Fallout: New Vegas – Mr House Video and Guide

By Jamie Pert - Oct 25, 2010

If you are still playing through New Vegas and do not want to see any spoilers do not carry on reading this article, however it seems as if a lot of Fallout: New Vegas gamers are looking for a guide on how to kill Mr House, luckily after a little searching I managed to find all of the relevant information on Yahoo Answers, GameSpot and YouTube.Note: The title of this post is not very descriptive as I didn’t want to spoil the game for anyone.

Let’s start with a few warnings, if you choose to kill Mr House you will lose karma and bots become hostile, therefore it may be worth saving the game just beforehand and reload it after you kill him just in case you are unhappy with the changes. If you do kill Mr House his obituary loads on your Pip Boy, which is apparently well worth reading.

According to Yahoo Answers you should head to the Lucky 38 Casino, activate your Stealth Boy, head upstairs, once in the room with Mr. House’s main screen use the terminal behind the stairs (northeast) to open the antechamber to the right, go in the terminal next to the elevator to access the secret chamber, open the chamber and kill Mr. House.

This is very hard to explain via text, therefore check out the video below to see how it is done. Did this guide help you kill Mr. House?

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  • sim

    why do mr houses robots attack me?

  • Gage

    what will happened if you kill him?

  • jesus"the"christ

    how do you get into his chamber? i get to the terminal near his big screen monitor and cant find the door after i get his hatch open in the terminal

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  • the robots will not attack if you meet ceasur, go to the weather station insert the chip an then o as instructed by yes man