had my Edge for 12 days and today the system stopped working….I hope the dealership is open tomorrow so that I can take it in. Does anyone know how long it takes to get fixed?

  • Arely

    OMG my edge's system crashed as well. It is absolutely ridiculous. There are so many features I was excited about when I purchased the vehicle and I CANNOT enjoy them at all.

  • loga ross

    I too am a frustrated owner. Please see my comments at: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/607

  • TabathaRae

    My 2011 Ford Edge has been at the dealer for over 2 weeks now; within 10 days of me taking it home the MyTouch crashed. I have had the car for one month and most of that time it has been at the dealer. The dealership has no idea how to to fix it and my customer case manager (at Ford) actually acted as if he was doing me a favor my giving me a loaner car. Ford is also telling me that this is not a wide range problem buit all of the blogs I have read prove different. I am extremely disappointed with how Ford has been handling this.

    • Ray2011FordEdgeOwner

      I was so impressed I traded in my 2008 Edge for the 2011 Ford Edge Limited. My 2008 Ford Edge worked flawlessly with my current android phone the Sony Ericcson X10. So, I expected even greater things from my new Ford Edge Limited w/ MyFordTouch. Not! There is a definite problem with the bluetooth media streaming on the MyFord Touch side. The phone and does connect for phone calls (only), but NOT for MEDIA STREAMING such as PANDORA , media music files etc via bluetooth. My vehicle has been in the shop for 5 days now. Without the media stream you are unable to enjoy also the 3 years of Sync Services that Ford provides to new owners. I have not been able to use this as of yet and it has been more than 2 weeks since I bought the car. See syncmyride.com community site for more on this issue. The engineers at Ford, Microsoft and Sony will have to coordinate and go back to find the missing link with their bluetooth connections. There should be no problems with this Sony product streaming from my Sony Ericsson X10 product when it worked absolutely perfectly in my 2008 Ford Edge. FORD should fix the problem & compensate services for those 2011 owners that must wait for a fix.

      • bpb

        My SYNC failed after a week or so and is still awaiting some sort of software bug fix. I think Ford made a disastrous decision going with Microsoft. The delay touch screen issue is definitely there and one should not have to get used to it. Plus — in classic Micorsoft fashion — you have to keep rebooting the thing. It'd be a miracle of the fixes (which many of us 2011 Edge owners are waiting for) will solve these problems.

  • Tony Rego

    Outside of the fact that the My Touch has crashed three times now in a 2 month ownership period it is great when it works. Most frustrating is that Ford is aware of the problem (this is wide scale) and has no remedy for the problem. Get it work and it is awesom. At this point I am extremely frustrated and upset with the product, Ford, and this only further drives me to dislike Microsoft since I have to beleive this is a software and OS problem.

    When the My Touch system crashes you lose all radio, HVAC, navigation and phone capabilities as well as heated seat functions. The reason for buying the car is rendered moot when the screen is dark, and dead. This is a disaster in my eyes.

  • omaguire

    I recently took delivery of a 2011 Lincoln MKX With MyTouch and full Navigation.. The MyTouch product has been released before they have solved a number of problems that a large number of owners are experiencing. Refer to MySync Forum, Blue Oval Forum. The delay in loading various apps is minor. Problems with pairing smart phones with Sync – MyTouch; Navigation screen erroniously showing vehicle off course, Dealers not knowing how to deal with MyTouch problems and Ford not responding to customer reported problems is well above the norm that should be expected with a new product. When the system works properly it is exceptional .I previously owned a 2008 Ford Edge and used voice commands for phone and navigation and limited use for audio features.. With 10,000 voice commands now in place I am controling climate in the vehicle and slowly adapting to using voice for most things rather taking eyes off the road. If Ford does not jump on the problems quickly and respond to owners they are going to turn what should be a triumph into a disaster.

    • Jeff B.

      I couldn't agree more… I just bought a 2011 Ford Edge with MyTouch and it hasn't worked correctly since I purchased it 4 weeks ago. Turn by turn navigation is always off and half the time I try to make a call with my Droid phone it doesn't communicte properly wiht the bluetooth system in my Edge. I'm getting extremely frustrated driving my new edge.

      PS>My Chevy Tahoe's OnStar system works perfectly….

  • Eric Davis

    what does apple even do in this space? I can tell you that my iMac is much slower than my windows 7 pc which is upsetting considering my iMac was about 500 bucks more expensive.

  • Joe Davis

    Ford made the right decision in going with Microsoft. The software is part of a broader strategy that will "plug" into the eco-system which Apple can't touch. Excellent job Microsoft.