Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Review – Disappointment to Franchise

By Peter Chubb - Oct 27, 2010

There is no denying how exciting Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is, but when we take away all the glitz and glamour – how good is the game? That question is certain to be one that many fans would like answered before they go and purchase a copy, so IGN has spent some time with the Xbox 360 version and now have a review ready.

Like so many fans, IGN has been looking forward to the game for some time, but from the start they point out that the story lacks depth and will only appeal to hardcore fans – some could say that this is a disappointment to the franchise.

The Force Unleashed 2 is like its predecessor, but powers have been enhanced, so much so that you will now be able to cut your enemies in half – what is with most games wanting an element of gore in them nowadays?

IGN has a sad conclusion to the review, one that is likely to upset most fans of the Star Wars franchise. They conclude that not only is the story a bit lackluster, but also the fact that combat has now lost some of its pace.

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  • BleepBlooperBlop

    Does anyone know if they’ll ever give us skins like the real Vader instead of that Sith Stalker look alike crap and the Battle Damage Vader? They need to make The Sith Stalker skins more amped up with the lightsabers, including The “Ultimate Sith Saber” in the 360 and PS3 versions you got like 6-8 more lightsabers on the belts and in the PS2 version you get one of everyone’s lightsaber. The “Ultimate Sith Saber” Starkiller’s original, Vader’s, Maris’, those two non-canon Sith in the PS2 version, Shaak-Ti’s, Kazdan’s, the Emperor’s. Kota’s, Maul’s and I think there’s one more, but can’t remember? They need to bas the next one of of the Evil ending from TFU1 including the two evil ending dlc’s cuz then we’d be Vader’s replacement and Luke would be our secret apprentice and with Starkiller being the master him and Luke would truely be able to kill Sidious and Starkiller would still be able to kill Luke. Back to the lightsaber thing, like when you force grab an enemie you throw your first two dual-weilded lightsabers into them then just keep pressing the impale button and soon enough you have all your lightsabers in the enemie instead of always on the belts just for show. Also when you change your outfit, they should do that in the cutscenes no matter who the character is. If you’re not gonna change it in the cutscenes why give us the option to change it in gameplay and when you change to a character that holds a lightsaber like how it should be held have them hold it like that instead that back hand crap. They definitly need to make the MaulKiller skin and Silver Crystals a dlc for christ sakes! They should also make a whole new game showing what it would’ve been like if Anakin never truely became Vader with that armor and stuff like in the episode three game where he actually made it over Obi-Wan and stabbed him in the back and killed Palpatine saying that the galaxy only belonged to him and noone else, they just need to expand off of that cuz that’s definitly how it should’ve been. Then they bridge that into the force unleashed Anakin finds an apprentice of a currently unknown name and Starkiller comes along kills him, but Anakin turns him to the darkside like without any question cuz that’s how powerful he is now from not being held back by the emperor or that suit and then he also turns Luke to the darkside later, but Starkiller and Luke never see eachother until they are both out on a mission, after both they’re missions their ships passed and almost crash into eachother causing a crash of both of them over the nearest planet Anakin set it up to see which one would win neither one did and then both sensed Anakin’s deception going back to the Death Star to face him Anakin swiftly defeats both of them and he proposed that they will continue to serve him for many more years as all three of them grow stronger and rule the galaxy together for awhile, but while doing this and all Anakin never was able to attain from the force what he wanted should it be too late to save Padme (which since C-3PO and R2-D2 were there she was still saved long enough to have the kids obviously since Luke his here) which is “immortality” too busy ruling the universe controlling and training two apprentices robbed him of his chance to find it. So again he proposed that they would serve him for many more years and that they would grow stronger and rule the galaxy for awhile, when Anakin would be much older abd “seemingly weaker” (not by much though hehe) Starkiller and Luke would have one last battle to the death (all of their “training sessions” together were actually battles to the death, but always ending in a draw) and whoever finally won, would fight Anakin for their rightful place as ruler of the galaxy and the self-proclaimed title as the strongest and most powerful sith lord to ever be in existence, but knowing of Anakin’s deceitful ways both Starkiller and look just put on a show for Anakin and then when they felt the time right attacks and kills Anakin, because they wanted to settle their rivalry on their own terms. Now that they could they waited awhile to find and go to a planet that had surroundings that would make for the most intense battle. Starkiller being the obvious winner, but not before suffering heavy damage. He lost his right arm same as his predeccessor and also half way up the shin on his left leg he was doing a back flip off of Luke’s chest trying to dodge Luke’s attack. Luke was oushed back, but not before cutting off half of Starkiller’s leg apparently, Starkiller straightend his arm so he would be able to force push his lightsaber straight through the middle of Luke’s head which he was successful in doing. Although when Luke dropped his lightsaber as he fell it fell forward and had stayed lit up long enough to cut Starkiller’s arm off from straight in the middle of his bicep. Luckily his communicator was on his right arm, so since he was able to use his left arm he force grabbed his right arm and brought it to him. Using his still attached left arm he used it to call a CLONE Trooper ship that had a med-bay. All the CLONES (I capitalize the “CLONES” because I really hate the Stormtroopers) had also known about the wager the three Sith Lords had and that they were to follow every single command of the victor which they did as they always had. Aboard the ship, Starkiller (going by his true Sith name Darth Sacrilage) was fitted with a mechanical right arm and left leg with the lightsabers of all the Sith and Jedi he had Killed throughout his life and the lightsabers of the Jedi that he had lost to the war when he was still a Jedi all those years ago. That’s how it should’ve been.

  • True Star wars fan.

    This game is truly a dissapointment. I LOVED part 1 it was amazing , and the fact that is was canon and that the storyline was so amazingly good, made it just better. I think it was 2 years I waited for part 2. I bought it with very high expectations, on purposely didnt read a review because I wanted to find everything out myself. And then I started playing and playing and.. I was done. Like 3 hours. And at first I didnt want to admit the game was sucky, but it really is.
    1. Starkiller is too amazing. He is too overpowered and all.
    2. The levels are boring. So are the enemies.
    3. The story is soo bad!! How is this canon? it isnt?
    3.5 The end is bad! Vader cannot be captured, wtf? And the dark side ending is just too stupid.
    4. The outfits are very boring (I liked how you can wear the 2 outfits you get at the end of part 1)
    5. And also its gay and lame that Yoda is just a cutscene.
    I am a real star wars fan and I am very dissapointed. The Light side ending  (which is supposed to be canon) clearly tells that there will be a follow up. I just know that Lucasarts cant make up for this anymore.
    So I am just gonna play part 1 every now and then, and enjoy that.

  • none

    Rented it for 5 days and I give it back at next day.Its too damn short.Even for a rent I felt ripped.

  • Dissapointed Fan

    Just finished this game tonight. It's decent but I recommend downloading the cracked version like I did.

    I'd be really mad if I had paid money for this game. It's way too short, even shorter than the first one. The storyline is horrible and feels more like bad fan fiction then epic star wars storytelling. The combat is fun at first but gets very repetetive as there's only a few enemies that you fight over and over with basic rock paper scissors strategy on how to beat them.

    I'd give it like a 4 out of 5 as a free game.

    More like a 2 or 3 if you buy it.

    I'm not one to pirate lucasarts as im a hardcore star wars fan but I had a hunch on this one and it paid off. Trust me.

  • alex


  • Texandevildog

    – Beautiful graphics, the parts where you're falling down massive distances as a part of the level is really cool.
    – Big chained creature boss


    – It's fairly redundant the entire way through. Same enemies. With one or two exceptions, unimaginative boss fights
    – Vader is a joke. Shorter, more intense and challenging sort of fight would have gone a long way. Right now it's fairly easy and too drawn out.
    – Odd camera angles from time to time hamper character control
    – Very short game on normal difficulty, 2-3 hours tops.
    – Sometimes during the challenges, the timer obscures the "hey push this button to finish your kill combo on the big enemy guy" prompt.

    Additional Notes:

    – Overall very simple, predictable plot. It's more an action-based game than a story-based one. It's for that reason alone why this is not under "con's."
    – Would have liked to see more opportunities to choose light vs dark.


    While providing much better graphics and trimming the fat on specials (like some other commentators/reviewers had mentioned), the sequel falls too short on other aspects to make it a game I'd recommend to a friend. In fact, I'd discourage purchasing the game until it's 1/2 price in the bargain bin or on sale via Steam for PC users.

    Bottom Line: 3/10 Stars. I should have invested the 40-something dollars I spent into something equally entertaining, the lottery or fried okra (sarcasm implied).

  • Jasper

    I couldnt believe it was over. It was the shortest game I ever played. I beat it in two sittings. This one truely lacked a good story.

  • Clone 7

    According to Julio torres there is till a possibility for TFU III, High sales of TFU II will only increase the chance.

  • jonny679

    seriously this game cant end with Darth Vader on trial for war crimes…..can it

  • Gilan

    This is why I think they should just start remaking old games. Who wants to see all the Jedi Knight games remade with all the gameplay improvements from Jedi Academy, the story from the first, the more stylistic animations from the second, with next-gen graphics, AI, and physics? (Actually, they don't need to remake Academy if the other two have all the same stuff, nobody wants to go through that crappy story and voice acting again.)

    Or, you know, they could actually start listening to the consumer instead of milking the crap out of a sub-par franchise. You know, maybe start focusing more on the game and the player, instead of hyping the crap out of it and hope we forget our disappointment when the sequel comes out.

  • Phil

    Disappointing is the correct word in describing the release. Like any other starwars nut who has ever tried to move inanimate objects with a hand wave, I became immersed in the story line of the first installment. The only drawback of the first one was the horrendous camera angles that made me force myself to feel like a drunk jedi with vertigo just to further along the engaging story line.

    When I heard that they fixed the camera problems, and played the demo, I rushed out to buy tfu2 the day it came out expecting a force orgasm. Instead, I got a lazy ass force jack off that didn’t even finish the job. This game literally gave me blue balls.

    I feel like I should apologize for ever insulting the bad camera on tfu1, because now I want the bad camera angles back if it meant that I could feel like some bad ass sith assasin again, wreaking havok on corney ass cliche jedi. In fact, the entire story of tfu2 is cornier and more cliche than the purposely lame jedi dialog in tfu1.

    There better be some astonishing FREE dlc for this game before I ever buy a lucas arts game again without renting it first.

  • SirCross

    People support these game franchises and expect to get at least some of what they pay for. Now I understand you cant make everyone happy, however I haven't heard not one person say that they are totally happy with this game. Are you telling me that after TWO YEARS all they could come up with are 8 levels, Seriously?!! How after 5hrs and Fighting Darth Vader is the game over?!!! I think the company should send a $30 check to everyone who bought this game because that's all it was worth. Not the $64.00 I paid.
    If they make a third one I'm renting it and never buying it on General Principal.
    If its anything like the second I can rent it when the store opens beat the entire game and return it before the store closes with time to spare and only spend $5 bucks!!

  • SirCross

    WTF!!! Lucas Arts the writers and creators of the game should hang their heads in shame!! The first Starwars The Force Unleashed was such a great story and had such an awsome plot that is could have been a real Motion picture. They finally gave everyone what they had been waiting for. Personally I liked it better than some of the movies.
    After purchasing The Force Unleashed 2 I feel like I was robbed total rip off and a big let down. I shoud l have walked into the retailer with my hands up!!

  • JSD144

    Very short game. Vader fight way too long. Huge Star Wars fan. Pretty disappointed presently. Hoping for LOTS of free dlc to make the $80 price for extended version worth the $$. I too am feeling cheated by Lucas & what little art he really gave us here. JSD144

  • vaderfan96

    im not gonna lie the game had its ups and downs, im a hard core fan of star wars aand i love the games that were brought out. But personally i found the endings dissapointing if ur reading this and want to buy the game plz the next thing i write will contain spoilers…
    the good ending had a weird feel because she magically came back to life at the end and in the dark ending vader had to say he lied wats up with that hes hardly gonna tell him the truth and hes a villan we expect him to lie thats like calling the fans retards like we couldnt work that out ourself but in all honest i enjoyed the combat in this game better than the 1st one the 2nd lightsabre in my own opinion was a nice touch

  • Jim

    This game is a bloody disgrace. $110 it costs in Australia and i finished it in 3 hours. There are 4 levels and two of them are the same, the first and last levels are the same location. The story line is absolute crap, the gameplay feels like you are in a movie and you just press some buttons here and there to further the stupid story line and half of the game is spent watching cut scenes. Unbelievable, I have never felt so ripped off, when the credits stated rolling i was thinking it was a joke, the game ends before it even starts. The Lucas arts team are completely useless. I guess you can't expect much seeing that the most recent movies were a big pile of crap. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed wasting my moeny on this pile of crap, 1 out of 10 and that's a generous score seeing that it is a demo, not a full game

  • Axis

    They fired TFU team and put the kabosh on TFU3, which was under developement at the time so this game is most likely the end of it… and it shows. They have great gameplay mechanics wrapped in a bland to boring storyline. It had it's moments and the overall arc of it was pretty cool… is he a clone or isn't he… but it felt incomplete. Whether that was by design or circumstance due to the chopping of heads at Lucasarts, who knows? I expect there would have been more fleshed out content and gameplay if the team was still around. It's a shame because this game had the potential to be huge. Now it's only going to be a huge disappointment as a game, and as a footnote in the travesty that is Lucasarts.

  • elee_5150

    Free dlc anyone? I think it should be demanded because of the length. The story was ok, the graphics great, short story line sucks. And please throw the damn force choke in there, it was in the ps2 version of TFU. I Want All The Powers of a jedi/sith.

  • kyle

    I beat the game in 4 hours. After spending $70 for the preorder, it was a waste for money. The story made no since at all. I am going to be trying to get a full refund on this piece of crap they call a game. The new fall out is 300xs better been on that one for a week and still don’t think I’m close to done. Never remember seeing flame throwing robots or so many guys immune to force powers in any for the movies. I will not be getting a 3rd one if it comes out. Not even renting it. Lets us hope BIOWARE can do better with The Old Republic.

    • Vincent Blow

      I spent 65 dollars on the preorder and after beating it, I called gamestop two days later and they told me that they would give me only 23 dollars for it, I was like WTF two days later and only 23 bucks. I already put it up online for 40. Since I didn't use the Maul skin code, I am going to try to use that as a bargaining chip. Do you think I should stay with 40 dollars or should I push for 50. I recommend you selling this online like ebay or amazon because if you bought it at gamestop, they will rip you off BIG TIME.

  • brenn

    Game was really short it disappointed me greatly bosses weren’t great I like where it was going until after baron, why not make up new jedi/sith bosses to kill off like in the first one maybe give starkiller a bunch of different types of lightsaber style not just crystals

  • Fatty1775

    SWTFU was way better all together, SWTFU 2 is a renter, story sucks, they shouldn’t have had a sequel

  • Thad

    The dirty bums didn't release it on the PSP. I loved the origional on that system and, don't own any other system. What's the deal?

  • mdg

    I was satisfied. Those complaining about the length… what else is new? ALL games are that short in case you didn't realize it yet. Especially now they are all ~ 6 hours single player. My experience from the first one taught me I'll randomly play this game again whenever I feel the need to calm my Star Wars thirst and cut up some troopers too so it'll be worth the money. All features of the first I feel have been improved on as well.

    • Vincent

      I disagree. I have yet to play a PS3 game that I can beat in less than 6 hours the first time. On top of that most games with a really short campaign HAVE A MULTIPLAYER THAT WILL LAST FOR MONTHS. Heck even the UFC 2010 campaign took me 20 plus hours to beat and the purpose of the campaign was to create your fighter to play online. It took 5 hours for me to beat this game and there is nothing left to do on this game. It was not worth 60 dollars, I already put it for sale on ebay.

  • Gojira720

    I feel like some of the other comments ripped off $80 for a game with a short story that didn’t feel complete. For all those waiting for TFU3 or some DLC material have fun paying for something that should have been TFU2. Oh yeah did I forget to mention I feel ripped off !!!!!! I want my money back you bastards!!!!!!!

  • CharminDoubleRoll

    I feel cheated and once again Lucasarts took advantage of fanboy-dom. Despite being the second game of the series and adding a second lightsaber, the gameplay seemed simpler and not in a good way. It's fun factor for the hack/slash and destroy is mediocre at best. It's so short that you don't have time to max everything out. I was looking forward to new enemies, rather than the standard 3 enemy types with different skins that we saw in the first. Graphics were great, but they should have done so much more with this. Pissed

  • Dominique

    I was thinking about buying this game because i thought maybe it would be better than the first SWTFU game. But reading the comments you all made about the game makes me wanna say this game SUCKS!!!!! Im not about to spend my money on a game for the graphics!! I would love to have a challenge in the game and more scrappin. The game last under 8hours of gameplay?? WTF!!!! are you serious…… I think i will pass on this one!!! Sorry to all my starwars peeps but this sounds like a big disappointment for the starwars saga!!!!!

  • starkiller64

    i was so upset with this game the hype had me going i got home and put it in and 4hrs later im back on the cloning home world was a massive let down hope they make a whole new story 4 the dark starkiller like the dark side in the 1st game 🙁

  • Im a huge starwars fan. I was disappointed with the length of the game. The dual lightsabers and the ability to really tear up the enemies was a plus for me but the lack of challenge and bosses was a major let down. If you reserved the game at gamestop and got the code for the maulkiller silver sabers it made it way too easy to kill your opponents. And I want to know why Vader was so easy to beat in this one. I recall dying twice fighting him in the first one. If they do make a third one I will still get it on the day it comes out but keep the receipt

  • Josh

    I both enjoyed, and was disappointed with the game. I loved the story, and the powers, aswell as the simplified menu for powers, costumes and lightsaber crystals. But was disappointed with the difficulty and combat of the game. The difficulty was not anywhere near the first game. I enjoy a game that gives me a challenge. Even the final battle with Vader was almost a joke. He was nothing like he was in the first game, even on normal difficulty. I enjoyed the many different boss battles with the different jedi on the first game, even though he wasnt hunting jedi in this one, i still think they could have come up with some more boss battles. Unfortunately i read the book before playing the game and they really could have expanded the game more like the book did. Like in the caves of degobah. they could have put some sort of fighting in there instead of an entire cutscence. But overall i did enjoy they game and am looking forward to the third one. Hopefully they increase the difficulty and intense battles like the first one had.

  • Gazza

    Great game but I was wondering why I was fighting Darth Vader so early in the piece when there was soooo much still unsolved. Then the game ended??? WTF ? Very disapointed with the length! Id rather more depth and skill in saber combat too rather than button mashing, which is why I always go back to Jedi Academy!

  • Ryan

    After waiting all this time for the release. I get home, begin to play it and quickly realize it has a very weak and cheesy love lost storyline. Then it ends quickly in under 8 hours. Big disappointment. If there is a third game, I will not make the same mistake again and preorder and stand in line at midnight like I did for this one.

  • Zach

    I think this game is a 50-50 in most aspects. It succeeded where the first game failed, but at the sametime failed where the first game succeeded. STFU gave us a great new story, awesome combat, and 10 to 14 hrs. of gameplay (depending on the person). But it lacked refinement, had some useless powers (lightning shield anyone?), and got repetitive quickly. STFU2's story is not as well executed as the first, the game is shorter, and the lightsaber combos seem drastically reduced. But the graphics are amazing, mind trick is fun and funny, the pacing is a bit better, and there's a bit of puzzle-solving. It's a good game, and I love my usb Starkiller but I do feel kinda ripped off over the game length. I think Lucas Arts focused on refining graphics and gameplay (adding more cinematic elements) instead of taking us all over the galaxy with a bunch of boring lightsaber swinging. STFU was awesome, STFU is also awesome. Both have their pros and cons, but if they do make a 3rd STFU I hope it wraps up the story completely and has the length to do so.

    • zak

      1 problem, while it may take some 10-14 hours it took me 4 hours on normal and 5 hours on hard. Not a bad game but the pricetag is far too large for the lack of content.

  • Brian

    Ive read that the third was actually canceled by the new lucas arts president paul meegan a few months ago right after he took office. Supposedly for budget cuts and whatnot, he axed the entire force unleashed crew. Meaning that this saga may never actually be finished which I find extremely disappointing, no matter how poor the sequel did. Its like the matrix trilogy. Yeah the 2nd one sucked, but I still needed to see the conclusion so I forced myself back into theaters for the 3rd and hoped for the best. I need them to finish this for all the die hard fans

    • Joe Cullen

      What are you talking about? The second Matrix movie (reloaded) was the best one out of the whole trilogy.

  • Mitch

    The game is great. My favorite is still Jedi knight, but the adrenaline of pure power ripping through waves of enemies is awesome. It’s like a drug I want more power. Enough to rip a plant in half and clap it together like a hammer smashing an ass cheek full of nitro glycerin. You want more for 20 bucks? Go buy Jedi knight : outcast. But I’ll play this outcast and kotor till the cows come home. Fuck skywalker.

  • ResistiveFarCry

    I was very dissapointed in this game. It needed more levels. He wasn't much of a hero, he was like Dom off of Gears Of War, always crying for Maria, or in this case crying for Juno. In this one it needed more locations more characters and different enemies to fight. If there is another Force Unleashed game I will rent it.

  • djslanty

    as a huge fan of star'wars, I only have two problems with this game

    and thats the DTS audio, for my speakers are dolby and THX certified, so where's the 5.1?
    this causes issues because of the random cuts in voices during cut'scenes. Secondly , why was the battle with darth vader so friggin loooong, it wasn't hard…but just very long!

  • Robert

    I huge disappointment. While game play is fun it is way too short. I beat the game in under 8 hours there is noway you should be able to make it through a game like this in that short amount of time. The powers while cool made combat too easy never once did I die from combat only when I missed a jump or fell off something. The first one was much better in all aspects. Longer game play higher diffculty and a better story. Having said all this I do hope that they make a third and that it is no where near the disappointment that the second one was. Still fun to run around and experiment with the powers and different combos you can use in combat but other then the graphics its about the only thing it has going for it.

  • Micah

    Brett, are you serious with the gap filling? The first Force Unleashed filled all the gap it needed to. TFU 2 is short, extremely choppy and not what I expected as a sequel to an amazing first game. This is just Lucas Arts making us buy number 3…rediculous. This game was probably only a third the length of the first. It's been awhile since I played, but don't we fight Vader 3 times in the first? When I met him I thought at worst I was halfway through only to find it was the end. Soooo dissapointing.

    • FroJSimpson

      You only fight Darth Vader in the final level once, with an optional second battle if you choose the Dark Side ending.

      Speaking of endings, the fact that the good/bad ending literally amounted to a different button and a different cutscene at the end of the fight with Vader is a major cop out, and just one of the things that left a foul taste in my mouth once I realized it was over.
      *end spoilers*

      And unless there seems to be an incredible demand for a sequel, the new head of LucasArts, Paul Meegan, was rumored to have canceled The Force Unleashed III along with the confirmed company layoffs.

      The lure of early success and the promise of an easy cash-grab has sent this franchise and possibly the entire company to the Dark Side…

  • Immaculate_1

    ok i like star wars but the story was ok it could use alot of work i mean come on you only go to kamino cato nemoidia and daygobah wtf i paid 80 for ce and i was excited and then i beat the game in 6 hours i was hoping to be entertained for 10 to 15 story and maybe 2 to 3 challenge..hope there is some more kick ass dlc for it if not im out 80 bucks

    • Matt

      I totally agree with you dude. I bought the CE to and i ended the game so fast i was like wtf just happened did i really just end it. Im a die hard star wars fan and i was disappointed in this game. The story really was lacking and depth to it. The first games story was epic and fit in nicely with canon and meant something but this game just seems like it just there to grab cash. I dont know if it was all the firing and resining the effected the story but im so disappointed.

  • Nekhrun

    The first one was great, this one was boring and nowhere near as fun to play. Waste of money and time. Huge disappointment.

  • thursten

    This game made me feel like i had a great night of love with some girl and in the morning she was gone and all she left me with was the herp ad this comment. im a fan but 3 better kick ass…

    • Pat

      Love the comment

  • kakask

    I don't care what anybody says, this game is fun to play and it's the best Star Wars game ever made.

    • Wolf

      You have obviously never played the Jedi Knight Series.

  • DarthSion

    For the record, light sabers are actually meant to cut people in half not just to hit people with blunt force like in the first game although the first game was amazing. I'm sorry but the fact that you can finally cut someones arms off and see the burn marks is freaking awsome.

  • Darth Random

    to be honest i really enjoyed playing the game but i found that the storyline was severly lacking they could have done a lot more on the other clones and i also they could have added some more bosses and worlds the ones that we did fight were good but too few
    and also the light ending didn't keep into the storyline like the first one did so all in all good game dissapointing story good could be better

  • brett

    I beat Halo1,2,3, ODST, and Reach all within a day.

    Those terrible too? No.
    TFU 2 Brings something new to the table. It brings a very intricate approach to the gap between 3 and 4. And the characters associated with the trilogy. I want to say TFU 2 is random. It has alot of puzzle pieces that need to click together, but thats even more reason for the third game to come out. They developed and got the ball rolling on a good story right now, i wouldnt mind seeing it through.

    • asdfa

      That is not a fair conclusion as it would be better to have a short campaign if you had multipalyer, but TFU2 has none.

    • Demy

      Dear Brad, the story is showing as a mix of Episode 2 and some cloned man Scenario as Total Recall, same memory flashes as there. For something hyped that bad i expect more then to travel to 3 planets while the last planet equals the first… and what the hell does vader do on Kamino in the first place… wouldn't it be far more logically to take Juno to Coruscant? 😛

      Seriously… i expected a lot more they could have given him a real face but they decided to just turn it into a travesty of it's predecessor

      • Blayne

        im guessing Vader didn't take Juno to Coruscant because on Kamino, the Emperor is less likely to discover Starkiller there

  • elee_5150

    Good time for lucas arts to give some downloadable content to extent the length of the game. Give me a couple in game levels that add more to the plot or a couple after the end levels to tell more of the story. The evil clone could be a part of them even if it follows the lightside ending. For all the hype on this game i,m sure a lot of starwars fan would like a bit more for their money..

    • getitdone

      you cant have the evil clone in the lightside ending. this is because if you chose the dark side that means the cloning process works for vader meaning he could clone as many starkillers as possible. but if you chose the lightside this means that vader connot control the starkillers therefore making no evil clone

  • brandon

    I beat this game on hard in 5-6hours. its terrible

    • Vince

      Thank you! That is the review I was looking for to spend 5 dollars on the rent instead of 60 on the game! I usually beat them rather fast on hard too. I am ready for another big game, these one night rental bearable games aren’t worth the money!

    • JD1

      me too. it sucks i want my 59.99 back.

    • Joe Cullen

      Why don't you make a game then. Are you Bill Gates or something?

  • dodge

    What I want is psmove lightsabre, that would be amazing

  • Billy Bob

    You are a fool, and your review has no depth…

  • elee_5150

    better be some kick ass dlc for this game or i'll feel cheated for paying 80 for the collectors edition

    • nik

      I know what you mean I paid the same just to get knocked down by the short story but over all its still awsome I give it an 8

      • dude man

        so, can you please tell me what are the advantages of having the collector's addition rather then having the regular addition?

  • Shannon

    I disagree with the review, seeing as that I am a hardcore Star Wars fan. The story left suspence and wonder as to what could happen next. The creators focused mostly on the graphics and not the story. Gameplay is still fun even if it gets repetitive. I will honestly say that the game is not worth $60. An easy $30-$40 should be its range for being new. I am willing to spend as much money as I can to let the company profit to make a new Force Unleashed, one that explains all. It did seem like the first one and yet I still liked it, I actually expected it to become similar. Reviews are reviews. Let the person decide whether it will be a good game or not. I give it a 4.5/5. Graphics were awesome even on a regualr TV. Story left suspence. Music is beautiful to listen to. There needs to be more moves. And the best voice acting I have ever seen. This game makes me laugh and enjoy Star Wars even more with thinking at what one person can do with the Force.

    • FroJSimpson

      Force Unleashed 3 was already canned, your money is wasted on poor mismanagement of LucasArts by Paul Meegan.

    • dan

      the game was bad, i love star wars and the 1st game.

      1st. The story was shorter then the first game
      2. The story was stupid
      3. The bosses were dumb, the first games bosses were great, jedis, not giant ass man.
      4. The choosing or dark vs light wasnt even a choice cus all you got either way was a cut scene.
      5. The dark side cut scene wasnt even cool

      If they make DLCs they better be good, and I will be reading reviews before I waste anymore money on this game

    • Joner619

      im fed up of people slagging this game Shannons review of this game is SPOT ON and the other two replies to this review are stupid. give the game a chance and everything on it is imense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!