Paul Jr. Designs Anti-Venom Bike: Not Black Widow

By Peter Chubb - Oct 26, 2010

If you have ever watched an episode of American Chopper you will know that it is all about theme bikes. We mentioned a few weeks ago that Paul Jr. parted with the company to start up Paul Jr. Designs; you may wonder why we would be talking about this? Well Paul recently built the Anti-Venom bike, and you will agree that it is an awesome looking machine.

Fans of American Chopper will know that this bike has a few design features from OCC’s Black Window Bike – this is not surprising as Paul Jr. designed that bike as well. You do not have to be a genius to understand the meaning of the name and look of the bike, which Eric Ellis from Hot Bike Web explains it in more detail and has a number of images

Most of the bike had to be designed by hand; this is because the workshop does not have all the machines that OCC has, such as the CNC machine. The wheels have much more detail to them than the Black Window, these have more depth and take on a 3D effect – something that is very popular at the moment.

It is great to see that Paul and his school friend Vinnie are working with each once again, but I believe that if they truly want to build better bikes, then they had better get Rick Petko to help with the gas tanks.

Do you think that the Anti-Venom is better than the Black Widow Bike?

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  • Robert Johnson

    The way I saw things in the episodes, Senior in his mind is the master, however I could not see any evidence of his creative or technical ability. If you had to have a one on one with out any support, Seniors bike will be a death trap if it even makes it out the show room. The art of leadership is pulling people together not creating a divide – well is Paul Senior a leader ? I personally don't think he will survive very long on his own – even with the best people around him he lacks the basic ability to create harmony in the work place whilst increasing the productivity and creative thinking – If I had to start a shop Vinnie would be on my list – so Paul treat Vinnie like you want to be treated – hope you will work hard and make a success – your dad is your dad but he has some serious issues. What Father takes his son to court – not cool at all Robert South Africa

  • Double D

    What made OCC famous was the feud that went on week after week. The bikes were secondary-while a showcase of the show-the personalities kept people glued-well at least for a couple years. So break it down-Dad and son became famous, a few others got universal recognition and they reaped the rewards form becoming a televised brand that exploded, in wealth, acclaim and egos. Here it is in a nutshell-Senior should get over it-the company is not what it was, and Discovery wants to run it as long as they get the endorsements through advertising. Paul Junior-goes to work for himself and now carries a company on his shoulders for real. So now he has to show up at work-but still Vinnie holds it together-while not being able to escape and make it on his own. So he goes back to Paulie-and good thing-Vinne runs circles around Paul. Many things have been said-and are continuing to fuel the flames-but now is the true time to move on-without a TV show-they are nothing else than motorcycle builders. So get to the core here right-MAN UP Senior, and Junior. Mikey-get your thumb out of your ass and grow some balls-you're an adult now-do something with yourself and get a job. You are the most pathetic of the entire clan my man… You're a whiner. Wipe your nose and grow the F up! All of you should just buckle up and get in for the long haul of family relations. And last note-when was it okay for a therapist to tell another patient what one patient says about another-that is a joke! Time to change the channel folks-this one is baked.

  • AaX


  • johnny bananas

    why dont ya all take some english classes…eh??? Can't hardly understand a damn word!

  • jason young

    hi paul iv bn watcn ur show evry week over here in australia an we wish u luck with ur dad an tha business… ur dadz a wanka an u seem like a gr8 bloke an hope u get tha $$ ur owed az u put ur life into occ aswell.. KEEP UP THA GR8 BIKEZ BOYZ.. WILL B WATCH'N YA KICK YA DADZ ASS…

  • Jethro

    Have been watching American Chopper from the beginning. Most people can only dream about the success that OCC enjoyed with Sr. and Jr. together. It wouldn't have hurt Jr. to get to work on time out of respect for his father. There are a lot of people out there earning a lot less money than he did w/OCC, who have to be to work at a certain time. Having said that, anybody with half a brain can see that it was Jr.'s designs that gave OCC the success that they had. It's a shame that Sr. and Jr. couldn't have found some way to work it out. OCC is not the same anymore w/out Jr. Hope Jr.'s business is a success. One day, on TV we are all going to be watching Sr. walking around in an empty shop. Life's too short Sr. If I had the money, I would buy a bike from Jr.

  • Richard

    I found this post from a guy named "Andy" to be informative to what's happening with Junior and Senior. I agree with you mike. I too would take a bike from either shop for the simple fact those OCC bikes are Pauly's designs (which made OCC what it is today) in the first place. Enjoy the article.

    “As everyone now knows, Vinnie and Cody have left the business to form their own company V-Force Customs. It appeared from that episode that Vinne had finally had enough of Paulie and OCC taking all the credit for all his work.”
    Vinnie, who i personally know, left the shop because he was sick of all the fighting going on.
    And in the end, what you can also see when you watch the show, Senior started to put the fights between him and junior onto Vince. Vince was blamed by senior because of all things in the end. Mikey would probably tell you the same.

    “And you guys may remember Mike Campo from the early shows. I actually talked with him in person a few years back and he basically told me that he left because he was sick of Paulie and couldn’t work with him any more. Remember the Statue of Liberty Chopper?”
    Thats what Campo said. In fact Campo just did whatever he wanted never listening to Junior.
    The Liberty bike, Junior wasn’t friend with the idea of that face in the first place. And Senior forced this idea and Campo onto him.
    Senior thought it was a good idea, and then he had to “play boss” like he usually did.

    Senior did the exact same on the Caterpillar bike. Just this time he did it just to piss junior off.
    All the way you can see how he tries to push juniors buttons in that episodes.

    Thats also something vinnie agreed when i talked to him about it.

    Campo was a good worker, just he and junior didn’t fit.
    If you then got a boss acting like an asshole that forces you to work togheter, even tho he knows it won’t work… well there you go. Blame senior for it.

    Also blame senior for junior to leave OCC once for all.
    He never was able to bring in any constructive critique. All he did was attacking personal, and in the end it got worse and worse.
    Senior lost controll over OCC, other people are running that company, he still owns it, but thats it.

    Because of his loss of control, and mindwashing by a certain guy in the same office, mikey left.
    Senior and the others started bulling mikey out of that company. He didn’t just go into rehab because of his drinking, but also because of the Problems his father and his “Officebuddy” caused by treating him like shit.

    Junior acted quite a bit like a queen, as a matter of fact.
    He was pissed by stupid choices his father made.

    The bikes they did after junior left where’nt that way thanks to Senior, Mike and the other builders left.
    If you look close enough, its the new chief designer Jason Pohl who is responsible for that.
    Mike Amorati, Christian Welter, Rick Petko. They are great fabricators. In case of rick probably way ahead of junior.
    But that didn’t make the bikes any better then those junior worked on with vinnie and rick.

    In the End all you ever see is senior and his office buddy still trying to blame junior and mikey for everything.
    Even now that they are gone, senior can’t stop blaming junior and talking bad about him in the company.
    He brings up lies and such when stating “Junior said he gives a shit if you guys get your money to feed your familys”, when in fact junior just said “you pushed me out of the company. And i want to opt out. How you pay your workes and bills is not my concern anymore”

    From June 12th, 2010

  • Mic

    I think Paul Jr. has shown by his actions that that most or all of his fathers complaints were not legitimate. Paul Jr. has shown a great work ethic and is working hard at getting his new business going. That was always Paul Sr's main complaint. Paul Sr's recent behavior has been very sad and I feel bad for his family and those around him. Now that Paul Jr is working hard you would think Paul Sr would back off and act like a father. I also think that the workers at OCC that previously worked with Paul Jr should rethink their bad attitude towards Paul Jr. I think Vinnie is a great roll model and a wonderful parent for his kids.

  • tredogg

    I think jr was the reason occ got as big as they are.all paul sr. Can build are old school bikes witch in my opinion suck all sr. Does is bolt on parts that are off the da man and will out do occ most definitely and send them to an early grave. Paul jr.designs up occ down.

  • Bob

    I have always enjoyed american chopper show. I have always been put off by the abusive interaction but I realized like negative news selling the same dramatic action alures an audiance. that being said it seems a bit too coreagraphed and timely photographed tobe real with both sides in a legal battle knowing what the other said and how they would react. that wont keep me from watching i still enjoy the show. life is too short to keep conflict in ones life with parents and thier children. If this situation is totally real and not just scripted for ratings, You should resolve your issues and realize that when someone dies that there are no more opportunities for resolution. I am 60 years old and would love one more day to spend with my dad. Good luck in your endeavors on the show, building bikes and in life.

  • Wayne

    I have been watching the show for awhile now, and I can understand Sr,s thoughts and way of thinking. I to am a recovering drunk for over 20 years now, THANK GOD But the fact that Sr's always saying it's all about family. He has a strange way of showing it. How can you call your children the names he does, and expect them not to get tired of it. I have learned that if you call a person a piece of shit long enough, that they are going to start believeing it. I think Jr got out just in time.

  • Jerry Dearing

    Paulie,Thanks for finally making your move away from Your dad. The Bible says " Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it". Your dad blew that, but, thank God you've taken the high road and not saying evil,hurtful, and nasty things about your own family.Your dad is a sad lonely old man who has alienated his whole family and now with his evil spirit lost his whole family!Paul Sr., may God have mercy on your miserable soul!Paulie, God bless you ,Mikie,Vinnie,et al as you do great things

    • Jerry Dearing

      Paulie, just a followup on my note 11 months ago. It’s been great to watch PJD’s maturity over these months.Mickie’s healing and maturity has been very gratifing along with even greater maturity and quality with your bike building. It’s still so disheartining to see Paul Sr to continue to decline with blaming  you for all the negatives he has personally created for the whole Teutle family.I believe his only hope for peace and joy in his life is in Jesus Christ! It surely Has healed  me!! GOD SPEED AND BEST WISHES!!

  • Dave Baker

    I wish Paul Jr all the luck, Paul Sr says he can out do Jr, but it isn't him doing the design or even what I saw him do on his shows is building one. Seems like all he did was mess stuff up when he attempted anything. I wish Discovery channel would split the airing times. I know I would watch Jr and boycott Sr.

  • big al

    the show sucked parts were off the shelf exept for a hand made tank once and a while chopper shop for wana be bikers bought thier bikes there instant biker just add bike

  • Jose Antonio Rivera

    Hey man Im from San Juan Puerto Rico i got a great ideaa for you pauly first i fight with my oldman all the time and i know is not right but remember family is thicker than money after all once your money is gone all you got left is the memories you and your dad have . may you vinnie, mickey, and your dad make up before its too late your dad is not young anymore, I know he might be a ass sometimes but he is still your dad. my idea concept country bikes hey you cant start with a Puerto Rican concept bilke. The borigua chopper. ill helpm you get the cash tell me how much in ill get fund raising. will used to promote Puerto Rico and Paul Jr desings all over the caribe. Could you image a jamaican rugged chopper. how kool is that.. peace out love you all from my casa es tu casa .PR hay que rico..

  • mary ann

    Senior has to let it go. He is being childish with his pranks. Let Jr make his way and stop harassing him. Riding by his shop and dressing a dummy and sending it off a ramp. Grow up and take care of your own business. Senior you need help……

  • Mike

    seniors bikes now seem to have a production look to them now kind of a bland look don't get me wrong they are beautiful bikes but they don't seem to have that distict look that says "Orange County Choppers"
    Senior may have owned the company but it's Junior that has th imagination…that being said I'd take a bike from either lol

  • bob

    I wish Paul jr. and Vinnie the best. Its not a easy to start a new business theses days. Good luck ! i know you can do it, and thanks for being a up scale friend and bring Vinnie back. If i was a rich man i would invest in your business. I'll be watching to see you kick sr. ass.

  • Goldie-NZ

    man u guys are the best. i wont b able to live wothout your show. keep up the top work.

  • Leftyrh

    I like Paul Jr but we all have to admit that Jr did create some of his own problems – leaving during work hrs or not showing up at all. Paul Sr. – yes he is an butt – took all the credit when he had nothing to do with the design and building – and now uses his money in an attempt to take Jr's customers- and just treated his sons like trash. Jr and Vinny should be able to create and build some reallt good bikes and I just hope that Jr.s gives credit where credit is deserved. Don't make the same mistakes your dad did.

  • sam

    how long does that take

  • Tom Ockerman

    Hey Paul Went through the same kind of crap with my dad when i was young.I'm almost 60 now have put that way in my past.I have been working on bikes now for 44 years my personals were 7 Triumphs a 42 flathead with a suicide and a 57 pan,Last bike i had was a 1800 honda loved it but can't ride no more because of my back but still love to work on them.Keep up your excellent work keep God 1st and still love your dad.Bless you bro.Tom Ockerman

  • rick

    ya i like paul jr better than his dad because he has too much cussing his son right front my kid

  • chris

    it is a shame that all of you all cant get a long. i can tell your dad misses you all and it is a shame that money has came between the family. paul you need to just go and give your dad a hug and tell him you love him cause when you two are together building magic happens. never let anything come between you and your family. what would you think if something were to happen to him? or vise versa

  • Speedhd

    I have enjoyed watching American Chopper and the bikes being built. The one thing I could not stand and the reason I stopped watching the shop was the never ending fighting and cussing between Paul sr and Paul Jr. the building and design of the bikes was most done by the crew in the shop not Paul Sr. He would come out stick himself into the build, change things, yell at Paul jr and others then say how great he was. I have no doubt that at one time Pual Sr built great bikes but when was the last one he built done? When was the last one designed by him? When was the last time he put down, yelled at , cussed at and out down Paul Jr? the last time they were together. He even drove over to Pauls new shop to park a new bike and put Paul Jr down. I really believe Paul Jr will do well with his new company and the bikes he designs. As a parent Paul Sr should have lead by example and should have taken the high road in all things. The way he treated Paul Jr and Mike was boardering on mental abuse.

    • Skyk

      I could not have said it better, thank you for putting my feelings in to word's. CK

  • Alan Anderson

    I am a 73 year old motorcyclist and have two grown children, a boy and girl. I was constantly appalled by the abusive language and actions taken by Sr. toward his boys. I wish Paul, Jr. luck with his new endeavor and look forward to the TV show's coverage of his progress. I love his innovative bike designs and wish I could afford one. I am retired and live in sw Florida, an area where I am not comfortable riding a motorcycle due to the hazardous driving conditions in this area (essentially very aggressive driving behavior of some drivers, and unpredictable actions by others who are not full time residents).
    Alan A., Fort Myers, FL