Windows Phone 7: No Custom Ringtones – Does it matter?

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2010

We have some somewhat disappointing news to bring you now, as it has been reported that Windows Phone 7 handsets will ship without the ability to set a custom ringtone. We have a video to show you evidence of this.

As reported from Engadget, a hands-on video of the upcoming HTC Surround has surfaced over at PocketNow, in which they specifcally guide users through the various default ringtones available on the handset.

However, after watching the video,you may be surprised to hear that there isn’t an option to set a custom ringtone, so if you plan to buy one at launch, you’ll have to make use of one of the preset tones.

This could be a deal breaker for some of you, especially to those who would like to at least have the option to add their favorite 80s track on their smartphone.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this a major issue for you or not?

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  • napa

    Its that Zune software shit!

  • What the fuck

    I didn't know that a function simple and fundamental as this would not exist in the new phones. I am raging hard right now.

    A phone from 7 years ago has a function like this, and these new phones don't? Microsoft, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?

    • right?! new phones can DO more, but they have far more restrictions as far as consumer modifications go, i remember my samsung from 5 years ago could plug in thru usb and i could edit the phones system folders and add files such as mp3s and person ringtones… No prob, but now in 2011 we CANT!!?

  • Ring-O

    Andy, lots of people do. A custom ringtone is as personal as clothes, it helps you identify as an individual. If everyone wore grey jackets or drove white cars streetscenes would be dull. Do all coffee drinkers only drink Starbucks coffee? No, they want choice and they want a ringtone that they like, not have to have some corporate dictator telling them what to use. All other modern OSs allow custom ringtones because people want them. Phones are pretty much all the same, they certainly all do the same things so the ringtone is one of very few ways they can be customised.

  • Andy

    Who really cares about their ringtone anyway apart from 13 year old girls?

    • Richard

      I do , I run a paint ball site . My normal ring tones on my old phones have been high pitched very loud ones like the Psycho theme tune . so that I can hear it when I am out side in the wind and rain being shot at . So far I have missed 9 phone calls , all of which have lost me money . Boo ;-{

      I down loaded some loud ring tones from the HTC Market place , and guess what , YOU CANT USE THEM AAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!! I rang up Orange ( the service supplier ) and they told me very rudely that it was nothing to do with them .

    • Jussi

      I do as well. There is no single "normal" ringtone, plain old telephone ringing type of tones. Just these gay jingles.

    • I care because i do not like like a single one of the ring tones provided, besides its kind of boring having a "bing-ding-ding-dongggg" and 30 variations of bings, dings, dongs, and beeps… honestly the ringtones provided are crap and sound like polyphonic / midi tones from pre-mp3 phones – horrible! i dont need 180 ringtones from the top 100 pop music charts, however it would be nice to upload a few of my home made ring tones from a band that i like =/

      with that said, my answer is No, its not a dealer breaker – but like i said i dislike all of the pre-loaded ringtones. also kind of a HUGE let down that microsoft overlooked a simple feature many consumers would expect any phone made in the last 5 years to have, let alone a modern smart phone!

      And everyone I have told about WP7 not allowing the use of custom ringtones has giving me a look of confusion and responds with "wow, thats kind of a deal breaker for me…" so my question is WHY? Why microsoft did you chose to leave out such a simple feature that is a HUGE dealer breaker to a huge number of consumers?! do you like missing out on a large number of possible consumers over this tinny little detail? all i have to say is if you want to sell more WP7 products, you better fix this asap. im going to say 50% of consumers are going to turn towards iphone or android the second they realize they cant use their favorite tune to alert them of an incoming call.

  • mikee

    No Ke$ha ringtones for you.

  • mugen

    for me it's a deal breaker, if you can't do something as common as that what else will surface that you can't do. was holding off my upgrade to get wp7 but there seems to be a fair bit missing

  • Brian

    On the Windows Phone site it gives you a how-to to change the ringtone and mentions getting ringtones from the Marketplace (