HTC Desire HD: Firmware Update Launches OTA

By Jamie Pert - Oct 26, 2010

A new firmware update for the HTC Desire HD has recently been released, this update brings the smartphone to firmware version 1.32.405.3.

The update has been launches over-the-air, however HTC suggest that Desire HD users should use WiFi to receive the update, this is because the update is quite a large download.

It is quite strange that the HTC Desire HD has already received a firmware update considering it was released just one week ago, this makes you think that the update contains some important fixes, however HTC are only stating that it enhances photo compatibility and screen control.

We would love to hear if you have received the update over-the-air, if so have you noticed much has changed?

Source: TechWatch

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  • LVtoDHD

    I have just recived the firmware update. it has substantially improved my internet connection on (3G), it has been getting gradually worse since I got the phone, to point that i could not surf the net on 3G. However since the firmware update the connection is very quick now.

  • Andre Bossard

    Downloading it (via 3G) now.