Fable 3 Review : Opinion Unique To Each Player

By Peter Chubb - Oct 25, 2010

With an embargo in place for Fable 3 reviews – which is said to have been inspired by Heavy Rain – it came as a surprise that a Czech gaming mag had come up with a review of the latest game from the franchise. This little-known magazine has given Lionhead’s latest game 8 out of 10, which to us seems very good.

There is not much to go on here; we do not know how they come up with the score, so we will have to wait until the real reviews are made available. However, we have to remember that an opinion to a game is unique to each player – so we cannot wait until you have a copy of the game and offer us your view.

Fable 3 (see screen shots) has already been met with criticism, as what was once an Xbox exclusive will soon be available to the PC as well. As you would imagine there is a lot of reasons why this is, but some of the CVG readers have a lot to say on the matter.

We should expect the true reviews of Fable 3 to be available after October 29, 2010, which is when the game is released. Do you think that the game can truly score 8 out of 10?

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  • Johnymac

    Thankyou delingo that was a usefull comment, my brother thinks the same as you so ill go for that. NOT GONA BUY, seems that after the first game it went poo, gona probly buy fallout as iv finished unleased 2 in a day man these games need more depth. I love a proper long story like masseffect but even bigger.

  • delingo

    This game is infuriating…

    I was really eagerly anticipating this release but after playing, I am left so disappointed with the game makers. Has the entire budget gone on the voice overs??? No inventory, No extra added features, there isn’t even a friggin jump button!

    Fable 2 set a good tone and there was a lot to improve there but 3 has gone backwards…massive fail in my opinion

  • Damien

    The embargo is in place to protect the story and prevent spoilers, therefore the comparison to Heavy Rain's review embargo.

  • Randall

    Hmmm… an Embargo on reviews? What do they have to hide exactly?

    I mean, we're all expecting more of the same from the last game, but you'd think they'd want to drum up a bit more attention for Fable 3 really, especially seeing as it's releasing on the same day as Force Unleashed 2, so there's real competition this week alone, never mind from the just released Fallout New Vegas.

    • treyarch owns

      Wow dude fable 3 owns you retard you just gotta be good at quickscoping.

      • kinectedgamer

        dude chill out, go play your call of duty and yell at your mom to bring you some freakin chicken nuggets……retard…….the real gaming is the games that actually makes a person think, not something where you can quickscope your way through…

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      • walter

        this game SUCKS,all there doing is trying to sell online crap! it's the same everything,besides that!

  • kinectedgamer

    You must live in Europe or something because the game releases in the U.S. October 26th.

    Check Me Out At: http://www.kinectedgamer.com