Firesheep Attacks: How To Protect Yourself

Yesterday we spoke about the awareness that social networking users should have when it comes to Firesheep, an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Today we thought we would cover a number of steps that you can take to protect yourself – some being much easier than others.

The easiest solution is to maintain common sense, try not using an open network, if you have to then try to choose one that has a password. However, Ian Gallagher from Security Innovation has said to Computerworld that the blame is down to the lack of security from these social network sites – something that has been a huge problem for Facebook in the past.

A security adviser for Sophos has sad that one way to protect yourself against Firesheep is to use a VPN (virtual private network). This is something that most businesses use, but not so much the consumer, but maybe it is something that needs to be considered to stay safe?

However, we have to warn you that VPN is not a complete solution; this takes us back to social networks once again. Why should the user spend time, effort and money trying to ensure that their details are not stolen when it is not their job to do so?

For more details and other ways to protect yourself against Firesheep attacks visit Computerworld



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