Were Cell Phones Around In 1928: Video Proof?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 26, 2010

There is a rumor going around that the cell phone was around way back in 1928 – yes you did read that right. There is a video on YouTube that talks of the possibility that a time traveler was seen using a mobile phone, while she was an extra in Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus movie.

I know what you are thinking, and I think the same thing – so what other explanation is there? You have to watch the video below, it certainly is convincing. We can clearly see that she is holding something, there have been suggestions of an ear horn – but I have never seen one held like that.

There are a number of other explanations, such as shielding her eyes from the sun; again I have never seen someone do it like that. I am certainly puzzled for a number of reasons.

First of all, whom could she be talking too? Last time I read up on the history of the mobile phone there were no cell towers back in 1928. Then again, if she is from the future, then chances are so is the person on the other end of the phone. If they have the technology to time travel, then I am sure they will know how to communicate with each other?

Take a look at the video and give us your explanation.

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  • Kym

    First to Dusty – I LOVE the lincoln/Gunsmoke comment. Just wanted to state some facts- first, this footage is from the premiere of a cplin film. This is not a movie et andthe wo is not an extra. Further, deaf lip readers claim she said

    “Oh my God, I’m on the set of a Charlie Chaplin movie”. As if she was

    Just realizing where it was she “landed” (for lack of a better word). It

    Probably looked like a move set because of the props used and

    Cameramen filming. No matter how homely this person is, she isn’t

    Over 105 years old, which shed have to be to be holding a cell

    Phone. If secret government projects existed I’m fairly sure

    They would have been a little more careful with whom they shared their

    Secrets. I doubt this elderly woman was working for the government. Also

    You cannot purchase a DVD and then edit it, no matter what type of

    Software you have. If you rent this DVD you will see this footage

    In the Extras section. You’re giving this guy WAY too much credit

    To think he came up with this to plot a major youtube video and plan

    That the concomitant publicity would make him famous… Can’t anyone

    Admit that we don’t know everything and there are some things that

    Can’t be explained, no matter how brilliant you are?


    Now you know the Illuminati have been fabricating time and events within this universe and beyond. It's time to take them away from all time and events concerning the future of mankind. That future is ours unwelcome aliens. Leave all universes eternally.
    The warrior of Truth

  • cars


  • Mary

    Not of the future but the present. We are always crossing over in time and not knowing it. Usuallyh when we sleep. Everything we do has already been done, there is nothing new under the sun. We have all been in different places at different times.

  • john viterbo

    crazy stuff there is alot of things that cant be explane'd crazy but i do believe it

  • Xtreme

    Its a hearing aid from 1925

  • pplrstupid

    lmfao are you guys serious? S/he's clearly scratching her/his ear..you can see it at the end when he zooms in

  • TimeTraveler

    That was me on the cellular device, it was an iphone 8g. And i am from the year 2324. The world was ending in dec 2012, but dont worry i saved you guys..see you all in 300+ yrs…

    • I.LoveMyFlyingCar!!

      Ahahhaha , IKR ?! too bad they only made 3 time machines in the world … and 1 was stolen sumwhere around 2300's …. 🙁

  • TheInformant2010

    Does anyone else notice the zebra patterned horse? I mean, WTF!!!!

  • TheInformant2010

    You all are crazy if you think that we are the only beings on this earth….with 911, the illuminati, and so many other conspiracies, there isn't no telling what is and has been going on in the world! I'm sorry, I guess you all have never heard of the CIA!! Hum, I wonder why they exist? Duh, for sh*t like this! Not to mention the many UFO's that I have seen flying around! Don't associate UFO with aliens…it is an unidentified flying object…for those who think I am comparing the woman to an alien, but hell, she may just be one! Wake up and do your research people! THINK ABOUT IT!!….love & peace

  • Blah

    This is from same era. Hand piece is similar. Maybe a more refined version? http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=26165

  • sandy is my chick

    wait is that 4 realz!?!?!? DAYUM TIME TRAVELER!!!! But da real ? is who is she talkin to? another time traveler?????

  • Sandy is my girl =)


  • mama

    didn't read through all of the comments, but did the person disappear after looking towards the camera, or am I seeing things?

  • amanda ash

    This is unreal… I LOVE IT….!!!

  • Nette

    my theory.. the square blackness you can see is the end of a glove, traditonal wear for a woman in that era.
    if she was an actress she may have been rehearsing some lines, and one good way to hear how you sound to others is to hold your hand up against you ear to pull the earlobe forward. her look of suprise is because she got caught rehearsing.

    • TheInformant2010

      The last thing you said made no sense! Why would she be rehearsing if she was an extra for the movie? Some people are so ignorant!

  • Roy

    This is obviously fake. He's just trying to bring attention to himself & his movies. He stated himself he makes movies. Shouldn't be too hard for him to include some "extra" footage to a movie.

    Also, there's NO way a cell phone could operate back then without a cell phone tower. Regardless of all idiotic responses, there are some BASIC fundamental things needed for technological devices to work. Cell phones first & foremost among them.

    So yeah, this is fake. The man did some movie edititng. Not too dificult to do nowadays with all these PC programs available today.

    • Dusty

      Why would he edit a movie from the 1920's to bring attention on himself? If he were going to do something as crazy as insert a cell phone into a Charlie Chaplin movie, why not go a little crazier and insert Charlie Chaplin into his own movie and claim he's a time traveler instead?

  • hfi3m

    how do you people hold a phone? definitely not like that! pretty sure this is just another stunt to get people to but these movies that no one has heard of before this

  • fred morales

    Its possible, that this person may have been an inventor of technology, and may have been a prototype. But what is odd is that nobody seems to be surprized or give her any attention. It seems pretty normal to everyone . Maybe she wasnt all there, and had visions of the future, or dreams which revealed to her what the future would look like, and she was just acting out what she had seen in visions or dreams. O r maybe its a trick for the deception of man in getting him to believe in a time travelor to get publicity, into believing, then when the end is near they will use the time travelor to answer the question, or bring into detail such as aliens or a answer to what cannot be answered. such as the pyramids or the crop pictures, but all in all it could a time travelor with a phone or a person like I said who was a inventor…

  • jarod

    its funny to me but does anyone else think that in the footage it seems as if she disappears right infront of the camera?

  • anonymous

    tape recorder?

    • Dusty

      Tape recorders were not invented until the late 50's or 60's.

  • zack

    there are some technologies that are secretly in use now but will be revealed to the public in the next 100 yrs or so ,the people in-charge tend to keep somethings to themselves for some reasons. i disagree with the issue of time travelling , it is possible tht a few secretive individuals used fones back in the 1920s

    • Dusty

      You're right, people watched television in the 1850's and Abraham Lincoln never missed an episode of Gunsmoke. That makes perfect sense.

  • Vux

    Maybe that woman/man war retard so he speaked on some cinf of horn like flinsons

  • SES

    Walkie Talkie?

  • ARG

    How would a cell phone be used? Therer would have been no cell towers.

    • arc

      Dude…If you could travel back in time 82 years you could probably figure out the whole phone reception thing….I'm just sayin'

  • gigabait

    She is obviously talking to a potato !