Sony PlayStation Phone: Is it a toned-down PSP2?

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2010

Earlier on, we revealed to you the very first pictures of an official-looking Sony PlayStation phone prototype. After having a chance to gather your thoughts, are you planning to buy one, or would you rather wait for the PSP2?

Like this PlayStation phone, the Playstation Portable 2 (PSP2) is also thought to be on the way, and it’s existance was confirmed after a Mortal Kombat dev let slip that Sony were already sending units out for feedback.

The authenticity of these latest pictures from Engadget are still being questioned in some quarters, but I doubt they are fake, since Engadget’s sources are usually spot on when it comes to revealing new hardware months before a potential release.

The thought of a new Android handset running 3.0 Gingerbread and having slide-out PlayStation controls is obviously mouth-watering, but where does that leave the PSP2? I’m still not convinced that there are two separate devices out there – how would Sony market both? Or would they just leave Sony Ericsson to handle this new device, while the Sony PlayStation division focus solely on the PSP2.

Then again, Sony might be planning to release both devices, but with the PlayStation Phone being a toned-down version of the PSP 2. They might be very similar in appearance, but the PSP2 could be seen as the ‘premium’ device, with better hardware specs and UI features.

Whatever happens, it’s bound to be better than that Sony Ericsson Aino phone that was released a while back. What are your thoughts on this? Are you planning to just buy one or both?

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  • Wondering, you said a toned down PSP2, but it could be two other things.

    1st: A PSP-Go inside a phone (a "toned up" PSP-Go, with 2 digital sticks). It would have a large library and some devs could continue to make games for the PSP-Go/3000/phone.

    2nd: A PSP2 phone. So it would run the same games, but on the phone. In fact, they could simply sell this phone 700$ like the iPhone, anyway everybody uses contracts to pay their phones. So like the iPhone, you'd pay around 300$/150$ (around that I suppose) to have the PSP2 inside your phone. This is the best idea for me.

    Finally: If it's "another device" it will surely fail, the market is after iPhone, not a big and bluky playstation special phone. If it's my idea 1 it will surely be good if combined with the fact that it's another device and is compatible with other games as well (like the iphone, from pretty much anybody), and if it's my idea 2 it's surely gonna sell pretty well among games, but I'm wondering about the use of a phone that big for "non hardcore gamers". I mean, if you like minigames, you'll still go with the slim and skinny iPhone (my guess).

    Still, this looks nice. But if we can't play PSP2 games, I'll buy a PSP2 instead (unless this phone is pretty cheap, since I'm not "that much" into portable gaming).

  • dawone