PlayStation Phone The Start – PS Tablet Next

By Peter Chubb - Oct 27, 2010

The news that we reported this morning that Engadget has it on good authority that the PlayStation Phone does exist and will be with us some time in 2011, certainly took us by surprise. We first heard of this back in August, but things have been quiet since then. This has got a number of people thinking; now there are those who believes that Sony could launch a PS tablet as well.

There are those who has taken it upon themselves to disbelieve this rumor, but Engadget has maintained that the handset is real and it will run on a version of Android – not sure if this will be 2x or 3.0? Robert Evans from I4U believes that this phone is just the start.

Evans thought that he would surmise what hardware the Sony PlayStation Phone would pack, and the first thing would be a dual-core CPU and up to 2GB of RAM. The tablet would come with a 7-inch touchscreen, as well as a built-in controller.

If Sony were to launch both the PlayStation Phone and Tablet, then they had better get the games right. We have to wonder if concentrating on gaming is enough to take the fight to Apple’s iPhone – but it would be another good addition to the Android family?

Is the PlayStation Phone just the start?

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