Verizon iPhone 2011: Preparations for Release Begin?

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2010

We have more details on the Verizon iPhone saga to bring you now, as it has been reported that Verizon are hiring hundreds of extra calling staff, thought to be specifcally employed to deal with the launch of the iPhone on Verizon.

According to this report from Apple Insider, Teleperformance and Ryla are the call center companies that have been named and they are the ones who have been told to look for hundreds of jobs for a ‘major wireless cell phone service retailer’.

Apple Insider reports that these companies have also worked for Verizon in the past, and Apple too, so you can presume that the unnamed company which is creating these hundreds of jobs is Verizon.

There are further hints on the official websites for both of these companies, but they seem to be careful not to reveal the company name to the public.

Read the full report over at Apple Insider and let us know your thoughts on this.

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