Chevy Volt Options: Customize and Configure Yours

By Peter Chubb - Oct 27, 2010

When GM first announced the Chevy Volt we knew two things; it was not a hybrid and it was going to cost more than your standard hatchback. However, over time it has now become clear that one of them facts was not entirely true – the Volt is a sort of hybrid, which you can read more about in my previous post.

We do know that the price is still on the expensive side – but this has to be expected when new technology comes to market. Chevrolet now has a new “Customize Your Vehicle” page, allowing you to choose from a number of different options.

The first thing I was drawn to on the page was the price; $41,000 is a lot of money – let’s just hope that this car is worth the wait and the money? It is hard to know what to class the Volt as, General Motors tell us that it is not a hybrid, and we know that it is not an electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf – so what is it?

There are so many options for you to choose from, the first choice is picking your interior and exterior color – that took the price up right away. The second choice you see is either “Rear Camera and Park Assist Package” or the “Premium Trim Package”. Given the choice of the two I would go for the former.

The only other choice is what kind of wheels you would like; these are either “Painted or Polished Aluminum Wheels. The latter will cost you $595 extra – it seems as if GM want to earn as much money as possible from the Volt.

Which options will you choose from your Chevy Volt?

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