LimeWire To Permanently Shut: Your Thoughts

Back in May we reported that LimeWire has lost a copyright case, we now have news that they have been told to stop sharing files. The P2P company was told to do so immediately and permanently by an New York federal judge.

LimeWire were told to inform all of their users, the courts said that they would need to report back in 14 days. Once that time is over they will have to prove to the courts on what steps they have taken to shut the free music download side of things.

Jaikumar Vijayan from Computerworld reports that a spokeswoman from LimeWire said that this only means that the distributing or supporting of its P2P software part of the company will be affected. This does not have an affect on their plans to offer a subscription based music service.

A few of my friends have always made fun of me because I support the recording industry by always downloading direct from iTunes. It seems that people have a hard time accepting that using services like P2P is a form a stealing. If this sort of thing was stamped out altogether – then maybe prices could start to come down?

What are your thoughts on this latest LimeWire outcome?


  • Bobo

    Limewire is crap, but I don't like the idea of a network being shutdown just because its used for illegal actiivity, that's like closing roads because drive bys happen, additionally these music companies make a mistake in thinking illegally download=they would pay. If the majority of people had to pay for the music they would not buy it, the main reason they download is because its free. Its a naturally extension of american consumer society and finding the best deal, if companies wish to hold customers make them products they WANT to support, not just like. Case in point DVDs starting offering digital copy ages ago, this is a good first step to giving more to the consumer. Now stop the nonsense and update to the 21st century.

  • Billy Two Notes

    I love your naive assumption that prices would start to come down if file sharing was stamped out. With no competition, just the opposite would happen and the music mafia would get richer and richer. What will happen is that a lot of emerging careers will end up in the lavatory as the thing which got them noticed in the first place was people being able to hear their stuff via p2p. It will also push a lot of artists to go independent setting up their own web sites to sell and promote their music, cutting out the "record" companies as did Simply Red. Why make what is relatively small money from the big companies who screw you down when you can make huge money via the internet. Some artistes will try to use the big companies a s a springboard into the business. Good luck with that and read your contracts carefully, better still get a lawyer.

  • Anonymous

    Limewire is (was) terrible software. It was at the very least spyware and at worst malware. I cannot tell you how many times I had to uninstall this aweful garbage from my friends' and families' PCs. Good riddance!


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