MyTouch 4G / HD: Release Date on T-Mobile

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2010

After a few days of continuous speculation, we’re pleased to confirm that a solid release date has now been set for the highly anticipated MyTouch 4G handset on T-Mobile. Although, we don’t have a final name for the device yet.

We’re hoping T-Mobile will end the confusion soon on whether it will come to market as the MyTouch 4G or MyTouch HD, but at least we now know when it’s coming.

According to this document obtained by TmoNews, the handset will officially launch on Wednesday November 3rd. We don’t have any word on price yet, but we doubt it will matter to consumers who can’t wait to get their hands on a device sporting a dual-core 1GHz processor.

It will also be T-Mobile’s second handset to run on their HSPA+ network and their first to support video chat since the G2 didn’t. You can check out a rundown of specs here.

Who is getting the MyTouch 4G on the 3rd?

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  • George

    This phone is incredible bought it on day one, you nexus is crap, moron

  • Nexus Guy

    this is the first phone from t-mobile that tempts me to switch from my Nexus One. But honestly it is not THAT much of an upgrade over the Nexus. The UMA feature (talk over the internet) is something I've been missing since my blackberry. that plus the faster web browsing might make it worth it. But then of course they might just release a UMA app for the Nexus…

    • Joe

      uhh it has a 1 gig dual core processor, shut up. It is a huge upgrade…

    • your daddy

      yeah big upgrade idiot.