Call Of Duty Black Ops: Quickscoping has been Banned

By Alan Ng - Oct 25, 2010

You may remember that a gameplay video leaked last week showing off some sniper action in Call of Duty Black Ops, and seemingly showed the player ‘quickscoping’. However, Treyarch has now confirmed that players will not be able to quickscope in the final version of the game.

That footage was taken from the closed beta of the game, but during a Q&A session on Twitter, Treyarch’s community manger Josh Olin answered some direct questions about whether or not quickscoping will be included in the game.

When simply asked if quickscoping will be possible in Black Ops, Olin replied: ”No. Quickscoping is a cheap way to play. We’re specifically going to gimp Quickscoping, sorry. Play straight-up!”

This obviously alerted a few other users reading Olin’s Twitter page and they continued to quiz him about quickscoping. When next asked if he was ‘joking’ about the above comment, he later replied: ”Nope. Quickscoping is way more annoying to a way larger group of people than the quickscoping community who loves to do it. #cheap”.

He later added that players will now need to wait a brief moment until the sniper sight is centered before they take a shot, and confirmed that no sniper rifles in the game are useful for quickscoping.

What are your thoughts on this? There will no doubt be a few of you upset about this, as you may think that quickscoping is a skill and should be allowed if a player takes the time to learn it. Treyarch obviously doesn’t see it that way though and are intending to make the game as fair as possible for everyone.

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  • James sherbert

    If quickscoping is in a game u can use it just like how u can use guns, perks, nube tubes and hacks

  • B0$$-M0NEY
    This is my quick scope montage

  • nuclear longjons

    the only thing i dont like about sinpers in cod, and in any other game for that instance. is the hip fire, a sniper is very accurate in hip fire tried this with an R700 at the local shooting range. hit the target from 50 meters. not as hard as in cod 😀

    Exuse me for bad english

  • cobras71396

    evrybody that says quiscoping is unrealistic is right but only partially…this is a game of course it is unrealistic thats what it was inteded for was to have fun with it….. im also not defending the community that quick scopes i think that quckscoping is stupid but thats onlybecause it is so frusterating to see a killcam where you get killed by a person who quickscopes you… but on the other end it is fun to watch final killcams be an amazing kill with a quck scope or no scope i hav my share of accidental quickscopes in CoD my most recent one is on you tube…. my account on you tube is TrueGamerTags so if you wanna check out some fun quickscopes check my channel out…. although quickscoping is not dead in call of duty black ops it is just a little bit harder to do…

    • JaiGuru

      Learn how to use punctuation.

  • Chris

    to me i think that even though quick scoping is banned people will b more pressured into modding the game for auto aim or aimbot

  • Coolstorybrah

    Apart from my quote, I agree that insane long range quickscoping is just pure bull–it.
    The close range ones are 'fine' as long as it's not spammed ( It's unrealistic to let a bullet go in an angle of 90 degrees while aiming forward, no-scoping.).

    But really, snipers can be campers too, just don't call every sniper a camper in Black Ops, thanks.

  • xXD3V5T8Xx

    the reason we play games is because they aren’t 100% realistic which makes em fun and why isn’t it real the reason that the guns have a scope is to show where your aiming

  • Immune Degree

    quickscoping is a lot harder than you guys apparently think. it's more than just scope in and let aim assist do the work. if that was it why can i quickscope teamates in private matches? but anyway if you were good enough in MW2 you can still quickscope relatively well in black ops. i have already done it in multiple matches, private and not private.

  • ImmuneDegree

    the fact that they remove it is gay as AIDS. but I don't care since i am finding i can still do it anyway. either way quickscoping is a lot harder than aim assist. I can quickscope friendlies and there is no way that is due to aim assist. anyway anyone who thinks quickscoping is something you can learn overnight, you are a fagbag. it takes alot of practice and improves your skill at other areas of the game such as reaction time with an assault rifle, but hey if you wanna try it be my guest.

  • no name

    I really think that its not good they took out quickscoping. In the military you can quickscope with a sniper rifle. It is good because ok I have a sniper do you think a crappy ass pistol is ginna kill a guy with a assault rifle before he kills me? Hell no so I quickscope him. Quickscoping has alot of videos on youtube so youtube is ginna loose videos and treyarch is ginna loose money.

  • jesus

    Your all sad, every single one of you. Stop crying about CoD and go and do something with your lives. Grow up

  • Jerome

    I say that they have 2 different servers on black ops for PS3 and Xbox360 and PC!

    One that doesnt allow you to QuickScope and One that DOES allow you to quickScope, thus we be saved all this Drama!

  • dual optic

    i think that quick scoping is the best and i want it back on black ops

  • Only Use Knife

    The only thing that would make this game better, would be to add realistic sniping environments. Lead is already in the game, Lag, Drop, Terminal Ballistics. All that good stuff.

  • Only Use Knife

    Actually, black ops will have far more entertaining montages due to the Ballistic Knife. I've already recorded a B-knife kill from the Tower in array, – Only Use Knife

  • jaja

    whay take away quickscope? noob tube is a way cheaper!

  • Haha!!!

    Haha! Keep crying failscopers!!! Good riddance!

  • Jakob

    I think that the removal of quickscoping is stupid. You people say you like the fact that it's gone because it makes the game 'More Reaslistic'? What about sleight of hand or Ninja,???. Stuff that….. ALL THE PERKS! And getting killstreak rewards, I mean wtf? Last stand & painkiller, Pretty sure when you shoot someone in the face with a full magazine they die >.>
    Hitmarkers? I shouldn't even haveto explain it. THE WHOLE EFFING COD SERIES IS COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC. So try coming up with a better excuse.
    Also, Aim assist does not do a thing for quickscopers -.-, So don't try and use that excuse either. The only reason it's been taken out is because everyone at Geyarch *COUGHS* jOSH OLIN *COUGHS* Couldn't quicksope to save their own lives. The only reason you donut punching fudge packers are glad quickscoping is 'Gone is because you's wouldn't have a chance of doing it yourselves. The End….

  • Teddikilla

    I think it's bullshit, Aim assist doesn't do a thing for quickscoping, my accuracy would be 98% otherwise. Quickscoping is just something I do for fun, Not that I'm the best at it, it's just something that takes skill, Josh Olin is just annoyed because the dumb prick can't do it himself. Not cheap at all, you know what's cheap? Banning something simply because it annoys you that you can't do it… Why not take out noob tubes? Treyarch = Geyarch = Retards.

  • anthony valen

    your all mad cause you get quick scoped its a skill and no its not bad trey arch needs to find someone else with there ideals on how a game should be and how it should be played i still play mw2 why cuase its more fast paced i bet you all think that nuking is for boosters too huh? well get over it theres some of us who are just better

  • That Guy

    Quick scoping is the thing most of me and my friends love MW2. And so what if some people think it does not take skill, neither does running around with a machine gun or camping or noobtubing. And I have played against quick scopers , and it is not difficult to kill them.

  • lost22

    idk why everyone is crying bout treyarch not wanting no scoping in black ops obviously they dont care about losing u no scoping fags or they would have kept it in the game hahahah, to the no scoping community u should all be happy because as far as im concerned all no scoping did was show the cod community that u are all virgins (no scopers) and have nothing better to do then get those “awesome” 360 no scopes. im sure half of u no scopers are probably nuke boosters too im actually surprised u guys arent crying about that as well, and if any of u try n tell me im just mad cuz i cant quick scope i can it took two seconds to learn n its friggin stupid, and heres an idea as to why the game might be boring to some of u, because u spend every second u have trying to be the best u can be in a video game but the fact is its a VIDEO GAME GET A LIFE AND FIND BETTER THINGS To DO THEN BITCH AND CRY, and heres an idea if u dont like no scoping not being in black ops make your own video game then u can center the whole game on 1080 no scopes thatd be so much fun ha! heres to you no scoping toolbags and i think i speak for the rest of the black ops community when i say we sure dont miss any of u no scopers 🙂

    • Derp

      You realise that noscoping and quick scoping are two very different things?

  • joshua

    well why would they want to stop quickscoping if you dont want to quickscope thats your choice dont do it and mess it up for all the other players quickscoping is something that
    has a fun fealing about it i think if they just got rid of the nube tube that would make it kool
    ps just becuse you guys cant quickscope doesnt mean its not kool

  • jyak

    Treyarch, you removed the QS, since you say a larger group complain about it, fine. but why don´t you find out by your own means if QS is a CHEAP way to play. Have you try it?, because if you had, you will have realize that it is harder to learn it than just run around aim and shoot. It took me around 3 months to learn it and still I am not good as others but it just need practice and practice, if people complain about it just because they got killed a few times by quickscopers, it is because they are noobs and don´t know how to play, otherwise why they don´t try to learn ti to see if it is cheap. You said you gimp QS in black ops, but we find out a way to do it, it is not the same as in others COD. but now I think people will complain a lot more, since i can not be running around with the sniper, I just place myself in a good and high spot, place a Mine to avoid enemies and start quickscoping with the variable zoom, a get less kills since I am camping, but trust me my averga is always around 9 kills 1 dead. Why don´t you take a look into the COD community to see how people will start to complain about it now. Will these go on to a point where you will remove sniper guns from COD?

  • Bob

    Treyarch you shame me :/ you band QS why? give a really good explanation on why you band it? How is it cheap? people like doing it, its fun and you took that away from us your just evil. Why didn't you just removed the grenade launcher that was a more pain in the ass than ever. You say you want it to be more realistic then take all the other bull s**t out of the game keep the real skill in it. fair play you disappointed me in making this game….

  • John

    In all the time ive played CoD ive never heard someone complain or call me a noob because i quick scope, Most people think its awesome, normal close range quick scopes dont take skill but 360s and noscopes do. I personally think that this is bs. Also why take out quick scoping when you just made theater mode, all you gona get are thousands of little kids videos of knifes, campers and noobs. Thanks trearch for taking out the only cool thing in the game

  • NIc

    The only gay thing about this is now snipers wont be able to kill people running straight at them with an assault rifle as there wont be enough time to hardscope them when there already shooting at you, hardscoping is fine but its almost impossible to kill someone running directly at you if all you can do is hardscope and not quick scope them.

  • Ryan

    "Nope. Quickscoping is way more annoying to a way larger group of people than the quickscoping community who loves to do it." This is more of an OPINION then a fact. Quickscoping was the only way I ever had fun in MW2 or in COD4. It made the gun more entertaining, especially if you get a sick shot from across the map or a multi kill feed. For you anti-quickscopers who think that quickscoping is "unrealistic" you are being totally hypocritical. Games are meant to be semi-fantasy. It is NOT realistic to spawn after you die, it isn't realistic to be able to run around for long periods of time with all the equipment that you carry, but in a VIDEO GAME you can. Do NOT single out QUICKSCOPING as the only thing that is un-realistic in Call of Duty. I, personally, will do better in a match if I used a submachine or an assault rifle. Yet I CHOOSE to quickscope, because it's entertaining. Isn't that why most of us play video games? To be entertained. Why would Treyarch "gimp" quickscoping? As of now, playing black ops, I'm constantly finding myself BORED of just running around or camping with automatic weapons. Treyarch disabling the option for players to quickscope is just wrong. They need to fix this problem. Players should be able to choose to quickscope.

  • ps3freak

    wow how can u guys say that about quick scoping i think quick scopin was the shit in mw2 black ops sucks with snipers they can be rite in front of u an kill u like nothing how lame is that you have no way in defending your self u suck TREYARCH 🙁

  • man this is fucking bull shit, Quick scopeing should b returned. Quickscopeing takes seriouse reaction time and precition aiming. This takes way more skill than hard scopeing, and he call it “Cheap” man that dude is shit and doesnt know what the fuck hes talking about. Snipeing is no less cheap than fucking explosives. I think i made my point, any body wanna talk to me directly about this? Then contact me at

    • lost22

      dont compare quick scoping to explosives u clown im

      not saying cod is real but they use explosives in real life, u try and quick scope someone in real life and you’ll be six feet under, but to say explosives are cheap thats just an idiotic statement ( i dont agree with newb tube but thats part of war) and makes u sound dumb

  • Hoooooooo

    I want to know why they've excluded snipers from SOHP and STILL left in the jumpy scope after zooming in, They can surely allow snipers to use SOHP, just the jumpy scope on its own is a big enough hinder to the technique. And serious lulz at the people calling it cheap and saying anybody can do it. Go and try it, I bet you can't quickscope. If you can't kill a quickscoper with your FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPON then you need to take Call of Duty back to where you bought it and stop making it shitty for the rest of us.

  • Freakinwow

    You try to quickscope when everyone has an assault rifle, you’ll get raped, it’s just something to do other then the same ol’ thing. I don’t see how it’s cheap when it only brings you to a lower score.

    • JD_2020 likes boys

      it lowers your score if you suck.

      • baggins

        any quickscoper will tell you they can get better scores with assault rifles.

  • GriiXa

    I think black ops is the most unrealistic game I’ve evern played , Truth is realistic games are boring , and quick scoping is cool and mostly everyone likes it , I think Jodh Olin is a fucking newb and he got the D stain by all the snipers out there cuz he’s a bad kid random 🙂

  • upandatom

    quickscoping can still be achieved, just all the quick scopers need to work on there "skillz" and try qs without aim assist, then you can all tell us how "L33t" you are by qs without aim assist.

  • tinyraver666

    Any idiot can pick up a sniper rifle, it doesn't make them a sniper. Sniping is done from long range and actually takes skill, quickscoping is usally done at much closer range and takes no skill whatsoever. Who cares if the game is less realistic, it wasn't realistic to begin with.

    • JD_2020 Sucks

      it takes no skill? oh really, so if 2 people 1v1d all one guy did was hardscope and all the other did was quickscope who the hell do you think would win? you dont get it, like all the other fools quickscoping isnt a play style its a tool.

      • tinyraver666

        Given the small size of the maps, obviously the quickscoper. TBH, the sniper class is pretty pointless in this game, but that doesn't change the fact that it takes it takes knowledge of the map, attention to the radar, knowing when to fire and when not to snipe effectively, it takes watching a few tuts on YouTube to quickscope.

  • Half_A_Spoon

    Im getting really annoyed with people saying quickscoping isnt sniping. sniping means using a sniper rifle. Get that through your thick skulls. In all the time ive been playing black ops now, ive seen two people use a sniper. Ive also been asking people why they dont snipe at all, and this is what they said, "Why use a sniper rifle when you can aim quicker and better with an assault rifle?" this is getting a little ridiculous when you try to "use the sniper correctly" and you miss a shot, they turn around and your dead before you can pull off the next shot. They also defyed physics with the quickscope crosshair stuff. if the crosshair is up, the bullet should go there, not 2 ft to the right. Treyarch needs to pull their head out of their asses and realize this is a game, not real life (the crosshair thing actually made it less realistic).

  • tinyraver666

    Lol yeah, I say quick scoping is bull because I can't do it… epic fail. My three year old daughter could quick scope. the people who created the game will tell you that the reason you can quick scope is due to the aim assist present in the game, but of course you obviously know better.

    • JD_2020 sucks

      if aim assist was that good, everyone would hit all of there shots and you might as well call it aimbot. GROW A BRAIN and stop being a moron.

    • baggins

      Oh, so now Treyarch created MW2, I didn't know that LOL

      • tinyraver666

        @ baggins; no, but then I thought we were discussing black ops NOT MW2. 😉 @ the other guy; I never said aim assist was "that good," but if quickscoping was all skill and no exploit, I daresay more players would be out quickscoping with lens attachments on other gun classes instead of posting illiterate flames on here under names like "JD_2020 sucks."

  • jh2492

    This is absolute bullshit. Anybody who claims that quickscoping isnt skill is simply incapable of doing it themselves. it is handsdown the hardest way to play the game and any twat who goes on about aim assit is in the same boat. Nobody can complain about realism either. if you wanted to play a 'realistic' game you dont buy cod you buy operation flashpoint!

  • Half_A_Spoon

    Honestly, I think quickscoping is still well and alive. I thought it wouldn’t work well with the bad reviews about it, but people need to realize that it is possible.I’m not telling anyone how to do it, because I believe if you really want it you will figure it out yourself. If they nerf this further, then they might as well remove snipers from the game completely though. And with you saying, “Now it will be used correctly.” and stuff, its a game. If you haven’t noticed, there aren’t many good camping spots that are hard to reach or kill someone that is in it. The maps just don’t allow for hardscoping for minutes straight. Good game though overall. 😀

    • jh2492

      spill the beans then

      • baggins

        I'll tell you how, variable scope second zoom, and use fast reactions to counter the immediate offset of your scope when you zoom in.

  • M.A.J

    Treyarch has taken all the fun out of COD titles, & as i own a Black Ops copy i have this to say to treyarch, stay the hell a way from any more COD tittles, you have all ready f**k Black Ops up it is THE worst game i have ever play On & Offline, this has been call "the biggest game of the year" more like the worst game of the decade, I will not be buying any more Treyarch products so leave COD titles to Infinity Ward, so stop making games Treyarch

  • MikeyGough

    I 360 quickscoped someone the other day in real life and got a hit-marker, mate was I annoyed. But on a serious note, Quickscoping rapes and is the only real enjoyment I get out of the game. And in personal experience, most people quick scope in custom games and not on actual matches, and the people who are actually good at quickscoping are usually a lot better than people when using say; an assault rifle! Treyarch have fucked things up, and tbh i dont think black ops is a patch on MW2.

  • tinyraver666

    FFS would everyone who quickscopes stop calling themselves snipers, it's an insult. To all those who dispute the FACT that quickscoping is not a skill, it is proven so you are the only ones who are retarded. This is, in my mind the best reason to get this game yet, I haven't been a CoD fan for a couple of years now purely because the game mechanics make it far too easy to be enjoyable and there are far superior FPS games on the market ATM that are being overshadowed by the hype. Finally, (true) sniping (ie; not quickscoping) is NOT camping. Camping is hiding in buildings without making any attempt at offense. To snipe effectively, it is impossible to maintain a fixed position as muzzle flash will eventually give away your position and the real skill in sniping is in the stealth.

    • baggins

      Hmm, so you believe quick scoping is not a skill how so please explain I am listening.

      The reasons I hear why quick scoping is cheap is that it abuses game assist, hmm the problem with that is that all guns get that same benefit. meaning it equals it self out and aim assist only helps with drag shots since it slows you down over the target. Normal quickscoping doesn't normally get much help from it. Want proof, even with out aim assist computer players can still quickscope.

      Also if quickscoping was cheap then why wouldn't all the mlg players be running around with them, hey there allowed to there not banned. Hmm I wounder why they don't. Maybe its because umps, the m-16,and famas are so much cheaper.

      so the "its cheap" reason doesn't apply to quickscoping, at least not in MW2.

    • Derp

      Right, hiding behind claymores, camping and moving from "position to position" when you retards think someone is coming up behind you is "skill".

  • BIG BO

    I quick scoped treyarch and they rage quit resulting in this.

  • Adietheman

    Quick scoping is a skill LOL. You can call any thing a skill. Its only called a skill by the people who do it all the time and try justify why they do it all the time. I can quick scope and only use it when i get stuck moving between locations if I am running with as sniper. i wouldn't call it a skill as I didn't have to learn anything hard like say Juggling. That is a skill with your hands eye coordination. Quick scoping its not hard to do, aim and fire half way. Its not real life which pisses me off. noob tubes do exist so that fair enough but just using it all the time gets a bit annoying. but turning on friendly fire would put a stop to that as you kill as many of your own team mates. But hopefully the changes to the knives and taking away commando will make a bit difference. being able to knife from the other side of the room and kill over a shot gun is not real. and the throwing knife killing? never got that one. Surely it should only slow you. I Have seen people fight hand to hand after being stabbed two or three times.

    • baggins

      The difference is that in real life if your caught with a sniper out changing locations you would just no scope at him since the bullet would just fly straight. And your right quick scoping in MW2 wasn't hard (which is why I marathon quick scoped in that game) but it still required more skill then any thing else did in the noob friendly game.
      I believe they needed to make snipers harder to use but they went a little too far.

  • xconnoro

    im still going to quick scope, and it will work, even if i have to practice all day long i eventualy will quick scope and because of the patch it WILL be a skill due to them making it more complicated. i bet all of the people slagging quickscoping off are nube tubers/campers/rushers and yes, even the people who just run around with riot shields and rpgs? i mean how is that realistic?

  • Quickscoper

    wow treyarch is really gonna realise quickly that thats a load of crap, there is a lot of people that quick scope because it takes more skill then aiming down the sight of a sub machine gun!. Why not make it the same with machine guns then>???? make it so when you first look through the sight you can't quickly aim because thats not realistic, !!! exactly thats what i thought!. i preoderd and fucking rung up and said they can keep there peice of crap

  • shamamagram

    i love seeing some pre-pubescent kids jump off a cliff to try and 360 me. honestly it makes the game easier.

  • miketheguy

    their not making it more fair for everyone, they are making it more noob friendly just like death streaks in mw2. look at counterstrike and halo where you can shoot just as accuarate without ads as when you are. this takes away from the random side of things and let's true skill come into play. i like the fact that SoH doesn't effect snipers but i don't think it should even be a valid perk and to fuck up the aiming all together is just forcing players to look somewhere else. I can't wait for respawn entertainment to come out with their first title. I am most likely not going to buy anymore activision games, not just because of this but the way they treat their workers and how bobby kotick believe making games should not be fun. i have no love for bobby or his wanna be infinity ward

  • william

    why couldnt they have just tooken out sleight of hand pro?(i mean the faster ads part) quickscoping was never cheap or easy before that. cod 4 snipers were legit quickscopers and not alot of people did them it actually took SKILL to quickscope back then but when mw2 came out that all changed. sleight of hand pro came out and everyone used that to quick scope. so why not just take that out again? no one had a problem with it so leave it andjust let the players have fun in there own way…. whats next? ur gonna take out drop shotting too? make u have to wait 1 full second after u prone? think treyarch THINKKKKKKKKKK

  • Bad

    Ok if quickscoping takes no skill. I bet all my no skill could beat yours in quickscoping anyday. And you guys are like yay more realisic! Eating a whole clip of a machine gun is not realistic at all. Neither is 95% of the stuff in call of duty. If you want realistic just get rid of the videogame and go join the army..

  • Guest

    The people who are happy about this are the people who CANT QUICK SCOPE they are just fustrated that they cant do it i bet if u could do it u would be angry about this

  • Diablerie

    I think that no quickscoping is a big THUMBS DOWN, becouse i loved it in cod series and MOST of the community loved it too. People who talk that QS is a cheap way to play, simply can't quickscope

  • XHolyHeadShotX PS3

    Fuck this shit… Im not Fucking Buying this game… all i did was quickscope in mw2. It made everything more challenging and now what are you going to do for 1v1s? Im sticking to mw2

  • iseis

    Honestly who cares if people quickscope. I don’t do it myself

    I say let them if that’s what they do to have fun in the game because really isn’t that the point of a game.

  • alex

    To all you complaining about quickscoping because you fail to much to do it your selfs, just wait untill we are forced to use assault rifles and subs. Quicksoping is something people do for fun it is in no way cheap and I promise you that if you give anyone who quickscopes an assault rifle they will do better than they would have quicking. so to sum it up all you fails complaing about quickscoping because your kd's are low wait untill the good players start using assault rifles.

  • BlueD

    To everyone trying to say that quickscoping doesn’t take skill and it’s all aimassist, then PROVE IT. Oh my goodness, I see everyother comment is that “it’s no skill and all aimassist” then I see people saying “I hate the qs’ers going 4-30”. Why arethere completely 2 contradictory arguements against quickscoping?! If it’s so overpowered and skillless why then is an average qs’ing game produce such an average score. I rarely see or have a game of qs’ing where I go 30-3, but when I use reg guns 30-3 is quite common. And if it’s all aimassist why do we miss? I don’t understand that, aren’t I doing SOMETHING with my analog sticks to make me not miss? Prove all us “nub qs’ers” wrong and record 5 games qs’ing and 5 games using reg guns. You’ll quickly find out its about 93849834 times harder to qs than to use reg guns.

  • Apples

    Well treyarch just turned a good game in to a run an gun spary an pray piece of sh!t,look how i use the m16 an fire from the hip,im having so much f*cking fun….anyway since infinity ward is done for so is call of duty,,,never thought it would happen but the battlefeild games from Dice are about to own call of duty.

  • woooow treyarch

    QuickScoping IS a skill. I have played COD on the PC where there is NO aim assist and there are still plenty of good quickscopers. I would bet any amount of money there are 100x more complaints about tubing and camping each day than there are about quickscoping. Besides, quickscoping is mainly used in private matches anyway so what is there to complain about? It kinda sucks that quickscoping is removed, so many more people have probably decided not to buy this game because of this…I am still personally going to buy Black Ops just because of the sheer awsomeness of the other content ;).
    Bottom line is, AIM ASSIST DOES NOT HELP WITH QUICKSCOPING IF YOU HAVE SKILL. And also, most of you are probably only agreeing with the quickscope removal because you are trying to suck up to the developers. I bet that you have quickscoped or do it all the time.

  • Dan

    Thats bull. If he wasn't so retarded he would realise that people only staring complaining about quickscoping after MW2. No complaints in CoD 4 adn 5. Oh wait, thats cos it was balanced and took SKILL. So you just remove it after MW2? RETARDED
    Besides, teh people who complain are the people who cannot do it and taht just isnt fair, taking it away from us skilled players. RETARDED

  • Adam

    Lol at all the people complaining here, It's all the people who can't quick scope and are moaning about it…

  • Dave

    Your all fucking dumb!!!!!! Its a game, why does it have to be realistic!! want realism go outside you dumb shits!!!! What is wrong with quickscoping, if you miss your dead most of the time!! Why take out quickscoping??? i will still buy the game, quickscoping isnt the only thing to do either

  • quick scopin is the best part of the game online. its not a cheap way 2 play its harder. the games not supposed 2 b 2 realistic or it wont b fun so put quick scopin bk in or i wont buy the game u fun wreckin motherfuckers

    • Darkness

      I think its better for the rest of us that you don't buy the game

      • Guest

        Yes Darkness.
        The game is going to be SO much worse if this one person decided to buy it. Wonderful logic and all.

  • james


  • Tyler

    I don't know why Treyarch hasn't seen the obvious compromise. All they need to do is make a game mode where you can only use snipers, and quick scoping legal, as well as having everyone with the same perks, and gun. OR an even better solution is just to make it impossible to use sleight of hand with a sniper, this would fix everything. On MWF2 i quickscope with marathon, any1 who says that that is unfair needs to shut the hell up and stop bitching. That would be completely fair.

  • Rotfll.

    hahaha. this is halarious.! banning quickscoping. what about noobtubing off spawn. cammondo across fucking rust. what about this one – a throwingknife to the shoe can kill you.! what the fuck treyarch.

  • theorysix


  • RC3

    If quick scoping isnt a skill because of aim assist, then why not just take out the aim assist? Also, PC anyone? Explain the aim assist theory on that one…..

  • Macdaddyable

    Realism are kidding me? if u want realism take out friggen noob tubes and last stand. Treyarch your bs.

  • blake

    I think they should be aloud to quickscope it is the only thing I do in MW2 so if it does not have quickscoping I really wold not buy it. So please do not ban it that shit would be gay.


    this arguing is amazing to me,! ,,I pre-ordered black ops prestige cuz i love all the cod games period! ok sure theres things that are annoying boosting in my main beef with mw2 totaly ruins the game for me,and i am no fan of getting blasted over n over by a campin quickscoping tac inserting tubing spawnkiller ! lol but if it really bugs me i find another match or quit playing

    my point is its not being forced on you nobody is making you play it, if you dont like it dont bother with it i know i wont miss your complaining while im discovering all the new cool stuff in black ops, i sold my halo reach cuz it didnt do anything for me and i used to love that series and i didnt even get mad or call anybody a puzzy or a cheater, just played for a couple weeks and figured out its not my thing any more
    GAMES ARE FOR FUN!! NOT TO BE TAKEN SO SERIOUSLY!! NOTICE THE WORD "GAME" thats a big hint and a half 4 yer azz!! its not called a "get seriously bent about this software" lmao
    come on ppl lighten up in 100 years non of us will even be here to care

  • Cole

    Treyarch I would personally like to say,, you fucking suck. Quickscoping is one of the only things in cod that takes skill. Idk how you don't see that. Thought you were going to have a great game. Obviously not. Oh that reminds me.. on the reality factor. NO ONE CARES. Its a damn game lol. It's not real life. So why not leave quick scoping for the gamers and the smg's for the little fags who think they're in a real war. Despite all that everyone here is going to tell me that a sniper takes out a dude 20 feet away with an smg isn't skill? That's stupid. You miss you're dead. You're too slow, you're dead. They see you first and are half decent at the game (noone here don't worry bout that) you're dead. And all the little noobs who complain about quickscoping.. you just can't do it lol. Simple as that. That goes for you too Olin. It's ok that you fail. So do all these other noobs lol. You failed hardcore treyarch. Just saying.

  • guest

    probs all the people who angry about quickscopin are the one who cant quickscope

  • Laurence

    This is absolutely shoking in my opinion, and as for the people who say its easy to immitate is hilarious because you can garuntee that they cannot quick scope for S**T. If you look at MW2 in general if people argue on it someone challenges the other to a 1 v 1 quick scoping match. What they going to do now "cumon ill take u on in a last stand and noob tubing match" what a joke. Also I rekon that Trearch are talking s**t saying they've had more support of the faggots who cannot quick scope and want it gone because I believe much more people enjoy quick scoping that the absolute scrubs that noob tube because lets face it when you play call of duty there is hardly anyone who leaves a game going "aww ffs quick scoper" compared to "Fkin TUBER".
    Trearch = One big joke!

  • Toby

    Yeah, but if you tried to quickscope in real life, the sniper would take half of your head off!

  • pebbles

    quickscoping is randomly shooting in someones direction and hoping that the bullet will hit the box. if it misses, repeat.

    what 'skill' is can be argued. but skill is precision. the less luck, the more skill.

    • baggins

      you have clearly never quick scoped

  • baggins

    Well here is a response on why quick scoping is not OVERPOWERED.

    The biggest reason I have heard that quick scoping is easy is that your abusing the aim assist. Well all guns have aim assist so that really should not be a major problem but If that was the case wouldn't all good quick scoper's be going insanely positive every game. well many famous snipers such as optic predator would be going ridiculously positive every game, but they are not.

    Also If quick scoping was insanely over powered wouldn't mlg players be using the sniper rifle, because last time I checked the sniper rifles weren't banned. Despite this most mlg players stick to their ump and assault riffles like the famas.

    The second main argument I hear against quick scoper's is that it is unrealistic, but this is not the case. You can very well quick scope or 360 snipes somebody in real life, but it is impractical since its an easy way to get your self killed. But lets face do you really want everyone playing like how they would in real life, because if you do you will end up with a bunch of people sitting in rooms covered with claymores camping with there shotgun in an attempt to stay alive. This is just a way some people challenge themselves.

    Now the final argument I heard for the intervention being overpowered is that it is a sniper and snipers should only be good at long distance while being bad at close combat. Now the problem with this is that there are so many guns that are good at all ranges including close combat long distance and short range such as the acr, famas, and m-16 in fact even the sub machine guns like the ump could kill at long ranges. In fact the sniper riffle really is not all the good at close range and it is easy to both miss the

    I agree that if we took the sniper with slight of hand and put it in black ops it would be over powered but if you just take away slight of hand the ability to snipe in close quarters is greatly reduced and they once again will become worse then the assault rifles. Removing the ability to quick scope is not only unnecessary to balance the game but it ruins the game for a lot of people who enjoy quick scoping. As a marathon sniper in MW2 I really find the assault rifles way to easy so I actually canceled my preorder of black ops and have no choice but to go back to the halo series.

    Thank you for anyone who read through this rant, If you have other reasons why you believe quick scoping should be taken out in Black Ops please care to enlighten me.

    • Puggles the 2nd

      Sorry man but canceling your pre-order because of a disadvantage in quickscoping is ridiculous, also it seems everyone is forget you have 2 weapon slots hence why a sniper should be decent all around not just sniping, also i only play hardcore and the fact is i get frustrated when half the players are camping with sniper rifles, but i shouldn't because they are playing their role in the game very well, plus i never run and spray strictly ump 45, models, marathon, cold blooded, commando and i only burst fire simply because of recoil, i couldn't give a shit about quick scoping i never seem to have a problem with them most people who are complaining about it are generally bad at cod i never do it but i guarantee that they are the people that hang at the bottom of the scoreboard and cry about getting smashed fuck em, i will buy this game because i love cod

      • baggins

        The reason why I canceled my order is because they are off setting the reticule when you zoom in making it impossible to quick scope. I enjoy a challenge In video games and using marathon quick scoping against assault riffles was a challenge to me, with out that I would rather play a game that requires more skill in general like halo reach.

  • WeeToddEdwards

    Love the Call of Duty games

  • anonymos

    This is insane! why ban Quickscoping, when there are alot bigger problems? And if any of you who thinks quickscoping is cheap then try doing it! I personally think quickscoping is the most fun way to play this game, and i actually thought Black Ops would be an awesome game, but at this point i'm considdering if it's even worth buying…
    Futhermore quickscoping is alot harder than running around with a SMG and just spraying.

  • aydin

    trearch you make me sick! thanks for ruining cod, you should worry about things more like rubbish "unrealistic" perks!! rather than quikscoping, do want to know why cod4 was game of the year? because it was so simple, involves skill to get kills. i'll be sticking to cod 4, trearch good luck with sales, you have lost my vote.

  • jack

    you idiots treyarch…….

  • DenverBishop

    Fuck you treyarch suck my dick fukn loosers take out the only thing in game tht actually takes any skill at all. Therz a fukn reason infinity ward made the better call of dutys and thts because treyark kant do shit right fukn loosers

  • PEpsi IVI A X x

    if it is a gimp why did you put it in wolrd of war reply to that. if

    • anonymous

      and why take something away what we hate like painkiller ,T.I,last stand. but what is th point of taking away something we all love pc ps3 or xbox alike

  • Autotuned

    quickscoping is a skill i think on the pc at least because there is no auto aim on the pc so i am a little mad that they took it out

  • g_ram

    i'd much rather deal with a camper than a quick scoper makes the snipers an any purpose gun with the bonus of one shot kills from any were in the map not to mention it relies on the auto aim feature say what u want about skill its a first person shooter since when does pushing two buttons at the right times count as aiming? i can't belive its getting the the point that "hard scoping" is disliked by quick scopers haha lame! btw adrian thumbs down it takes ten mins to learn mad skillssssss


    the people that r complaning about quick scopers are just hating that they cant do it themselves because it takes practice to learn and is way harder that aiming a gun and shooting they should of removed the camper spots because that really is the cheap way to play

  • dueller

    LT,RT right after Makes me pro 😀 F*** QS Q.Q more and play mw2 if u want to QS

    • Guest

      That's how all guns are shot.
      Therefore nothing is skilled.

  • ben

    great, now the game is going to fucking suck. people say its nooby to run around with a sniper rifle and quickscope but these r the same ppl that use noob tubes and rpg's. the people that say quickscoping is easy have obviously never tried it because it takes WAY more skill to do than to use your precious ump's and m16's. it is true that the game does have a built in aim assist, but it is NOWHERE near enough to actually make a difference in quickscoping. you people are dumb.

  • Davam

    I don't think it is a good idea and people who are against quickscoping seem to think it is a lot worse than it is (Though this could be said about a lot of quickscopers too). Quickscoping does not give you an unfair advantage over other players, I don't, and it is not even close to the least realistic thing in the CoD games so I don't understand why people are so against it. If you like it, don't do it. I don't like the fully automatic guns, but not i basically don't have the option of whether or not I get to use them.

    Quickscoping has become a part of a game, it is why I like CoD games, in fact I know a lot of people who like CoD for quickscoping. Clearly it bugs people when teammates go 2-30 trying to quickscope, so they need to fix this but taking out quickscoping is not the way to do it. I doubt i am buying this game now.

  • TheQuickscopeLover

    Cheap way to play? Hmm are you serious! Why dont you play a full game of Free for All or w/e quickscoping the play the same game using a SmG or an Assault. I bet you find using a SmG is alot easier than quickscoping. Oh and btw i dont think ill be buying this game anymore. Thanks Treyarch for ruining what we no as CoD! Oh and i kno you said more people dislike quickscoping than people that do, check out all the vids on youtube of people sniping and look at the amount of views! So you obv dont know how many people like quickscoping!

    ~~~ R.I.P Quickscoping ~~~

  • dom

    I love how everyone is saying that 'ohh you won't see a sniper run around in real life trying to quickscope' Well no shit, that's a bit obvious. This game isn't based on real life… If it was no one owuld buy it, because we would have to worry about how much weight we carry, drinking, food, sleep, and everything else… Don't chat shit about QS because in my eyes…. it's someones 'tactic,style' of playing and they take it away because SOME people dislike it? The people who dislike it are thr fucking idiots, you are the ones that noobtube, commando and just fuck around. and also people say QSing is down to the aim assist? Well on PC we don't have that and we can still QS… So how about that ay?

  • joe

    Okay treyarch get one thing right BEFORE you take out quickscoping. Axe the noob tube are you F@#KING STUPID?!!! "Quick scoping is a cheap way to play"… well so is noob tubing you F@#KEN IDIOT. I bet Josh Olin was a noob tuber and every time he tried to kill someone he got quickscoped and rage quit. Take out quickscoping but dont leave in the noob tubes, because that just makes you look dumb.

  • chris

    this is so stupid quickscoping is harmless. it doesnt give people an unfair advantage its just something fun you can do. besides if someone rushes a spawn with a sniper and someone rushes it with an smg who do u think is gona get more kills? also auto aim doesnt influence quickscoping at all and if u think quickscoping takes no skill whats harder quickscoping or spraying someone down with an smg. and i dont think "real" sniping will hold up very well in such a fast paced environment. who wants to scope in wait a few seconds then shoot your enemy? no one. and if they want to make cod more realistic then take out spawning perks and killstreaks

  • Valor195

    This game was already going to be amazing. Now there is one less cheap tactic. However, I do respect some quickscopers who use it in case an emergency. All these people on this board write negative stuff Bout no quickscoping because that all they are able to do. When these noobs only quick scope it really dumb. A sniper should not be used like that. It isn’t a matter of making it more realistic. It is about making it more tactical and strategy based. Quickscoping defeats the purpose of snipers as their purpose is long range TACTICAL weapons. Quickscoping is not natural and uses no intelligence whatsoever. Sorry for spelling and if comment is too long. Buy black ops!!

  • Boi Parr

    =/… i dont think any1 will be using a sniper in black ops

  • Llama

    Let all the whiners play that mess they call MW2. Thank You Treyarch for calling it like it is… (CHEAP) All we wanted was a realistic and level playing field. Nice Start!

  • gest

    So instead of quickscoping complaints, everyone's going to be bitching about people sitting behind claymores for the entire game.

  • treyarchsucks

    fuck treyarch, i was waiting like 2 years for a balanced game where i can just quickscope whatever i want, now i have to stick with cod4 another year. this is the most dumb action treyarch made. they just suck at making good games

  • CJay

    You would do so much better running around with a fully automatic weapon compared with a sniper rifle. I dont understand why he says that quick scoping is cheap, in MW2 maybe because it zooms in so quickly with sleight of hand and super slow without it, but it CoD4 it was nearly perfect. If i ran around with an AR or SMG i would have a much higher k/dr. Plus, if Black Ops has Sleight of Hand Pro on other guns except the sniper then that puts the sniper at even bigger disadvantage than they would be in the start, almost all the other guns already ADS faster than a sniper can. I just know a lot of people would be disappointed with this so called "improvement", the sniping community is very big…
    no homo

  • annoyed

    funny how everyone talks about how this game will now be more realistic..if you want realism…don't play this game. your retarted if you say that. treyarch, is retarted, why not just take out aim assist. realism..ha that cracks me up.. might want to disable prone because ppl don't dropshot before getting shot either, might wan't to take out ninja cuz well, ppls footsteps arn't silent, o might wan't to take out hardened cuz you don't have bulets that hit concrete that look like sparklers going off, dang, if you boil it down, you will never have a realistic call of duty game so everyone stop bitching

  • thomas

    quickscoping makes the game fun and if this game does not have it not alot of people r going to buy it