Virgin Media 100Mb Broadband Pre-register: Check Your Eligibility

By Peter Chubb - Oct 27, 2010

The UK is one country that is lacking with its broadband speeds, with just one company currently offering a fiber optic service. Virgin Media has taken the lead when it comes to broadband speeds – with BT trying to play catch-up. BT has now started to roll-out their new super-fast broadband service, but Virgin has beaten them once again by starting pre-registrations of their new 100MB broadband.

The average speed in the UK is currently 5.2MB, thats almost 20 faster – although there are those who struggle to achieve 1MB. According to Pocket-lint, upload speeds will also be increased to 10MB, that also 20 times faster as well.

Virgin has also been at the forefront of broadband in the UK – although under a different name – so it was inevitable that they were the ones to offer this much faster service.

Some areas will be upgraded to the 100MB broadband speeds in December; you can check your eligibility here. Virgin Media expects the service to be available in all parts of the UK in 2010 – the ball is now in BT’s court.

Will you consider swapping to Virgin Media if available in your area?

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