Fable 3 Xbox 360: List of Problems after Release?

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2010

As many of you will already be aware, Fable III is now available to buy on the Xbox 360 in the US. After having a chance to play for a few hours, have you discovered any notable problems that we should know about?

As far we’re aware, some gamers have been having problems trying to get the Village Maker DLC to work with the game, but we understand that the problem has now been fixed and it is working as normal.

We’ve had a look at some of your feedback on the net for the game, and you’ll be pleased to hear that the only problems we’ve read about is a few issues with framerate, which obviously isn’t a major problem.

It is a stark contract to Fallout: New Vegas which has been plagued with problems since the game went on sale last week, but early signs are good for Fable III.

Have you spotted any problems with the game so far? Share your thoughts below. Don’t forget to check out our review round-up thread as well, including this dodgy review from Destructoid.

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  • elverici_66_@hotmail.com


  • judah

    I downloaded it from the Microsoft store and when i played i noticed whenever i interacted with people or my dog the d-pad options would not show, making it impossible to give gifts or train my dog.

  • ilovemyhaters4evr .

    i cannot be able to hold hands with this one guy called elliot

  • I’m having a technical issue in the Sunset House quest. I reached the part of the quest where you chest-battle with Chesty, and after (me) winning, the screen went back to normal and I was immediately in combat mode. Then, all the chest pieces began moving (but not roaming) and I’m not able to continue the quest or travel anywhere other than my sanctuary. Very frustrating and if I have to start over I will be furious because I have very valuable weapons and clothing.

  • Guest

    I was in the middle of battle with some hobbes in mourningwood and now I’m under the map its glitched bad. i tried loading to my last save and it just takes me right back. help plzzz

  • Ash

    Love the game so much but now I’m stuck trying to meet reaver in bowerstone and it just wont load the glowing trails or reaver, cant find him anywhere! So sad.. Dont buy this game. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Already put it through cleaning machines but still doesnt work. 🙁

  • Guest

    i think fable 3’s storyline is good, but the abundance of glitches is just sad. though i think lionhead should have fixed them before the game was relased, they did not, and though i think they should make a patch for them now, they probably wont. so at the very least i beg that lionhead makes fable 4 (should it ever be made) completly glitch-free, and throw in some free downloadable content for the frustrated gamers involved with fable 3.

  • Guest.

    fable 3 on xbox 360 is not starting. the intro works, then nothing but a black TV screen. I’ve downloaded updates, restarted and still nothing. This sucks. :/

  • Rjslb82

    I follow the golden trail into theelevetor in the monorail.  when i get off the trail returns to the elevator.  i just keep going on and off and need a hint if i missed anything

  • Zigzageddie

    how do kids like this game

  • Chevalierdejohnstone

    It’s a crap game, constantly freezing, quests malfunction, glowing trail disappears, rendering issues (on Xbox).  And the storyline might hold the attention of an 8-year-old…except the game has alcohol and sex.  DO NOT BUY.

  • Sleepthief

    I’ve a bug with gifts. People want to give me gifts, but I can’t accept them so they keep following me everywhere telling me “there you go mate” What can I do?!?!

  • joseph

    lionhead really needs to fix this problem im not happy and am not get what i paid for

  • Connor

    The quest the desert star glitched out and when I get to to the dude with re gem it doesn’t say to keep to money or put it in the treasury and I can’t leave the rooM

    • joseph

      im having the same problem did u figure out the problem?

  • Any one had the problem where you  leave the dwellers camp, and go back in  cause you made a wrong turn then when you try to leave again the game saves and locks you up? i gonna try installing it on my xbox see what happens but would love some some other options

    • EmpressSara14

      i had a problem at the very beginning of the Dweller’s Camp where Sir Walter Just Stopped WALKING and Froze. SO I started a new game and it didn’t freeze up.  Just be sure to SAVE SAVE SAVE In The Save room Throughout the game! VERY VERY Important!:)

  • Any one had the problem where you  leave the dwellers camp, and go back in  cause you made a wrong turn then when you try to leave again the game saves and locks you up? i gonna try installing it on my xbox see what happens but would love some some other options

  • Any one had the problem where you  leave the dwellers camp, and go back in  cause you made a wrong turn then when you try to leave again the game saves and locks you up? i gonna try installing it on my xbox see what happens but would love some some other options

  • Autorated

    So, i just recieved the game for my birthday a few days ago, and now after playing it for a while yesterday, it is stuck on the load menu and wont get off of it for hours. All of my other games work so its not my xbox…Should I get a return for the game? or what?…

  • dave

    My game is stuck in the dutch language and I cant figure out how to fix it. I put it in my friends xbox with his profile and it is english, but for some reason it is different on mine. It is the only game I have that comes out in this language. Can anybody help PLEASE!

  • kenzi

    I'm stuck at the Leaders and Followers quest. I had to return to Samuel so I followed the glowing trail to the Brightwall gate and got surrounded by a bunch of cheering people. Now I'm stuck and can't go anywhere. I can't return to my sanctuary or reload a previous game since I saved there. Anything I can do?

  • Amyn8r

    I HATE BEING TALLER THAN ELLIOT! Either make main characters taller or give us an option to shrink, please! I understand that Heroes are supposed to be tall but for the love of Pete….

    Also: MAKE BEN FLINN AND PAGE MARRY-ABLE! They're such great characters and their stories just pitter off that the end. SO frustrating.

    • EmpressSara14

      I know the TALL Thing gets on My Nerves Too! I’m afraid If I Get TOO Tall Elliot will Look Like a Munchkin! so I just Imagine I’m just wearing Really Tall High Heels Or I stand On Higher ground so it won’t bug Me so much!:)

    • EmpressSara14

      Yep, I hope The Game’s Designers Make Ben Finn Marry-Able Too!  and Although Elliot Has A History with The Princess, Ben Finn Has EXCELLENT Irrisistable traits!:)

  • Mika

    The problem that I am having is that it wont let me marry even though they are asking and I have a ring also it isnt giving me the quest "A Marriage of Inconvenience".

  • Jen

    I have played and beat the game wanted to start a new one played for days on it loaded it one day and it took me back to the first game I played. What happened to that game. I then started another new game and after I turned it off and started it back it still took me to the first games I played. Plese help I don't want that first game how do I get the other games to come back???????

  • Uggh

    I miss fable 2. that game didn't glitch or lag. this one just pisses me off. if you read this forum and haven't bought the game yet…dont buy it. huge let down after the awesomeness of fable 2.

  • Guest

    The bread crumb trail continuously doesn't appear, framerate issues super annoying, pause interface sucks, dog sucks, would be nice to be able to fix all houses at once. Minimap or compass would come in handy. My butler keeps wanting me to visit the shop (want to strangle him) slow motion attacks turn my screen around everytime in combat so I have to re-adjust to face opponents. Game is ok… 6/10 (would rather play fallout 3)

  • Sophie

    Am i seriously the only person that has never had a problem with this game ? Im rather scared now of playing it again xD

  • O IN Y IX

    it keeps saying my save file is corrupt when i have done nothing to it-when i go to play it after a few days it says save file is corrupt. bloody anoying

  • Alexandria

    at first it worked great, but the more i played it, the more it began to lag, until finally it compleately froze my xbox all together. I still love the game (although it doesn't seem to have as much of a challenge as the first two did), but i hope lionhead will fix the issue soon, becuase i can no longer play it until they do.

  • Salvador

    Im stuck in the battle for Albion Quest, stupid AI Characters followed me into an alley and now they just won´t move, tried doing everything and i am still stuck. Heard other people had similar problems. So sad such a good saga is being ruined by some glitches, well a lot of glitches. I´m seriously thinking about trading my game because i refuse to play it all over again.

    • EmpressSara14

      Oh DO Play It From A Previous Save Or AGAIN! Because EACH Time You find New Things, The CHARACTERS, NPCs EVOLVE, And Be SURE to SAVE SAVE SAVE! Especially When In the Battle For Albion=So That When You ACCIDENTLY kill a villager/fighter, That one’s children don’t keep saying, annoyingly, “why did you kill that person!”  Including All The People Everywhere! AH!  Gave Me Enough Adrenlin to GO BACK And get rid of logan’s ELITE guards AGAIN! FUN! And I Agree With Ben Finn’s comment, “elite guards my ass!”:)

  • BashenteesGhost

    Almost had the game finished and then I dropped through a scene and now I am perpetually floating in the sky. Wouldn't be so bad, except the game saved there last so now if I go back to save point, I get to float and I can't do anything. Going to start the game over. Dang. Major killer.

  • smell my cat

    my only problem is that i can't load any of my profiles offline, even though i have all the content on my hard drive, it says i dont have any of the required content to load my game, can anyone help?

  • Big J

    playing on the main storyline in reavers mansion where you gotta fight in his areana my game freezes when i fight the hollow men and on one other side quest where i fight a bunch of hollow men as well. any way to fix the freezing

  • Fableplayer117

    The only glitch I have encountered is that my moral standing is stuck… I can not increase my morality nor can I lower it. Encountered this after decreasing my morality when upgrading the sandgoose and after upgrading it (by getting evil guild seals by being rude to people) I have been unable to increase or decrease my morale which has been a major problem because I can't get into a certain demon door and I can not upgrade any weapons that require me to get good or bad guild seals. I would appreciate any assistance in fixing this problem thanks.

  • Lisa

    Game locks up when I get to meet Reaver in Bowerstone…..any suggestions. Have restarted game 2 times and still locks up at that point

    • O IN Y IX

      mine has done the same thing 4 times just past that, in the desert. it sucks ae?

    • EmpressSara14

      I’ve run into a FEW lock-ups but not at Reaver’s Mansion, Thank GOD! however, through My experience, I’ve encountered similar ones, and SAVEING games(at the same save pt.) in a game SOMETIMES helps, and So One Can GO back to ONE of three save games BEFORE the Mansion, hence PERHAPS bypassing that pt.  I ALSO find that IF A Charac. can’t interact with NPCs,etc., I sign off the game and then sign back in, which usually fixes that.:)

  • Guest

    Whenever I press the Start button, to go to the Sanctuary, it goes to the Options screen, where it says "Game Management, Game Settings, and New Game." When I press Game MAnagement to save and restart my xbox, It says I can't save……. Can anyone help me…?

  • Pre order sword

    Guys I pre ordered it use the code for the sword and tats and I want to restart it and keep the sword can u telle how

  • Dfunny82

    My dog has quest always over it’s head and does not dig or find anything can this be fixed plz help

  • Adrian

    I was playing Co-OP with my friend we only got to the very beginning of the game before it glitched and there NO WAY TO FIX IT it's the part where you go into the tunnel first part where you can finally use the fireball we get through the bats down into that section then the AI's were supposed to follow just teleport to who knows where and he's telling me to read the book except for it didnt teleport me and my friend and made it so we couldn't use the fireball move so we walkout of the cave to see if we could re get our fireball move (which worked) then walked back all the way down the long tunnel to try the fire teleport thing again but the door that we went through previously is now close ! so were locked in the tunnel and the castle and we tried shooting the people in the castle with fireballs since we realised at this point we could no longer continue the game but the villagers and guards there didn't even get hurt by them all they did was wave and cheer at us as we attempted to burn them with our fireballs .
    Sucks Glitched within the first 10 minutes of the game

  • rick

    i want my horns

  • Chef boyarly

    after downloading the DLC for new quest package, im stuck doing a quest at understone, where the electric fence is blocked, and i have to get to him, but when i get there nothing happens, but whats suppose to happen is, monsters suppose to appear for me to attack but its not, any help?

  • Anthony

    I'm doing the quest "The Voice" which is an Understone DLC Quest I believe. after I went up the elevator, the door locks behind you. Ran down the path to a little arena looking area where an electricy gate pops up on the door to continue on and enemies are supposed to spawn for you to kill to get the gate to go off so you can continue. However, the enemies never spawn, the gate doesn't go away, the door doesn't unlock, and you can't fast travel during the quest. Therefore, I'm stuck in a hallway unable to do anything at all. I'd just start over if it was a DLC thing, but reading these comments it doesn't sound like I'd get much farther before something else broke and I'm stuck again. Think I'll just email Lionhead and demand a refund or a recall or something lol

  • Zerina

    Elliot, who I married as soon as he popped up again, is now gone. I get the message that he has a gift for me and our house is still there with his name as my husband, but he is completely gone! Annoying that I can't find him and that they still get money from me. What's that about?
    Please solve it! If he's dead, then make him/the costs/messages disappear!

    • EmpressSara14

      Try Moving THE FAMILY to another House where it is EASY to locate Him in the village/house, and back again.  That usually helps locate Elliot. In The Castle, He’s many times working in the kitchen, even When I’m The Queen.:)

  • Will

    Im hoping Lionhead reads these comments cause im stuck in the quest "Gone but not forgotten" and i made it to the last part of the quest where you are locked in a room with two spotlights and you defeat a couple of steletons and then i have to find Max to get the book. Well Max dissapeared before i got to the book and left me in the room with a wall of spirits blocking me from the book and an enless hord of skeletons coming after me cause the spotlights wont go away. I cant travel anywhere and am stuck in the room, this is a big damper on my gaming experience cause now i am stuck and cannot do anything until Lionhead fixes this problem. If anyone knows of any sollutions im willing to try cause ive exausted all known possibilities on trying to leave this area. One thing i propose Lionhead do is give us the ability to leave an area even if we are questing or ending a quest and restarting it.

  • brock

    not many problems just a little bit of leg and fell into the map once got out by going to the sanctuary

  • pissed off

    my game is glitching outafteryou take over and you have to make the weight of the world decsions after I decide mybrothers fate and make the decsion on the taxes. I’ve tryed all three. It fast travels me to bower ston ind to meet reaver. But it keeps the taxes as my objective andreaver is not their and icant leave or go back to the castle tried two different discs and over a dozen reloads . 20 hrs down the craper any one got some advice. It’s on the 360

  • Chris

    Damn falling glitch! Im holding out hope that a patch will be released!

  • marve

    i cant get into the village of lightwater. the gate is deactivated for whatever reason. my game is saved to this point and i cant back out of this quest. any suggestions?

  • martian

    i cant enter the village of lightwater n the game has saved me to this point. the gate and the stick of celery are both deactivated. any suggestions?

  • Guest

    my game always froze on the loading screens and now i can't use my weapons Fable III Sux >:(

  • Andy

    I have just finished getting the lost play ‘ham sandwich’ or sumot like that and now four men with boxes and lots of villagers are surrounding me and it say go to Samuel and there no where for me to go because when I press A to open the gate nothing happens. Any ideas?

  • anz

    i've just fast track to the castle to give my kid a teddy bear.when i teleport there im rite now floating in the air and the background is either white or im in the sky and the worst part of it i cant get out!! when i press start the game manager pops out not jasper so i have to start a new game !D: can anyone help?

  • alex

    When theresa explains the threat from Aurora and explains about being a good and bad thing I can’t do anything in game except pause so can’t actually continue the game which is a bugger!

  • Mark

    I’m really ticked off that you can’t even walk around with your wings out if this is not fixed I won’t buy shot from lionhead ever again it seems as if every new game they put out get worse and omg there’s so lazy in making their games each new game gets shorter glitchier and slower.

    • Fableplayer117

      your over reacting a tad.

  • Stormy

    i love this game. however, i tried playing it last night and i would be able to sign in and everything but the first loading screen would freeze everytime. I must have restarted it like 10 times and it wold freeze everytime. I cleaned off the disk, sprayed air duster into the system, and it still won't work. It works fine on my boyfriends profile but not mine. I really don't want to have to restart the game. Any suggestions on what it could be?

  • Adria

    I also fell through the floor during the masquerade party, in the balvarine room.

  • John Boy

    I dont get treasure when i open chests, nor when i dig or dive. Its very frustrating….

  • Edward

    wonder if there could be more uses for the guild seals. i open all items on the road to rule and i still have 1000 seals left. more dlc please

  • Edward

    i have problem with other heroes gift to me glitching. i get the gifts and accept them but when i return to my main game they are gone. can it be fixed

  • pissed off

    I saved my game before exiting the game and when I went back to play it erased about 10+ hours of my game. This needs to be fixed. I paid 80 bucks for the collectors addition and it does this, what a rip off

  • Ashleigh

    I've noticed a few things before it updated today so far it hasn't happend after the update, I managed to get stuck on nothing when I talked to the boat guy at the industrial dock, during LIVE co-op, I got stuck in between to stalls at brightwall both times i've had to restart the game. Also Jasper keeps telling me I have gifts when I clearly do not, nothing problematic just annoying. This only occured today after I updated, during the silverspine curse sidequest, I had just picked up the weapon (wolfsbanne) and started fighting the ghosts, with a mix of lightning and vortex, when they fell into the ground. I could still see their heads and was able to defeat them, it was all quite funny.

  • i cant tell you how much i love this game BUT i have had problem with it, but I want to tell you before hand, im not too sure if its mainly because of my system or the game itself. Ive try to find info and to see if anyone else out there experiment the same problem, but so far seem like im the only one. So after I completed a quest toward the end called "the stolen statue" my game keep freezing up and there's no way for me to do anything. when i reloaded the game, this would happen, the game will load, then it will automatically take me to fast traveled waiting screen then THERE it will then freeze up again. I thought it was because of the disc (since there was small cut at the back) so i went to gamestop and got it replace, but to my surprise it still doesnt work. 🙁 if anyone have any idea how to fix or advice please let me know. fable ftw!

  • Erika

    Some issue that I have that aren't really problems is when you are fighting people and the screen slow mos into an enemy that just dies, and while you are looking at this one dying enemy you are getting your butt beat by the people that have ran up to you and started hitting you. SO ANNOYING!

  • Chris

    First time I played it glitches at the end in weight of the world and I got annoyed so I restarted. Now I have spent over 24 hours exploring every little bit of the world I have come across and am on my way to meet the rebeals and now I can’t draw my weapons or cast magic everythig else works as far as I can tell. I quit for the night but if I have glitches again then I am done for sure. I will not invest more time in this game.

    • Ntd3000

      same here, playe it one right through with noproblems, but now my weapons hae just stopped working. very very annoyig

  • pixy1879

    I have also encounter the same voice issue after going to reevers mansion. Since then I can not hear any of the villagers talk unless I am directly interacting with them! Help

  • You've been warned

    In coop sometimes the invisible walls are none-existant and unless youve been in the area before you might get stuck and fall endlessly through the ground. You can't choose your expressions like in Fable 2. I've heard having anymore than 50 or so weapons causes the game to glitch (so you can't keep copies if your going for the collect all weapons achievement), the same happens when you have excessive amounts of gold… The most money you can give someone is 100,000 at a time which sucks when youve bought all the properties and have like 20 million with nothing to spend it on. The plot is short and fairly boring in comparison to the plots of Fable 2 and 1… I could seriously go on but you get the point… Fable 3 is a piece of shit, time-wasting game… you'd be better off spending your money on something else…

  • You've been warned

    SO FUCKING MANY GLITCHES IN THIS GAME DO NOT BUY IT… I ignored the small glitches all the way through now I'm 70 hours in and stuck. Mine freezes every 5 minutes, any load/save screen causes it to freeze like 95% of the time, so the most loading screens I can get through is like 2… I have a friend that is stuck in "The Game" Quest. My dog is a dumbass, who gets stuck in trees and barks at me when I'm standing on the dig spot. I've installed it to my hard drive and moved the save from my hard drive to memory unit… no luck with progressing. Early in the game annoying random framerate drops occured, you end up getting used to it until more glitches come along. I've been in two fights where my weapons wouldn't draw and my character wouldn't move (bringing me close to death… At least I think I was close to death I can't tell anymore because THE FUCKING LIFE BAR IS GONE)… Luckily I was saved by my co-op partner.

  • Firebug19

    My sanctuary and map table are glitched. There is no back button to leave so I cannot go into the sanctuary during a mission or I get stuck. Two of my friends have the same issue. One friend's save game glitched out and he had to restart right near the end of the game. I cannot buy or repair houses using the map table. Playing co-op over Live, my friend's character became invisible. My dog gets stuck frequently and my golden trail is missing more than it's visible. I'm really not impressed with this release. If it weren't for the bugs, it would be one of my favourite games. But the bugs just ruin it.

  • TheSketchyKid

    I can`t take out or use my weapon .. or even my magic ..
    can anyone help me ?

  • Addison

    I have a very serious glitch going on. It was working just fine a while ago, but I turned the game on a while agao, and now all the quest NPCs are missing, and all the Job NPC signs are missing, which keeps me from doing any quests or jobs. I don't know what's causing it, I restarted the game, it was still doing it, I restarted the console, its still doing it, I even started up a disc lens cleaner and cleaned the disc lens inside the 360 thinking maybe it couldnt read the whole game, but then I started the game up and its STILL doing it. All I can do is run around, theres no quests available because the NPCs are gone. HELP!!!! Also, @Jack Hooper did you complete the game as a pure hearted king? If you did, and you didn't donate to the treasury at all, then all the civillians die in the attack. If you want to be a good king, you have to raise the 7 million gold yourself, which isnt hard, just rent out houses, buy shops, and max out job levels to earn more money.

  • chris

    in the dark incarment mission or whatever its called i cant grab blind walters hand, i even restarted the quest, and that doesnt help, i really dont want to restart my game

  • max

    I can’t move at all or do anything apart from pause and move the camera. Stupid Microsoft!!!

  • that guy

    so here is the deal, good game… except for the bugs. my butler apparently lost his tongue or i ticked him off because he no longer speaks to me unless i'm in another world, and when i leave, so does there butlers voice. on top of that their is the common complaint of lag, quest issues, glitching dog, and sketchy scenery. personally i think lionshead should have focused more on the game and less on the butler…

  • Doc

    my glowey trail just disappears…..kind of annoying….and for some odd reason in my brothers game he had sex and managed to get a black child from a white wife…..awkward…

  • Fall glitch

    Potential game breaker here. I was in Aurora in co-op and when we went to go back to the main city, it wouldn't load the map transfer so i fell therough the door. Now I'm stuck falling endlessly. I press start to sanctuary, and it auto-saved on me while taking me to the cutscene menu. So now every time I load my game, I find my character still falling endlessly in Aurora. Any way to fix this?

    • You've been warned

      I know a few ways (because it has happened to me)… Online Ive heard that pressing both sticks up will eventually get you unstuck, I didn't try that so I can't verify; Ive heard letting yourself fall for a few days will eventually get you unstuck, I also haven't tried that; If you're married pressing up on the d-pad brings you to the fast travel map; and the solution that got me unstuck was making your partner quit then rejoin. He'll be free, then get him to search for a dig site. Dig up an article of clothing and press x to be teleported to the sactuary to try the clothing on. I got stuck near the entrance to veiled path in shifting sands. If youre in the main city he could also buy clothing from a shop then teleport to the sanctuary

  • Ben

    my caracter cant use his weponds or open anything.helppppppp

  • Teddy

    me and my friend were playing in his game over xbox live
    and in the aurora mission his weapons just disappeared and therewas no way of getting them back he couldnt use anything magic nothing! we got to theend of the mission where he needs to kill something for it to go past but he has no weapons so we cant get past it ?

  • Save Problem ?

    The Saving, Multiple saving withing a 10+ hour period of gaming ( I'm strict when it comes to saving ), yet when i return to the game the next day the game seems to have ignored every save that i have .. well . saved. Now not only do i have to make up 10+ hours of gaming that have been lost but also must i endure the game for a third time. Oh how i do miss those menus from time to time.

  • uh…help?

    yeah I can't draw any weapons and my enemies don't even aknowledge me but it works fine for my brother on his xbox WTF?

  • Tiniesha

    After I beat the game, I can't find elliot or my kid (she is black also, not racist just don't know how that happened). I was good but I had enough money to save all the people, too. I've tried going to my house, searching all the towns, but I can't find him.

  • Christopher Hutto

    I did a fast travel, and instead of opening in the destination I chose, my hero is floating in the sky unable to do anything. When I fast travelled it auto-saved, and now every time I try to load my game, I get my hero floating in the sky. when I pause it doesn't go to the sanctuary, it goes to the options menu. Is there anything I can do to remedy this, or do I have to start all over again, having just waisted all the game play up to this point? If I start over, will it do it again? I have enjoyed the game until now. I can live with minor glitches, understanding that it's a small price to pay for improved gameplay and visuals, but this is ridiculous.

    • Kevin

      Dude the same thing happened to me!

      I fast traveled to the castle with my wife and i turn up to be flying in the sky and the game autosaved it at the same time. I tried everything. Idk what to do now. I dont want to make a new game because i have been through so muchh that i dont want to go through again.

  • Zac

    Quest: The Game
    Objective: "Find the princess."
    I have killed every wolf in the area, approached the door, and it will not open. There is no "Hold A to Open the Door" prompt that would normally show up in a situation like this. There is only one door to the tower, and there is no way to open it. I cannot fast travel out of this location. I have tried resetting the game, and my character is autosaved in this location. This is ridiculous. Next time Lionhead releases a game, they need to finish it first.

  • jolly

    i can not see any of the job signs…..

  • Joshua

    I've had to start over twice now, the first time I completely blew threw everything and became king saved and cut off the game. The next day I turned the xbox back on, and none of the achievements I had acquired were there and neither were my avatar items. The second time through I took my time, I had tons of Gold, several legendary weapons, and had opened one golden door. I started to co-op the Reaver Mansion mission with a buddy of mine who was around the same place in the story, during the first round against the hobbes we tore through the the first batch with out any difficulty and when the second group of hobbes should have spawned nothing happened. It just sat there, the music still played, however Reaver didn't talk, Page wasn't moving at all and I couldn't fast travel to any location on the map because I was in the middle of a quest. These two problems highly frustrated me almost to the point of never playing again, but being the fan of Fable that I am I decided to give it one more go on a new play through and luckily I haven't had any problems on this run.

  • jayden

    My xbox says "Game needs update but update could not be found" then it sends me back to the dashboard?? WTF

  • Vexed

    My problem with the game is that i did a mission ( the mission where you go into the game board when you get shrunk) completed it but it won't end.

  • fable fan

    i hate not having several characters im fable 2 i had a good male and female a bad pair and a few im between this game colud be better if game designers realized ppl like to have several files and characters to game with and stop with the stupid online acheviments i play 1st person shooters online not fantasy rpg games online only thing that is good for is dlc

  • Alex

    i cant play fable 3 anymore after new dashboard update

    • You've been warned

      Try deleting your cache (I think you go to memory and then hit y then like reset cache or something, DO NOT format – from the description I think it will erase all saves and data on your hard drive) and then reloading the fable content when you start it up Im not sure how you could solve this problem

  • guest

    Can't take walter's hand in Darkness Incarnate quest. I don't want to start a new char 🙁

    • Joshua

      I had this same problem last night actually. Simply go to the Sanctuary save and turn off the console. Turn it back on and it should work, at least that is how I did it. Good luck my friend.

  • Russ

    I love fable 3, I have my complaints about the usual stuff like armor being cosmetic and blah, blah, blah but after getting totally hooked on this newest installment of the fable series I found myself stuck (literally) in a rock after vaulting over a wall in Aurora. I had already beaten the game once and, unfortunately, the character I was using when I found myself in this situation was the character I had decided to explore the game in depth with. 4 maxed out legendary weapons, 7.5 million gold, 5 families, almost every building purchased, 24+ hours spent on the character….I am EXTREMELY frustrated. Because I was in the middle of a quest when this problem occurred I cannot fast travel.

    A video example similar to my problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C91JisHGIpk&fe

    The most recent patch for the Xbox has not resolved the problem. Please, please, please patch the clipping problem. Oh, and Jasper hasn’t said a word in days…too bad too I’m a big fan of John Cleese.

  • Annonymous

    My character can't gain guild seals. I can kill a pack of wolves or a gang of bandits but the amount of seals never increases. Does anyone know why?

  • Sad Hannah

    Played through the game once with no issue.

    Playing through the second time: flourishes started shutting my Xbox off for no reason.
    The problem spread to general combat on occasion, and now, even the scene in the beginning where your character performs his/her first flourish shuts the system off.

    I'm not entirely sure if this is a game glitch, or a system malfunction. There aren't even any flashing lights that usually go along with a random shut-down.