Fable III Xbox 360 DLC: Free Weapons

By Jamie Pert - Oct 26, 2010

Today North Americans can finally get their hands on Fable 3, the reviews so far haven’t been great, however I am sure that loyal Fable fans will be eager to see just how good this installment really is.

If you have brought the Xbox 360 version you may want to check out this link, here you can add DLC to your Xbox 360’s download queue, this give you two weapons.

These new weapons are the Bloodstone Bludgeon (a hammer for melee attacks) and the Gusket’s Musket (a rifle), you will not receive these weapons straight away, however they will become unlocked later on in the game.

The download itself is just 195.5 MB so shouldn’t take too long, however it may take a few hours of gameplay before you can use either weapon.

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