Sprint Nextel: 4G (Fourth-generation) Not Enough

By Peter Chubb - Oct 27, 2010

The news that Sprint Nextel has reported yet another loss has certainly come as a surprise, especially when the carrier has seen huge gains in postpaid customers. More customers have come to Sprint rather than leave them, which has something to do with having the first two 4G (fourth-generation) handsets – the HTV EVO and Samsung Epic.

According to an article on WSJ, Sprint has gained another 644,000 wireless subscribers in the third-quarter. The carrier has also increased its prepaid customers by 471,000; the total amount of customers for Sprint now stands at 48.8 million.

One would have assumed that with 4G wireless speeds it would have been able to help its postpaid subscribership, but that is too big of an issue for even this new technology to repair. The company posted a loss of $911 million, but this is much better than analysts had predicted.

Although Sprint had the EVO and the Epic, the likes of Verizon has been releasing smartphones at an alarming rate, and AT&T are about to do the same with the launch of a range of handsets running Windows Phone 7.

Were you shocked by Sprint’s losses?

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