HTC Knight / HTC Speedy: Sprint Release Date Confirmed?

By Alan Ng - Oct 25, 2010

Earlier on we informed you of a new, unannounced HTC device that was heading to Sprint, and now we have some additional details for you to take in, notably a rumored release date for the HTC Knight.

According to this report from BGR, the handset is also known as the HTC Speedy, and the device has appeared on an internal Sprint accessory list, but by the HTC Knight codename.

If you take a look at the image below, you’ll notice that the details contain the date 6th January 2011, leading BGR to presume that this will be the official launch date – it’s also the start of CES 2011 as well by the way.

From what was considered to be a rumored handset has now just turned into the hottest device as far as Sprint owners are concerned. The carrier has got it right with the HTC EVO and Samsung Epic 4G, so we’re guessing this HTC Knight / Speedy will end up being a 4G-capable handset as well.

Hopefully we’ll get some specs to share with you soon, in the meantime let us know your thoughts on this new contender.

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