Samsung Galaxy S2: Release Date in 2011 – Picture and Specs legit?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some exciting details to bring you now, as the first details and rumored specs have supposedly been leaked for the second generation Samsung Galaxy S handset, which will be simply named the Galaxy S2.

As reported from RedmondPie, there is also an image of the handset in question, thought to have surfaced from Russia. The provided picture is pretty slick we’d agree, but it is the rumored specs which will really get you excited.

Presuming these details are true, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will run on Android 3.0 (Gingerbread?) and will feature a 2Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM combined with 4GB ROM.

Other specs include a full HD 8 megapixel camera, 32GB internal memory, 1080p video recording, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, a gryoscope and an accelerometer.

Pretty impressive don’t you think? Then again, the picture could just be a very nice photoshop and the specs could be a hoax. Either way, we hope Samsung is making this.

What are your thoughts on these monster specs?

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  • vvs jon

    We have some exciting details to bring you now, as the first details and rumored specs have supposedly been leaked for the second generation Samsung Galaxy S handset, which will be simply named the Galaxy S2.

  • Geeky gadgetsLG LU6200 Android Smartphone With HD Display RevealedGeeky
    gadgetsOther specifications include a dual core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of
    RAM, an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a front facing 1.3 megapixel
    camera, plus WiFi and NFC.

  • MOTOAtrix

    Galaxy s2 is nothing but big fuss……… I bet samsung will ruin it to have 100s of problems with such nice hardware….they committed in feb release in THIS MONTH but still no committed release date….
    looks like they declared it but now can not release…. LOL

  • manish desai

    when it will be realeased in india

  • Karmesh

    when will it be in gujarat?

  • vinay kumar

    sir release samsung galaxy s2 piz piz piz piz release for india thank you

  • Mark

    I have a friend that works for t-mobile. he is waiting for the phone him self, and says it should be on the shelfs Feb 23… I hope he is right. I cant wait to rub this in the face of all the I phone lovers!

    • Prynncess

      I think your friend is mistaking this phone for the Galaxy S 4g! That phone will be out on Feb 23, but the Galaxy S II does not have an official release date for us yet

  • nima

    its a 2GHZ dual core, about double lg star which is 1 GHZ dual core and about 4 times more powerfull than htc desire HD

  • ricky

    i hav galaxy s n dis is its successor …. im eagerly w8ing fr it 2 release to get an hands on

  • Spud

    Seriously would they make this phone ?. i think it's to much to soon. 1.5 processor, 8mp camera 1080p video sure. but dual core this and that. like someone said it's not a phone it's a computer.

  • amnesh

    samsung if the specification is real then i want 2 be a firsy person to buy this mini laptop i m dying to see it plz release this soon – amnesh bhukal

  • adsfsdf

    this is a fcking computer not a phone. woaah @ the specs.

  • D cat

    Having Navigation with Zero billing is a big plus factor

  • Dom

    I hope they at least have flash, iphone4 has it, if it does

    I’m getting it straight away

  • FDI Mobile Rep

    I WANT 2 features on their next phone. Front-facing camera for video chat and a flash. I was so high on the Samsung Vibrant and was about to buy it, even though it did not have these two features, because I whooped all the other Android phones on the market. OK – it was the AMOLED screen that had me sold.
    Then T-mobile and FDI Mobile offered the new MyTouch 4G. It had everything except for the AMOLED screen, but it's screen was still nice. That's the phone I got. If the Galaxy 2 has those features, I'll buy myself a new phone.

    • SamNiac

      Get ready , 'cause it has flash and a front facing camera 2MP !

  • Kate

    when will it be released in 2011? Any more specific date?

  • O'Andersson

    If the screen is 4.5, ill buy it right away

  • Tomz

    awesome!! 2GHz cpu

  • Chaz

    Kirk…where did you get 800×480….it was rumoured to have a 1280x720p screen res.
    in a 4.3" format!!!….

  • Kevin

    I agree wholeheartedly. Tegra really isn't getting adopted anywhere (Snapdragon dominates smartphones and Atom dominates netbooks). Both Snapdragon and Atom are inefficient, power-hungry, and weak in comparison to Tegra, so I fail to see why we don't see more (or rather, ANY) Tegra-powered devices.

  • david

    hope that the 2ghz processor is the tegra 2 dual core core processor because of the enhanced graphics capability Nvidia has boasted about and 1080p video capture

  • Kirk

    I wonder whether it's actually going to be a single-core 2GHz cpu, or dual-core 1Ghz cpu? The latter (dual core) would probably be better for battery life.

    Either way, this would be – compared to current handsets – the new "most powerful Android phone". Personally, I'd rather see a higher-resolution screen (eg, 960×640 instead of 800×480) than just processor improvements, but… I won't complain about a better CPU either 😉

    • RIhansa

      the galaxy s2 is said to have 1280×720 hd super amoled screen 2 wich is an uppgrade from the first super amoled screen.

  • Kris

    I would love to believe it….and I assume it will wield super AMOLED?