No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is PS3 Only – No Xbox 360 Release

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2010

We have some important news for those of you interested in picking up the new No More Heroes game, as Konami has just delivered a bombshell by announcing that the game will be exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 3 console.

As reported from VG247, the game is due for release sometime next year and it was widely thought that the game would see a release on the Xbox 360, as well as the PS3.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case as the game will be exclusive to Sony’s console. PS3 gamers are also getting an added bonus, as Heroes’ Paradise will also be shipping with Move support as well.

At the moment, this appears to be relevant for the US version of the game only, we’ll let you know if the exclusivity affects the UK and Japanese versions too.

Let us know your reaction to this.

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  • haha this is gay

    game is poop

  • marhorn

    Who cares about this game? Go get Halo Reach and Fable 3 instead!

    • Randall

      Didn't like Halo Reach, and Fable 3 is apparently more of the same as Fable 2. Shame.

      No More Heroes was a fantastic game, so an upgraded version is most welcome for me. Another great PS3 game to look forward to next year I guess, which is good as the 360's release schedule between now and Gears 3 is utterly barren.

      • GK15

        Wow dude. Reach and Fable are unimpressive but you’re excited about this game?

        Do you even play video games?

        • Randall

          Obviously, so I don't see why anyone who hadn't played the excellent Wii version wouldn't be excited at the prospect of more NMH to be honest.