Shenmue 3: Do You Want It?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 26, 2010

Ah, the Shenmue series. A game that has been slowly disappearing since it came out on Dreamcast all those years ago. Since then, we may have had a slight indication that it would come back into existance, or is that just like every other SEGA comment that says “we still think about Shenmue.”

Since we were told that Shenmue 3 was not in the pipeline, and wouldn’t be for a considerable amount of time, SEGA always keep us on a knife edge by saying that they still want to make it, or that at present it is not in production, but we may do something in the future.

But what is the real reason SEGA don’t want to continue with production? Bad sales they say? If I remember rightly, the game was among the top 3 best selling games for the Dreamcast, so how can “poor sales” be the reason for it’s demise?

In recent times, the closest we have come to some sort of Shenmue game is that of Shenmue Online, a game that looked like it tried to hard to follow in the footsteps of World of Warcraft, with no genuine substance and a recently announced ‘Shenmue Town‘ game which will be coming out for mobiles soon. I can quite safely say that the latter does not make the grade at all.

On top of this, we have had some news that the first two Shenmue games would be making their way to modern consoles and would be made available from PSN.

The fact of the matter is, whatever future Shenmue may have, it may be a long time before we see Ryo Hazuki get revenge for his fathers death by avenging and killing Lan Di. I just don’t understand how you could leave a story so epic, especially at the point we left it at to just disappear into thin air.

If Shenmue 3 was to go into production, would you buy it? Do you want it more than anything?

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  • jason

    i would buy it on no matter what system it comes out on. even 360 even tho i hate that version of microsoft. millions of people are willing to pay whatever for it.

  • Alex

    Yessssss!!!!! any console to play Shenmue 3, the best game ever!!!!

  • Kev

    think we are all in agreement here, think if sega asked the fans would pay for the production of this as well, via donations direct to sega.

    Much loved game, which NEEDS an ending, i dont really care which console it gets released on, i would buy the game the day it was released.

  • i want them to bring all of them out on xbox360

  • i want them bring all of them back out on the xbox360

  • michael

    yeah i also agree! i would buy the third one on anything they make it on but i badly want it on ps3!!

  • michael

    yes make it on ps3 and ill make sure it sells like crazy! i promise i gotta have it!

  • Radchek

    Hell yeah, I'd buy it even if it was released on a last gen console…..or some new fangled console that cost hundreds of dollars!!!

  • Alby

    I’d buy any console to play Shenmue 3, both the originals are my favorite games of all time. There has been no game on any platform, in my opinion, that has come close to involving the gamer as much as Shenmue did.

    Come on Sega! Just ask Microsoft nicely and they’ll give you some money!

  • ryo hazuki7

    Anyone who wants Shenmue 3 and would like to see the first two ported to hopefully get this, please join this facebook group. Thanks.!/group.php?gid

  • Hassassin

    I would buy whatever console shenmue gets released on just to finish the story!!

  • wuying

    yeah we want it more then anything, sega at least give us the xbla and psn ports to make us happy and have a shine of hope