Adobe Air 2.5 and InMarket Apps: List of Supported Devices

By Peter Chubb - Oct 25, 2010

Adobe has been in a sharing mood today, as they have shared details on AIR 2.5 and InMarket during their worldwide developer conference. The new AIR system will be made available to a number of products, such as Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets and TVs.

A key feature to the upcoming Adobe AIR 2.5 is its support for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS, as well as Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. There is a range of devices that will be supporting the new service, the first of which will be a Samsung TV followed by devices from Acer, RIM, Motorola and HTC.

Adobe InMarket was also announced, which is something that will make it much easier for developers to deliver and sell their apps on a range of app stores. These will work on a range of Intel and Acer devices – although we have yet to see a full list.

Both announcements are very exiting, but for me Adobe AIR 2.5 is the most exciting and shows that our consumer electronics are now becoming much more than what they were first intended for – you only have to look at the new range of Sony Internet TVs with Google TV built in to understand what I am talking about.

For more details read the Adobe press release on Engadget.

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