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Fallout: New Vegas – Update / Patch Hits PS3

Five days ago Bethesda revealed that a patch for the console versions of Fallout: New Vegas was being tested, now we can confirm that the patch is now available for the PS3.

Bethesda has not given us a breakdown explaining what the patch consists of, in fact all we have to go by is a Tweet from the official Fallout Twitter Feed, it was posted 10 hours ago (at the time of this post), here is what it said “PS3 update for New Vegas is now available”.

Nothing has been confirmed at present, however we think this patch may be the same as the first patch that hit the PC version of the game, if this is the case scripting and quest fixes should be in place, all in all there are over 200 fixes, so gamers should see a huge difference.

I’m guessing that this update will be forced upon PS3 gamers when they load up New Vegas, however as I do not own the PS3 version I cannot confirm this.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on this update, therefore feel free to answer any of the following questions in the comments section below.

Have you received the update? If so, what changes have you noticed so far?

Source: Twitter


  • Guest

    Can someone tell me how to install the patch


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