F1 2010 Patch Update: Download In Submission Stage

From the moment I got my copy of F1 2010 for the PS3 there were a number of issues, this was the same for Xbox 360 owners as well. However, Codemasters has finalized their patch and is now in the process of submission before they can release it for download.

It is not just one or two issues, but a host of them. These include game save issues, freezing and other bugs. One of the problems that has become a pain is coming into the pits. If you go in when instructed, you will find that everyone comes in and you have to wait for about 10 seconds before the pit crew can release you.

According to GamerZines, Microsoft and Sony will now have to work with the developer to approve the submission. Let us hope that this will be soon, as I have stopped playing the game until these problems get resolved.

I am one of the lucky ones; some owners of F1 2010 have not been able to install the game – my brother being one of them. In a game that has been years in the making you would not have thought that there would not be any errors. Let us hope that Gran Turismo does not have the same kind of issues.



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