Fallout: New Vegas – Update / Patch Hits PS3

By Jamie Pert - Oct 27, 2010

Five days ago Bethesda revealed that a patch for the console versions of Fallout: New Vegas was being tested, now we can confirm that the patch is now available for the PS3.

Bethesda has not given us a breakdown explaining what the patch consists of, in fact all we have to go by is a Tweet from the official Fallout Twitter Feed, it was posted 10 hours ago (at the time of this post), here is what it said “PS3 update for New Vegas is now available”.

Nothing has been confirmed at present, however we think this patch may be the same as the first patch that hit the PC version of the game, if this is the case scripting and quest fixes should be in place, all in all there are over 200 fixes, so gamers should see a huge difference.

I’m guessing that this update will be forced upon PS3 gamers when they load up New Vegas, however as I do not own the PS3 version I cannot confirm this.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on this update, therefore feel free to answer any of the following questions in the comments section below.

Have you received the update? If so, what changes have you noticed so far?

Source: Twitter

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  • Philosofa

    why the hell do we have to keep downloading patchs for games, we didnt have this bloody problem in the days of ps2. are devs these days just getting lazy, not fixing these problems before they hit the shelves. im not online with my console…, by choise, and im glad after some loser hacked all those ps3 accounts. I say to all in the industry to sort it out before you sell it. aaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhh

  • diE_sAiKo


    honestly this game is annoying but im addicted to it please fix bugs lag and the freakin freazing and chrashing ahhhhhhh driving me insane

  • ClassAction2011

    The game concept and story line are really great, IMHO the current version of this game should never have been released. This release is so full of bugs it is difficult to know where to begin. I think Bethesda needs to evaluate their software QA department. I also think Bethesda should pull this product off the market, fix it, and re-release it, giving a free fixed copy to everyone of us who wasted their money buying this before it was ready for mass consumption. Patches are not the answer.

  • jjjj

    i got to get the pip boy 3 billion

  • Bill

    mine crashed…hard.. .PS3 would not read the disc or any movies.took it to geek squad,they said it was done..had to buy a NEW PS3.what the heck???anybody herd of such a thing??

  • davidred5

    My Game Crashes all the time even since i performed and update I bought the game new stick it in my PS3 downloaded the new version and I cant play the game for more than a few mins without it crashing I am not having any problems with any other games I will be asking for a refund unless it is fixed ASAP

  • tyler

    havent froze since the patch. still some skipping but it can be lived with. a game this size is bound to have many bugs. i believe bethesda does a great job and have loved their games since daggerfall

    • americanjoe

      would you love it if it froze every time you tryed to save fast travel or enter a bulding of any kind cause thats what happens to me and it suuuuuuuuuuucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rukokoxc

    there was a patch yesterday night and yeah there was a patch other than that before

    • Gab

      And yet keeps freezing due to the massive data per frame rate!

  • My husband and I both have this on our 2 ps3's and mine freezes daily and his has frozen maybe 3 times, since its release (we got it at midnight). I have a good 200+ hours and 2 chars so far and the freezing requiring a hard reset is my main complaint. It is so bad, I honestly haven't noticed anything else. I just deleted the game data and am reinstalling it. Let's hope it works like some people have said it will… I love the game, tremendously, but this freezing really ruins the fun, especially when I have to redo like 20+ mins worth of whatever…

  • adam

    where can we download this patch from??

  • Ashtray

    You should all email Bethesda http://support.bethsoft.com/eng/email.asp?sid=115… atleast then they'll get your complaints. I doubt their staff come on here to find issues. Send send send, maybe they'll pull their finger out and do some hard work, FINALLY giving us a game that works flawlessly. Oblivion is the only one of their console released games that I haven't had major issues with. Fallout3 was buggy as hell, the GOTY version was even worse. This just takes the cake though, I'm probably about 6 hours in and have had the game for about a week now. It's just crash after crash after crash. Not impressed, especially since the game isn't cheap to buy

  • samtuo12

    no difference for me when entering the strip, it will just go all black and you cant even use your remote to quit the game. really need this fixed because all my remaining quest reside in the strip. also it is even worse for people if the monorail has been destroyed in a ncr quest like me. bethesda this needs to be fixed for all kinds of reason!

  • Lasse

    Those of you who cant enter the strip, you just got to wear an Old Cowboyhat 🙂 its because of a bug in the quest to kill the mercenary on the strip. it can also be solved completely by obtaining the bloody mess perk and shooting him to bits, then wait for him to disappear 🙂

  • Kafaratus

    Just wanna comment that i’m very very disappointed with the glitches. I’m lvl 27 and over 50hrs in the game. I first visited the vegas strip through the monorail and completed killing benny for the platinum chip. I did a save before i kill him. After killing him, i tried to exit the Tops. That’s when my game freezes. Now when i reset my ps3 , i can’t load my auto save and my last save point. So that is to say all effort in this game is wasted. I’m thinking either recreate another new character or just wait for the patch to address this issue… Really sad as i love this game alot. Had always been a fallout fan. But that said, guess i would rather go back to the final fantasy series again..

  • Kat

    I was fine dealing with the remaining bugs, like not being able to enter new vegas again because it froze and the screen turned black when I tried (resolved with the old cowboy hat trick) but now I can't even play my save file because when I start the game up and try to load either the auto save file or the manual save it freezes in the middle of loading. I hope there's another patch soon that resolves this and lets me play my file again.
    why would they release a game in such shitty condition though? I don't care if they'd have to push back the release date a bunch of times. I'd rather have a game that works rather than one that won't let me play it!

  • LostinVegas

    Still locking up after the patch! Can't enter the strip again after my first visit. This really SUCKS! I've been playing for over 50 hours on a newer PS3 console. Wake up Bethesda! Those of you that haven't had problems yet! Good luck when you reach the 50 hour mark.

  • Tom

    I have the Classic Pack and did get the Weathered 10mm Pistol, which is nice until you try to Mod it , then it becomes invisible and the screen gets washed out making it nearly impossible to see that your hand looks empty! Had the problem with both a 10mm laser sight and 10mm silencer.

  • Pete

    @Kyle- All the "Classic Pack" is are a couple of extra items when you START the game. I think you get a Weathered 10mm Pistol (unique to classic pack), a Vault Jumpsuit, and a couple of Stimpaks.

    @Darren- For what it's worth I have a slim PS3 (Im dumb forgot how many GB lol) and it's been running pretty much fine except for a two or three crashes.

    I gotta say I'm loving this game. I'm level 23 at about 50 hrs. in and I've had almost no glitches. Also, I was NEVER prompted to install the patch (had game for over a week). In 50 hours I think I had to reboot PS3 three times, other than that no real problems. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

  • James

    Everytime i leave the lucky 38 casino the game crashes for me which forced me to start the game from the beginning again.

  • Matt

    Maybe I'm just old, but I remember when games worked when they were released and fixes were rarely needed.

    • Justin

      I remember that too! and im only 22! thing is internet has become so mainstream that they are able to turn us into beta testers and in about a year or two fallout new vegas will be an amazing game just as Fallout 4 is released 🙂 and we deal another mountain of errors

  • mobyslick

    "I’m guessing that this update will be forced upon PS3 gamers" – You guessed wrong Jamie! Updates on the PS3 are not forced, please tone down the console hate. If you deigned to lay hands on a PS3 you would know you can cancel any update and continue playing unpatched. Maybe you don't hate consoles, but neither are you giving it any credit with your guesswork and negative language. Please try to be objective in the future.

  • Mike

    I still have my PS3 i bought not long after they were first released so its the original version, since installing the patch the only problems ive had are a few npcs with half their bodies in floors or walls and MAJOR freezing issues, at one point every time i tried to enter the strip the game locked up and i had to do a hard restart, at first i thought that it might have ben an issue with my PS3 being so old but then i realised that to get the strip to load without freezing and having to restart, your character has to be wearing the old cowboy hat you can buy at crimson caravan company, its been very frustrating playing this game.

  • vyntren

    well they were mostly concerned about the fact that once i start the game all i have to do is reach helios one and finish the mission there and ill be level 30 in less then 5 minutes – that was fixed!but really important glitches werent fixed because if u wanna play legit u can always not do what can be doen to go bypass the leveling up

  • Kyle

    you guys at Bethesda should be workin double time to fix these problems, how dare the strip be inaccessable, it works for some but not all… How does that work?? Bethesda whats the deal, make it work for all ps3 systems, not a select few. And wheres my classic pack dlc?????

  • da5id

    i just installed the patch and i'm a little nervous because i'm at level 26, i just got a pimp boy 3 billion and i'm about to start The House Always Wins, VIII. I hope I have not been screwed over by installing this patch. I give up if I have to start over. damn you bethesda for releasing such a cool game with so many problems.

  • Darren

    I was wondering weather the PS3 Slim is presenting more problems than the older version of the console with respect to lag and poor performance of games in general.

    I had fallout 3 on the x-box 360, that was fulid (with a few bugs), unfortunately the hunk of junk x-box 360 red circled and I wasn't about to line Microsofts pockets again to buy a new console (probably with the same problem), so I went back to my roots and got a PS3 Slim. What I have noticed about the PS3 Slim (almost immediately) is that most of the games I play are jerky and laggy. Hence, I wonder if Sony have limited the PS3 Slim's processors speed a tad in order to keep the heat fan noise and power consumption down.

    It would be interesting to see which type of PS3 console people are using and what problems are occuring on these versions, mainly with respect to the lag and poor performance?

    • KBB

      I have a 'old' PS3 (2 plus years old). I am experiencing tons of errors on this game. Hangs every hour, on the hour.

  • Tripp

    OK, so re-installing with the patch resulted in immediate system failure upon loading from my last save and entering V.A.T.S.. I un-installed again and then re-installed but said "No" to the patch install (by clicking the "o" button when prompted) and THEN I was able load from my last save and enter V.A.T.S without complete system failure, and played glitch-free for an hour! It's now abundantly clear that this had to be a glitch with the patch. My question now is, why the hell don't they just release a patch that undoes the previous patch? I'm no game developer, but that doesn't sound so hard does it?

  • Sam

    They're probably making a patch for Xbox and then, porting it to ps3, like every third party companies use to do 3 years ago but, guess what: IT DOESN'T WORK! In order to have a proper quality product on ps3 you have to either produce the game entirely on ps3 hardware. Which several companies are now doing (EA, Konami, Square Enix, even Ubisoft). But it's cheaper to produce a game only for xbox and then port it. But the quality is just bad. That's probably why the patch causes more trouble than it solves. Have you ever seen those kind of problems on a PS3 only title? I havn't, in fact ps3 only titles are among the best quality and visual game in the industry. (God of war, Uncharted, Infamous MGS, Killzone etc).

    • Kyle

      i agree, ps3 only games are usually better. They do need to stop trying to port games from platforms. Im just still shocked that Bethesda released a game that has so many problems, its sloppy and lazy. Also we should never have to delete and reinstall game data and risk our save files to ever make a game work properly.

  • Kyle

    i must say this whole issue with the glitches is becoming a big issue with gaming, these companies try to hard to push games out earlier and earlier to increase profit. Hold game back, have your team play the game to see if it actually works, Bethesda i am thuroughly unimpressed. I agree with a before said statement ” we are the consumers not your beta testers” we do not buy products to have them be ”faulty” and i use this word strongly due to the fact that we wait and buy/pre-order these exspensive games to enjoy them, not be frustrated that i cannot play or finish the game due to sloppy quality controle. For issues these serious to have been gone unnoticed is rediculous. I have played Fallout for 50 hours now and have noticed atleast 300 issues, and after the patch in my 7 additional hours i’ve only noticed 3 things that have been fixed, and these 3 issues are very miniscule ones compared to the massive problem with this extravagemtly designed vegas strip. Bethesda you should focus more on if the game works properly than how amazing the graphics are and if you guys can get another game of the year. I also say one thing to which many will agree, i understand ps3 if free, but having an inernet connection is not,and those who cannot afford inernet or dont have access to internet, how are they able to download these patches to fix these problematic games???? Retorical question Bethesda, figure it out. DO NOT SELL AN UNFINISHED PRODUCT. We do not go out and buy half finished televisions or half finished couches. Not to mention ontop of all these problems we are having with Fallout New Vegas and its atroshis glitches and freezing, Bethesda will make downloadable content that we will then have to pay for and go through similar problems again… But wait im already having an issue with DLC for Fallout New Vegas, classic pack??? I downloaded it, what does it do??? I didnt see or have an option for anything ”classic”. Bethesda you guys really screwed the pooch on this one. I also say this as a person who once thought you surpassed all developers, now… I shake my head in shame of once supporting a tragedy. Bethesda shape up, or ship out.

  • Sam

    To uninstall the game go into GAME DATA UTILITY, at the top of the game section. It works, but not for long. The game ran okay for the first few days, freezing maybe once a day. Hiccups and a bunch of lags, but nothing really frustrating. Then it got really bad aster several hours of play. Got stuck on a mission, the game kept freezing at the same place. I uninstalled the game data and reinstalled it. Worked fine but not for long. After that it got way worse, still manageable. Then the "patch" came up. It worked pretty much perfectly for about… 30-40 minutes. Now it's just terrible, I love the game, but the sh*t is starting to annoy me as hell. Since the patch the game freezes every hour or two, and I just lost a ED-E the robot, ran off, in a vault and never came back, look all over the place to see were the heck he went. Just disappeared, didn't die, I still have the perk, went to Primm and he's not there. There is so much bugs that in order to enjoy the game ever again I'll have to wait for a real patch and start all over again. What a shame. Bethsoft "support' sucks, there is absolutely nothing. You guys should take a look its hilarious how stupid it is.

    • Tripp

      When you re-installed did you re-install with the patch or opt out of it in some fashion? I only noticed my game acting glitchy after the patch came out, I wonder if it's the patch that's glitchy… 🙁 I agree that being pissed off about all of this is definately in order and all, but personally, I would gladly pay Bethesda double price if I could just play the freakin game right now!

  • Tripp

    How do I un-install the game to re-install it again? When I look on my ps3 for the game install file all I can find is the saved game data. Someone had mentioned that you could uninstall the game and re-install and had reported success. It's so freakin glitchy right now that as soon as I go into V.A.T.S. to bust a cap, my whole system freezes and I have to do a hard reset. I am a little O.C.D. and have repeated that process about 15 times, trying to clean the disc and I even tried the old nintendo blow-the-dust-out-of-your-gaming-system trick. Curses and epithets! Woe and betide!

  • Chris

    My patched game shows no difference to my unpatched game, only took 2hours for the game to freeze, frame rate still terrible and I still have the faction glitch 🙁 Sucks coz NV such an awesome game! Can't wait for the next few patches

  • King

    I'm still experiencing major glitches with the patch. Mine still kepts freezing

  • roco

    Downloaded the patch last night noticed some things were fixed still pretty laggy but still needs improvement

  • AlexGonzalesIGN

    If your bugs/patches aren't fixed its possible that either a) you didn't read up on what Bethesda had been patching, or b) yiu haven't really noticed the true bugs etc, on what they have fixed. I myself have played through the game already while it was bugged, and just went on this morning and did an entire update. Nothing is what is used to be when it first came out. The XP glitches are all fixed, it doesn't seem to take 5 minutes to load a location and so on. Just look for updated on what Bethesda released, and what they intended on patching. There is no doubt their patches will be seen again, to mint up the game.

    Alex Gonzales IGN

    • Aims

      Hey Alex,
      Just a heads up; "The XP glitches are all fixed". With the patch installed I got 85 XP for a worker ant. All other worker ants have been 10 XP.

      • AlexGonzalesIGN

        For the most part the XP glitches are in fact all fixed, some are Un-fixable and will take a while to fix, as Bethesda announced they will be working on them, as the game progresses and more DLC is designed. So just a little heads up on that area, in vault 11, the XP glitch is not fixed, because designers at Bethesda said "screw it" So some XP glitches will always remain in the game.

        Alex Gonzales IGN

    • Bill

      Where do you get the patch?

  • Aims

    Patch installed itself last night when I loaded the game with my Ethernet cord connected. I had played the game for about 10hrs prior to the patch and besides momentary frame freezes I had not experienced any of the major glitches I had read about. After the patch installed I played for about two hours and the game had a hard freeze during a load screen. The L1 button ‘unarmed’ zoom now has a tear every time I use it although fortunately not when armed. I’m still somewhat hopeful that as with Fallout 3 these issues will eventually be straightened out but certainly not as hopeful as I was as the patch seems to have made matters worse. My last Bethesda purchase ever if these issues are not fully corrected.

  • Obiwan6170

    never had prob pre or post patch

  • Fuslas

    I know people are going to hate me, but I’ve got the ps3 version and have played over 18 hours without a glitch, ba da da daaaaa I’m loving it!!!!!!!!!

    • Josh

      Haha, Fuslas. Me too. I mean, there's been the odd glitch here and there (Boone's rifle appearing in my inventory, for instance- but…I just gave him another gun. He was overpowered with his own rifle anyway). Overall, though, since I don't have any of the crash glitches or care about the occasional wilderness slowdown (seriously, if I was playing on pc, it would be MUCH worse), I have no real problem. Otherwise, I've had a great time with this game so far.

    • bobmcc

      My first 22 hours were problem free untill I had to go back to the strip the 2nd time. When you try to go thru the gate you get a black screen freeze out. I rebooted at least 10 times with the same result before the patch. I downladed the patch and STILL GET THE SAME PROBLEM!!!!

      • nemisis

        When your stuck with a freeze like that, what I found that works is do something different, such as fast travel to the gate your at before trying the gate again.

  • michael

    the only problem is crashes, when i go into the tops casino i have boone with me it give me back all his weapons with myn now i cant give him back his rifle cause it says its stolen and for some reason i can't get into the pawnshop on westside and thats without the patch. i dont have internet i still like the game even though just a pain in the ass in some ways

  • Bryan

    After downloading the patch I was finally able to get out of the Gomorrah Casino only to run into a slew of new freezing. Prior to the patch, then only problem I ever encountered was that I was stuck in the Gomorrah Casino. Now that it finally let me out, It freezes constantly… about fed up…

  • Johno

    Great game!!!

    Fantastic graphics, running smoothly, superb story, massive landscape.

    Carlsberg don't do games but if they did it'll be better than Bethesda.

  • I haven’t noticed the patch fix one single issue yet. Still getting terrible frame rates/lagginess, still getting just as many freeze ups. My game just froze exiting Vault 34, just like it did last night before installing the patch.

    Mission specific glitches are still present too, preventing me from completing certain aspects of the game.

    Not happy Bethesda.

  • sam

    still freezing has this retarded company actually fixed anything or did i waste time downloading a placebo patch

  • helen

    was looking forward to fallout vegas but wont be bothering now,got sick of problems on fo3 plus how can i get patches when i`m not connected to internet on playstation3? when you pay good money for a game you expect a finished article not a glorified demo disc!

    • Mario

      online for the ps3 is free

    • Nemisis

      You can download the update content onto a flash drive from a pc and then load onto the ps3 by placing the flashdrive with the files in a usb slot.

      Also the PS3 had a built in wifi, and bluetooth support.
      If you have a laptop or Bluetooth device that supports file push you can download that way. You can also set a computer that has wifi and a hard lan connection to act as a wifi conduit for the ps3.

      Additionally, bluetooth can be used as a lan connection in a pinch, it is rather slow though. (IE: using a smartphone as a conduit.)

  • Rowin

    you do nothave to install the update. I think this misconception is common because most people see update screen and the flashing ok button, and just press "x", however in this case (and in most cases in fact) you can bypass the update by simply pressing "o"; that's what i did down stairs, while I started a new game up stairs (patched) to see what changes were made.
    the only time you might be "forced" to download an update, is when it affects trophies; oterwise you might be unable to sync, or play online, or whatever [which really does not affect me since I could careless about trophies, and personally wish they never started the whole achievement nonsense, because it crippled the cheat code inclusion (since cheats either dont exist or dont allow you to save your game; rather simply deactivatting trphies, which i would more that happily accept, in fact I would probably always activate some type of cheat just to keep the damn trophy bs from popping up in the corner all the efing time)]; also fnv is not an online game so that doesn't impact it in any substantial way.

  • Guest

    Can someone tell me how to install the patch

  • darren

    reinstall all your game data delete this from the ps3 section game data and it works a treat 🙂

    • joe

      im trying that now just to see if it works

  • gridlocked

    Got the patch and now in vats,fast travel and just walking it freezes or goes black screen. Had a few bugs before but no freezes.

    • guest

      i have the same problem now

  • beau

    I got still freezes,so I still have to do a hard restart,and I did not get the 1000xp for the quest I fought the law….

  • CrazyBill

    So I reinstalled the game data and patch but kept my saved game files and the game has been running smooth since.

    • jamanice

      how did you do this?

    • Skullhelm

      i did this too, and i have to agree it is running alot smoother!

  • John

    Installed patch and had to restart three times last night to hard lock freezing issues. The hotkey stopped working and I am still locked out of Vegas. Fuck this Bethesda I am not your BETA tester I am the consumer/paying customer.

  • Jeremy

    According to dave, i have gotten the update for the ps3 aswell. played the patched game for about 2 – 3 hours until when i fast traveled to the hidden valley to find the brotherhood of steel and it froze. had to hard a hard reboot. Also its still laggy and sometimes freezes at many areas.

    • joe

      yea this is BS im freezing in the same place and now level 27 i cannot do anything keeps freezing no matter where i go

      • bob

        exactly the same for word of advice fer any1 that didnt do it.DO NOT FINISH DEBT COLLECTER!!!!!!!!!!! And if u did u will have to wear an item called Old Cowboy Hat for the rest of the game. To get it u must go to crimson caravan, do not steal it, just buy it frum that guy in the booth like thing.

  • Courier

    The gate to the strip still locks up the game and forces a restart of the PS3, so no killing Mr. House for me. 🙁

  • Dave

    I have the update installed. It will be forced next time a players starts the game disc. It is 19MB and so far….I haven't seen too much of a difference. To be fair I have only played ~4 hours of the patched game.

  • Dave

    I have the update installed. It will be forced next time a players starts the game disc. It is 19MB and so far….I haven't seen too much of a difference. To be fair I have only played ~4 hours of the patched game.

    Skipping is still ever-present, V.A.T.S. is still buggy (I got stuck in V.A.T.S. and got mauled by a deathclaw), and the ally AI still loves to run in front of me and get tickled by my lever action shotgun. I have not had to reset the game due to freezing since the patch…yet delayed skipping still intrudes on the immersion we all deserve.

  • Guest

    I quit playing despite loving the game I could not take all the worthless bugs in the game. What a tragedy!

    • kbb

      Agreed, me too. I sent mine back to Amazon as defective.

  • David

    The entering of New Vegas from the gate after the loading Point is not fixed yet . Still Freezes !
    Damn you Bethesda for not fixing it and now i can't kill Mr.House !

    • mikeswenson

      i thought I was nuts, glad I'm not. My system kept resetting after i talked to the Security droid on my way into the Strip. Happened about 5 times before it let me through. damn glad i had saved before going in , otherwise I would have been f'd.

      • J ah

        that happened to me to 🙁

    • diE_sAiKo

      dont kill mr house hes usefull….. and plenty of caps to make it worth it

  • Nadge

    ps3 patch installed and ant nectar bug still not fixed ><