Fable 3 (III): Reviews for Xbox 360 – Roundup

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2010

We have a heads-up for all those of you planning to pick up Fable III on the Xbox 360 today, as the official review embargo for the game has now been lifted, and we have a collection of reviews for you to run through.

Its safe to say that the majority of gamers now have a good read through reviews from some gaming websites to ensure that they are not making a mistake by rushing to buy it on release day.

There are often claims that some websites are ‘paid’ off to give good reviews, but having a look at some of the reviews from the best sites, they all seem to conclude that Fable III is yet another solid edition to the franchise – bar one review.

The likes of Eurogamer has scored it a trusty 8/10, while IGN has given it an 8.5. However, with the amount of positive reviews coming out, you’ll probably be shocked to hear that Destructoid has scored the game a measly 5.5/10. We’ll be covering that particular review in detail a bit later on.

The game goes on sale today in the US and on Friday in the UK. Check out some reviews below and let us know your thoughts on the scores.

Eurogamer 8 – Read

IGN 8.5 – Read

Game Informer 9 – Read

CVG 9.2 – Read

1UP B+ – Read

Destructoid 5.5/10 – Read

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  • chickenkicker

    poor little timmy if he goes to the orphanage i'll adopt him give him a nice toy,THEN WHEN HE THINKS HES SAFE TWICE THE BEATINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA

  • Kmach

    After playing through Fable 1 & 2 it is difficult for me to imagine how Fable 3 could possibly be bad. That being said, I am not sold on the whole rule a kingdom and holding hands aspect. I have been hoping it is not an indicater that the franchise has lost focus. The online additions seem really good, can't wait to marry a few of my friends and then steal their money and beat our children….yup, I'm quite a guy! Anyway, Fable 2 had dreadful lag and being that Lionhead isn't necessarily an online gaming powerhouse I wonder how well they smoothed out their latency issues…..seriously though Timmy, come here!!

  • Randall

    Didn't Eurogamer score Fable 2 10/10? This one must be a real climb down if it's seeing such heavy mark downs from even more reliable review sites.

    I'll still buy it, but this really needed to be a perfect game given it's the last big 360 "exclusive"(I know it isn't, but whatever) that's coming until next November when Gears 3 hits.