Android Market Has 100,000+ Apps: Will It Overtake App Store?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 26, 2010

Although they didn’t make a big thing of it, Google today confirmed that the Android Market now boasts 100,000 active applications in its online store, just two years after the launch of Android itself.

Apple fans will most certainly point out that they are still a long way behind Apple, who confirmed 250,000 applications in August this year, and now have around 280,000 on their Apple App Store.

This makes the Android Market the second largest, and still miles ahead of BlackBerry App World which is rotting at the bottom of the pile with just 10,000 applications to its name.

Having used BlackBerry App World recently, I can confirm that there is hardly nothing out there for a BlackBerry user in the way of apps that is anything but remotely interesting.

With Android around 150,000+ applications behind the iPhone, there are a number of reasons for developers to choose a platform.

Some developers don’t like to be ‘locked down’ in an Apple kinda way, where as there are so many Android devices out there, all different shapes and sizes that make it hard to develop the app for one specific smartphone.

I guess it’s true what they say, it’s a marathon — not a sprint. But Apple are certainly in the lead right now.

Do you think Android can overtake Apple in the future?

Source: Electronista

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  • Jdub

    Correction: Apple has over 300k apps in their app store. That outnumbers Android by a margin of 3 to 1…..pretty good for a “closed” platform, don’t you think??