Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Demo Arrives on Xbox Live

By Jamie Pert - Oct 26, 2010

If you are fed up with all the delay’s to Gran Turismo 5 this coming holiday season, what better way to null the pain than by playing the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo that was released today on Xbox Live.

Along with the demo, EA are also giving players who download and play the game 500 Cop Bounty and 500 Racer Bounty if and when you buy the full game. All you need to do is to make sure you use the same EA Account in the demo and in the full game.

To download the demo which is around 1.4GB, you must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription and it can be found via the Xbox Live Marketplace or you can add it to your download queue from this page.

The description from the Xbox Live Marketplace for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is quoted below: –

Experience the intensity of Cops versus Racers for the connected generation with one Hot Pursuit and one Race event that challenges each player to set the best times amongst their friends. These times are tracked via the groundbreaking Need for Speed Autolog, a new in-game technology that dynamically recommends personalised gameplay to players based on what their friends have been playing. Play the demo and you’ll receive 500 Cop Bounty and 500 Racer Bounty in the full game. Be sure to play the full game with the same EA Account you used to play the demo.

For those of you who want to know, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will be released on November 18.

Will the demo convince you to buy NFS:HP ahead of GT5? The race heats up…

Source: Xbox Live Marketplace

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