White iPhone 4 Problems: Has Apple Been Defeated?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 27, 2010

With the news that Apple has delayed the release of the White iPhone 4 yet again, we have to wonder if they have been Defeated? Alan Ng reported earlier that the white version of the fourth-generation iPhone would not be released until spring 2011.

This is wrong for so many reasons; the first is that Steve Jobs promised us the white model before Christmas, and why would we want to get this version of the handset when it will only be a couple of months before the iPhone 5 gets released?

Spring begins in March, that means that you will only have four months to wait until the iPhone 5 – I think that Apple has shot themselves in the foot with this one. If they have not sorted out the issues with the White iPhone 4 by now, then chances are they will just give in.

There have been a number of reasons for the delay, but maybe the discoloration problem from the 3Gs has reared its ugly head again? If this is the case, how come Samsung and Motorola do not have the same issue?

If Apple releases the White iPhone in March – would you still buy it?

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  • Jr

    OMG!!! It’s just a phone people!!! Smdh

  • Call me paranoid but I have a feeling its a Antenna related delay