Firesheep Firefox Extension: Social Networking Security Awareness

By Peter Chubb - Oct 26, 2010

With over 500 million users on Facebook, most of them will know how lax security is with this social networking service, but they are not the only service that suffers from poor security. There are companies out there that offer advice on how not to get caught by spam and third parties intent on taking your private information.

Eric Butler is someone who believes that showing how easy it is to access someone’s details is the only way to show you just how easy it is. Firesheep is an extension for Firefox, and make it possible for even the less technically minded person to grab people’s cookies by listing in on open Wi-Fi networks.

Firesheep has a list of sites that it can recognize, these include: Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Once a user accesses one of these on an open network you will then be informed with an icon and then a link allowing you access to that account.

We do not recommend that you do such a thing, but Firesheep shows you just how poor security is on these social network sites. There are a number of ways where they can improve on this, visit Eric Butler’s website for more details.

Are you concerned with the the lax security on social networking sites?

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