The Best Viral Political Campaign Ads: Full 2010 List

By Peter Chubb - Oct 25, 2010

There’s nothing like a viral video campaign to get your message across, even politicians have been taking advantage of this new tool to try and get your support. OK, so we know that they are not going to be as amusing as the “Old Spice Guy”, or some of the ones that “Sesame Street” has been doing, but they do have their funny side.

TIME has a list of 29 campaign ads that went viral, so let us take a look at what we thought were the best of these. One of the most recent is the “Joe Manchin’s Dead Aim” TV ad. You will know that he is no lover of the Obama administration, so thought it would be funny to get his rifle and take a shot tat the Democrats cap–and–trade bill. See here

“Christine O’Donnell’s Bewitching Debut” is yet another example of a video going viral, and is nice to see that it has a Halloween theme. OK, that is not true, but she starts by saying that she is not a witch, like what some people have been calling her. Watch her cardboard performance here.

I was shocked when I watched “Old Spice Dan”, why do so many people try to recreate what Isaiah Mustafa has done? Mustafa just screams cool, Dan Freilich will just make you scream – it has to be seen to be believed. See it here.

We now know that with the age of viral videos, Politicians can now get their message across to a much broader audience – as can brands such as Old Spice, Coke and others.

Visit TIME for all 29 viral campaign ads.

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  • Arlen Hershberger

    Just when you thought things could not possibly get more ridiculous and offensive to the intellect, along comes the ad about Convicted rapists getting Viagara … blah, blah, blah

    We are not becoming a nation of idiots, we are already there.