Sony PSP2: Price Cut to PSP Go won’t Change Anything

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2010

You may have heard yesterday that Sony quietly announced a global price cut for their flop PSP Go, but how will a $50 price cut really change things for the company particularly when the PSP 2 is already on the horizon.

If you case you missed it, Sony announced that the PSP Go is now available for $199, down from the original price of $249. The cut is also effective in Europe and Japan with the new price set at £159.99, discounted from £199.99 and ¥16,800 for the Japanese market ($200/£132).

While hardware price cuts are always welcome, we doubt there will be many of you rushing to stores straight away to buy a PSP Go at the new price point, as $199 may still seem too much in some gamer’s eyes.

We are hearing fresh details on the PSP2 by the day now and it is probably worth while to save that $199 until the PSP2 lands next year – around fall time if rumors are to be believed.

The new price cut may appeal to consumers who have never owned a PSP system in the past, but to everyone else who still has a standard PSP, it still isn’t worth it.

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • jamie

    i got the psp go at 199 with 10 free downloads. i love it it is fantastic. but i stil think i will be getting the psp2, ill just sell my go on ebay like i did with my 1000 to even get the psp go!