PlayStation Phone Proves Apple’s Acquisition Just A Rumor

By Peter Chubb - Oct 27, 2010

The recent news that there is to be a Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone has shocked all of us; there had been rumors some time ago but this took us all by surprise. If this is in fact true – and we cannot see why not – then this will lay to rest the recent rumor that Apple were to buy Sony out.

It was not just the Japanese consumer electronics maker that Apple were said to have their eye on; Adobe and Disney were also on the list. The idea that the iPhone maker would purchase any of these companies is a little far-fetched – especially Adobe, as there is no love lost there.

Even if rumors of Apple’s acquisition of Sony were true, then the PlayStation Phone could put a spanner in the works. Then again, they might want to nip an ultimate gaming phone in the bud before it comes to fruition?

Intomobile who learned of this rumor from Barron’s has been looking at how things would work if Apple did buy Sony. They say that Ericsson could buyout Sony’s share on their joint venture; this would then leave Sony to use their Xperia brand to develop the ultimate iPhone.

What do you think of this latest rumor?

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  • Garrett

    Well the fact that that playstation phone there is running android makes this rumor even less likely than it already was. Speaking of which Sony is a very large company, with most of its assets and capabilities not in the United States with more capital than Apple. Now I may not a be a business man but this just sounds far fetched from the get go.