BlackBerry Playbook Tablet OS Review: Download Simulated Version

By Peter Chubb - Oct 25, 2010

RIM unveiled the BlackBerry PlayBook a month ago now, along with the new Tablet OS that that will keep things running. Today, RIM has made the PlayBook devkit available for download. There are already a few reviews coming in, one of which comes from Pocket-lint.

Rik Henderson has spent some hands-on time with the beta Tablet OS simulator, which has been made available so developers can test applications ready for when the PlayBook – RIM’s answer to the Apple iPad – is released in the early part of 2011.

Henderson points out that the download and install process took some time, but he finally got it to work on his PC. There is not much to say about the OS yet, but as this is the first of many beta downloads – this has to be expected.

To keep things running as fast as possible, there is a Development Mode – just not certain how stable this is at the moment? Overall Rik says that the OS runs smooth, but it is a simple effort from RIM. Rik suggests that this may be the way that Research In Motion is going with this new BlackBerry Tablet OS?

Have you had a chance to download the new Simulated version of operating system, if so let us know what you thought?

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  • jjsjjsva

    It's designed to use your blackberry cell phone as a modem, so you donlt have to pay for a cellphone and a tablet access.

  • Chad

    I was very surprised. I didn't realize that it won't be coming with GPS or 3G. I only realized when I didn't see any reference to those services in the SDK.

    I was very disappointed.