Fable 3 (III): Glitch Gives Infinite Money/Gold & Gifts

By Jamie Pert - Oct 26, 2010

Now that the reviews have come out of the woodwork for Fable III, and all bar one is positive, we also have some interesting news that gives the Fable player infinite gold and gifts — similar to that of the Fallout: New Vegas infinite bottle cap glitch.

To take advantage of this glitch, the process is fairly simple. All you need is an additional controller for someone so they can jump right in to the main characters current game. This will then give the player an infinite amount of money to use in the game (999,999,999) plus all gifts that you can get in Fable III.

To do this, the person in charge of controller 1 needs to load their game. Grab the second controller, and log in to any offline profile, then use the start button to jump into the already loaded game.

From here, controller 1’s character must move to the whereabouts of controller 2’s character and press LB on controller 1 to send them gifts.

Controller 1’s character will then teleport to the Sanctuary, and upon arriving they should see a blue bag to their right. They must then deposit all their money in the blue bag and return to the main game.

Once controller 1’s character is back from the Sanctuary, press start on controller 2 to go to the Sanctuary and walk over the the blue bag of gifts given by controller 1. But here is the important part, when the controller checks the gift — REJECT IT.

Go back to the game and Leave by pressing the DOWN-D-Pad while facing controller 1. Press Start to go back again.

Switch to controller 1 and check the gifts pedestal given by controller number 2. This should give you the money/gifts etc you need and you can repeat this to get you to the maximum amount of 999,999,999 Gold. But be aware, if you exeed this amount, the game will freeze.

Source: JustPushStart

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  • Keagan Fawkes

    Is it patched? I used to use this glitch a long time ago and now it won’t work.

  • yomama

    how do i stop the game from autosaving after rejecting the gifts?

  • Maya

    Soooooo awesome, at first i misunderstood the "reject gifts" part, I thought this cheat (that I found on Fable Wiki) was talking about taking player 2 to the gifting room with the blue bag, I didn't understand.

    I thought I had given all my gold to a random villager who was hanging around the exchange…but then found the gift with player 2 and rejected it….and then have managed to go from there. Millions and millions!
    To all those who are having troubles, some of the options like gifting and signing out player 2 are tricky to appear – you have to really position them right and see the options appear on the screen. The LB button and DOWN on D pad have to appear over player 2, not your player, (as they both will, easily), then it will all work.
    And when player two signs back in, don't move around, just stay put when you go in and out of the sanctuary. You can get a rhythm going – so after you've signed in it's
    run to gift shelves
    A, X (over and over again depending on how many gifts you have)
    run to gift shelves…


    Hopefully this long ass comment clears some stuff up.

  • connor

    the limit i can give is 100k when i reject i get back 100k not working for me

    • null

      that is the limit after u give 100k go to the purse without leaving and give the rest

  • mavisbeecon

    Or you can use level 5 blacksmithing to get 8.5 million gold for saving albion, takes a couple hours and doesn't require cheating

  • Meh

    Lionhead has since fixed this glitch; the game auto-saves each time you reject a gift, so they won't show up again once the second hero has already left and come back.

  • David

    I only got 9 extra gold

  • torodin

    housey123 the same happened to me, you cant reject multiples of a single gift. any one help us out?

  • Confused dude

    Mine just -$100,000 when I send a gift. Then when they reject it and I open it, I just get that $100,000 back and I’m where I was before

  • housey123

    every time i press reject the game saves and when i kick the second player they do not have the gift any more. HELP

  • Video Mom

    Totally worked!! Just follow the steps exactly as stated and it'll do fine – one other thing we found out though was that I (player #1) did not need to send new gold to player #2 after I had already done it.
    The next time you want to do more gold, just have player #2 go straight to the sanctuary and the gifts are there again! Player #2 can just reject them again, player #1 accepts them and you keep going on and on from there.

    I was able to be a benevolent ruler AND have tons of gold in the bank… :o)

  • jcpie14

    Guys, this works… i'm at about 3 billion gold, so… if you guys still need help, here's the video tutorial: http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2010/10/28/fable
    Also, add me and I can show you how– gamertag: jcpie14

  • OmiGOSH!!

    All of you who couldnt do this… LOOOSSEEERRRSSS!!!

    How crap do you have to be to not be able to follow STEP-BY-STEP instructions!!
    You shouldnt be playing games… You bring shame to the name of the game…

    Go bury yourselves

    • guest

      dumb ass lion head made a patch for it so quit your bitching

  • ajp

    anyone know how to give cloths n tats as gifts in game to player 2 in game ? do you have to hav e a gold membership?

  • Bryhdus

    I'm still able to do it on the patched game, I'm surprised people cant do this on the patched game

    • omegah

      yeah me to

    • luiz

      how u did it if it auto saves?

  • Adam

    lol after a couple of tries, I finally understood how to do it. It's easy, some people just don't know how to word instructions right. After you kick Player 2 from the game, log Player 2 back in. When you go to the Sanctuary, the gift will continue re-appearing on the shelf from Player 1. Just gift it back to Player 1. Easy-squeezy.

  • Jesse

    mmm I can't gift more then 100k :l

  • weesa

    mine doesnt want to do it and i want to save albion can somone who can do it send me some please gamertag weezawoo thanks

  • Bret

    Game must be unpatched for this to work, thus you cannot play online or do this trick online as your game will be patched, I have done it and will leave the link to the set of rules I found easiest to understand:

    Also instead on part of this when you REJECT on player two then leave game and immediately sign back on the gift will be back on player two's shelf already so you can REJECT, leave, come back, REJECT, leave, come back, over and over and over, the shelf of gifts for player one does not have a limit from what I noticed so if you do it this way its really quick and easy. Good luck!

  • JAzz

    u give the gift to the GUEST not the other way round

  • Kimberly

    So let me clear this up? You need to do it with another offline profile or online profile? Like I mean could me and one of my xbox live friends do it to each other? Or no?

  • Andrew

    would any one be willing to gift it to me over xbox live friends

    • Taylor

      Andrew i will if it works my GamerTag Is " MOB WhiP MasteR " I have max gold so it will go fast ^^ anyone who wants gold add me

  • Azark

    Works Great takes about 30 minutes.

  • Bryce

    worked like a charm! i got my 6 million needed in just a few minutes 😀

  • Chris

    Fastest way i found was once you got say 3 or 4 100k packages going, when you reject them and d/c with the second controler just press start and go back to the sanctuary, they will be there for you to reject again, you dont even have to go back to give the money to controller one

  • yahniii

    This glitch makes me so happy! I LOVE it!

  • David

    Faster way to do it.
    When they reject it and you choose to accept or reject. Reject it.
    Makes it go a lot faster.
    Goes from 1 gift of 100,000 to 2,4,8,16,32…..

  • Doctrine 612

    beat the game on with bad choices and give all the money to your friend and then the y give it back to you after you restart and just in vest it in the shops and every 5 mins you get up to 45 thousand and in one hour you have half a mil ust be patiant

  • Bah

    Tried, didn't work. I followed steps exactly, left game after rejecting (on second controller) And didn't gain any gold, other than what I had sent to in gifts. Does this require to be unpatched? Offline?

  • John

    I was able to do this with potions and stuff too.

  • james

    I gift all my money from player 1 to player 2 but when I go look at the gift with player 2 its only 630 gold and I sent over 50k gold. Anyone else have this problem?

  • davus

    My apologies. This does seem to appear work. I had tried it 5 times with no success.
    So I made a new offline gamer tag, tried it … and ti worked. This does work, great find!

  • that guy

    why cheat? all you will do is get bored of the game quicker since you have everything already. why not play the way its meant to be played. cheating ruins fun, after a while : )

    • that other guy

      cheating is fun… hacking is fun…. and glitching is fun… just becasue your opinion of cheating is no fun dosent mean it isnt fun for others… keep your opinion to yourself nobody here looking through the comments to find out how to cheat wants to see ur crap…

    • Ray7179

      I agree with you. 😀 I'm going to go home and get my sword to… uh…. GOD-MODE… oh wait i'm not playing starcraft… Well I love the sword altering thingy 🙂

    • Poop

      Because at the end of the game (if you're a benevolent ruler) everyone is dead… It doesn't make it boring, it keeps everything fun at the end of the game

    • Video Mom

      I agree with "Poop" LOL – I wanted to be a good ruler but it's HOPELESS if you can't get more gold – all you'll do is side with the bad guy every time. I'm glad life isn't like that!! There are definitely more choices than "everyone dies" or everyone lives"… :oP

    • Ben

      I have a real life and real life things to do. I can't spend too much real time making fake money.

  • davus

    I'm guessing this works on a NON patched/updated game. As it does NOT work work me.

  • BoBo

    It does work !! Thnx for this glitch

  • Joshyy

    Hey guys,

    Very easy so il walk you through it.

    1: Turn on your second controller.
    2: Gift your SECOND controller any amount of money (Prefferably higher 100k)
    3: With your Second controller reject the gift.
    4: With your Second controller Leave the game.
    5:With your Second controller repeat steps 3-4 as meny times as you like.
    6: After you have done steps 3-4 once you will recive 100k for every time you repeat the steps (100k if you gifted 100k to start off with)
    7: On controller ONE (Your main hero) Go to your gifts self (In the sancuary). there should be a crap load of gifts.
    8: Enjoy. 🙂

    Tip: During step 2 if you gift more than 100k, lets say 200k, then you will recive 2 packages on controller 2 during step 3. then in step 4 reject them both and when you collect your money in step 7 there will be 2 100k packages waiting foryou insted of one 🙂

    • the boss

      you are a mad kent

  • Easton

    Here a step by step:
    one: load game with player 1 (#1)
    two: enter the same game with player 2 (#2)
    three: using #1 approach #2 and initiate gift sending
    four: in the bag to the right put all your money in
    five: on #2 enter the sanctuary
    six: reject all the gifts
    seven: kick #2 from game
    eight: re-enter #2
    repeat five through eight

    • Brendan

      this one explained it to me best. it does infact work.

  • Sam

    its not hard at all, add a second guy, with your guy gift all the money to the mule, with mule go reject gifts, dump the mule, go get your cash, bring the mule back, repeat.

  • can u make a video walk though it would REALLY help

  • Easton

    Awesome it works. Now I can be good AND save Albion

  • jason

    hmm on my second attempt i had to reload the game all over again.

  • jason

    it worked for me, i think the rejecting the gift and leaving the game is a bit tricky, just follow the step by step.

  • no name

    this dosent work

    • no name 2

      yes it does it just requires a brain

      • T.R.G.

        Not even it's wicked simple a fifth grader i know figured it out so yeah really not that hard

  • KJW

    Did not work at all…

    • T.R.G.

      it works if you do it correctly

  • Bot

    Doesn't work

    When you add a player, they have only the clothes on their backs
    there is no gold to give

    • Julio

      Give the gold from your hero to the new player as it says.. then reject the gifts

      leave the game for ur added hero

      enter the sanc with ur main hero and open the gifts.

      reopen ur added hero and reject the gifts that are again present on ur gift table

      And Repeat opening on ur main hero

    • Guest

      You have to give them money to start it. After you give them money you use "dummy" to reject the gifts then kick the "dummy." Check your open all the gifts you have in your sanctuary and repeat. I advise starting this on an file that has at least 50,000 so then you can gain money faster, also after you have finished raising one file have the "dummy" take some of the money so it can boost others. I confirm this glitch as working as my second file now has 9.8 million gold.

    • FAILEDcomments

      ur an idiot he said to give gifts on controller 1 to 2, therefor u wont be using anything on the controller 2, learn to read :D.